Demystifying the longevity of Confucius

Demystifying the longevity of Confucius

As a famous thinker and educator in Chinese history, Confucius is worthy of his dual thoughts.

In the case of poor medical and health conditions in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Confucius can still enjoy 73 years old, and good eating habits are the way to longevity.


hzh {display: none; }  孔子提倡“八不吃”———“食钮而蚀,鱼馁而肉败,不食。Color evil, not eating.

Stinky, not eating.

Missing, not eating.

From time to time, do not eat.

Cut it wrong, don’t eat.

Do not eat its sauce or eat it.

The wine market is awkward, not eating.”

These eight no foods are divided into three categories: First, the color taste: the food becomes color, does not eat, tastes not eaten.

Second, the quality of food: food is old and not eaten, fish and meat are not fresh, do not eat, not fresh vegetables do not eat.

Third, the production aspect: improperly cooked food does not eat, the ingredients are not properly eaten, do not eat, the wine and cooked meat bought from the market do not eat.

  Confucius claimed to eat seasonal food “from time to time”, to follow the natural yin and yang to prepare medicines, food, such drugs, foods have the essence of the world, the smell is thick, and the nutritional value is high.

In the view of Chinese medicine, food and medicine should pay attention to “qi”, and second, they must pay attention to “taste”. Their scent can only be obtained when the season is strong, that is, when the growth is mature and the solar terms are met, otherwise it will gain the essence of heaven and earth. Otherwise, it willWithout the characteristics of that season, its health value will change.

  ”There are many meats that don’t make you angry.”

This means that although there are so many delicious meats, you can’t let the meat pile up more than the staple food.

In Confucius’s view, it is also a place for gentlemen to pay attention to the ratio of meat and other kinds of food.

  ”Do not withdraw ginger food, do not eat more.”

That is to say, every time you have a table, you must have ginger to eat, but you can’t eat more ginger every meal.

There is a saying in the folks that “the winter eats radish and eats ginger in summer, and does not ask a doctor to prescribe medicine.”

This saying goes to the benefits of eating radish and eating ginger in the winter.

  Chinese medicine believes that spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourish Yin, the benefits of eating ginger in summer is to warm the spleen and stomach and body yang, especially suitable for winter chills and cold people.

But avoid eating more easily and hurting the yin to help the fire.

  ”There is no amount of wine, no chaos.”

Confucius has a small amount of alcohol, but he is able to stop himself and drink it in moderation. He is called “only wine is infinite, not in chaos.”