Retirement life three three systems

Retirement life “three three systems”

I have retired for almost 3 years.
Colleagues and friends often ask when they are chatting together. Do you usually play mahjong and do some work at home?
I smiled and said that the “three three systems” enriched my retirement.
  The first is “three participations”: that is, to participate in housework, to pick up granddaughters to go to school, and to supervise the wind.
Housework is usually divided into two parts, internal and external. The owner is responsible for buying vegetables, cooking, cleaning and cleaning.
Outside of my main job, it is mine to buy rice, oil and electricity, and to go shopping in the supermarket.
Last year, my granddaughter went to kindergarten, and basically I was picked up by myself every day.
I did this, not only to fulfill the responsibility of being an elder, but also to enjoy the fun of the family.
In addition, the last year I was hired by the Municipal Government Office and the Municipal Radio Station as the special supervisor of the “Hotline Hotline”, I actively participated. I collected opinions from the masses, and feedback to the relevant departments through the “hotline” and supervised the implementation.Some livelihood issues.
  The second is “three exercises”: practice writing, raising flowers, and exercising.
Practice writing is to practice writing articles such as news reports, news, speech, travel notes, etc. The purpose is not to earn the manuscript fee, but to think of what is “climate”, but it is just the interest.
As for raising flowers, I am not doing it, it is also caused by leisure.
After retirement, I planted pomegranate, rose, ginkgo, jasmine, spider plant, spring, fairy ball, etc. Among them, a pot of tangled plum is my favorite, never forget to water, fertilize, pruning, finallyI saw that the flower buds were full of branches.
The so-called exercise is a walk and fitness.
  The third is “three look”: reading newspapers, reading books, watching TV.
After I retire, I subscribed to some newspapers and magazines at my own expense. I also went to the roadside newspaper column to read the Zhenjiang Daily, and went to the library twice a week.
I like to read some famous books and theoretical books.
The books I have read in the past are not the same.
I read from the Book of Changes, “I am going with time.” This statement was interpreted by Li Dazhao as “advancing with the times” in vernacular. This is extremely profound and has practical significance for guiding various tasks.
Another example is that Li Shimin said in the “Hundred Words Proverbs” that there is no righteousness to pay the friends of Germany.
I think this is a cadre to cultivate a healthy and uplifting life, and it is helpful to make good friends.
Watching TV, I mainly watch news and livelihood programs as well as high-quality TV dramas.
  The “three-three system” has enriched my retirement.
Of course, the “three-three system” is not implemented every day without fail, but is done according to needs.
In this way, my old age is full of fun.