Myopia diet guide myopia diet considerations

Myopia diet guide myopia diet considerations

When it comes to children’s myopia, most people will only return to the light too dark or too strong, or watch TV, play video games, read and write gestures, etc., but the latest research by scientists shows that the three meals are not properly arranged.Factors that cannot be ignored.

So what are the precautions for myopia diet?

In order to prevent children from wearing glasses too early, in addition to rich protein and vitamins, the following types of food are indispensable.

Myopia diet guide 1, calcium-containing food medical experts pointed out that the lack of calcium is one of the important reasons for poor vision development and even the formation of myopia.

If the eyeball carbonizes calcium, it will aggravate developmental abnormalities and form myopia.

Calcium-containing foods include: milk, soy products, fish and shrimp, animal bones, etc., but also pay attention to the animal’s liver, egg yolk, green vegetables and other vitamin D foods to increase the absorption and utilization of calcium.

Second, chromium-containing food chromium is also a necessary mineral element in the human body. The role of the eyeball in the development of the eyeball is to maintain the balance of the osmotic pressure. Otherwise, the lens can be bulged and become convex, which causes the diopter of the eye to increase and become myopia.
According to experts’ estimates, children need about 50-200 micrograms of chromium per day.

Chromium-containing foods: cereals, meat, cheese and egg yolks should be arranged for children.

Third, hard foods often give children some foods with a certain hardness, increase the frequency and intensity of the force, can promote the development of children’s vision; a study by Associate Professor Shimada of the Department of Hygiene, Akita University Medical School, Japan, often eatsAmong the students who do not need soft food, there are many people with poor eyesight; those who eat hard food often have few people with poor eyesight.

This is because the force of the mouth can increase the strength of the skin muscles, including the eye muscles, so that it has the powerful ability to regulate the lens and avoid the occurrence of myopia.