I would rather be single than sell

I would rather be single than sell

After two loves (if it should belong to love), it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt, and it ends without illness.

At the age of 29, my aunt is still alone.

Apart from being lost, I feel quite contented.

I am not ugly. Although there is no such thing as a sinking fish, Wen Jing is not short of femininity. The man who has pursued me so far has passed three times, but I ca n’t get any interest. Under my defensive defense, they are losing ground.Already.
  Zhang Fei, who was young but had a beard stubble all over his face, made people think that bacteria would be hidden in that beard stubble. The Li Man was very handsome, he could wear glasses with a clean book, but walked away.He had a greasy smell coming to his face for a while, and there was always an indigestive odor in his mouth; let’s talk about Wang Nan. He is refreshing and has a strong ability to work, but his face is deep and sometimes masculine.To be discouraged . My friend said that I was an incurable perfectionism. I am as calm and rational as my eyebrows, and I am afraid to be single in this life.

My Venus is in Virgo, and it seems to be protected by a covered shell. Furthermore, my choice of my lover is too picky, which is a typical continuation of a happy single life without harming elegance.

A woman should be her own beauty, a beautiful shirt, a beautiful makeup, a thick make-up, and a hundred times her spirit walking on the street, which attracts countless eyeballs by the way.

Seeing my suit has been worn for two years, the high-quality materials and chic design still seduce the sisters to ask where to find it.

No, I’m getting fat, and see that my weight has increased by 2 again.

5 kg, began to lose weight.

Free time yoga yoga kung fu dance step ladder dance class to try one by one.

Dance and gentle stretch of yoga, strong and stylish Chinese kung fu, simple and effective step dance blend together, endless fun.

Yes, in the next two months, we have reduced 2 pounds and continue to work hard!

  All night time is left to myself.

Prepare a cup of tea carefully for yourself, hold a book to a solitary lamp, and lazily lie on the sofa, what to see, and follow the chapters to guide blank thinking.

Sometimes lying on the bed without turning on the light, wearing a semiconductor headset, eyes looking at the ceiling, or being dazed or thinking about daytime things or immersed in a certain world.

It usually takes several hours to lie down like this. When the sound of a squeaking current comes from the semiconductor, it returns to reality from the illusory world. Looking at the stars, I know that the day has passed again.

Or even talk to the old netizen who hasn’t met in the distance. You can say anything, you can’t say anything, and don’t have any taste in your mind.

  After a busy day, washing in a comfortable bubble bath is also a good way to pamper yourself.

A long history of milk baths, oriental traditional herbal baths, or fresh fruit baths, all have beauty and emollient effects. Why not?

Calendula, mint, chamomile, lavender and other shower soup bags are all available to make your body and bathroom exude the smell of dried flowers or perfume, making life more refined.

In the fragrant heat, I feel my beauty will be fresh again.

  Oh, for a single me, clubbing has another kind of fun.

Not only to pass the boring time, but also to pursue some kind of excitement or ambiguity, it is just a pastime to eliminate fatigue.

At the bar, the nervousness is soothed and relaxed.

Out of the subtle sensations of music inherent in life, those melancholic, dreamy, intellectual, and perceptual music keep themselves away from the hustle and bustle as if they were in a paradise.

  Either lonely self-respect, self-pity or self-esteem, this kind of quiet and solitary solitude may be safer than the dogs’ uneasy marriage.

Marriage means having to change your life to adapt to another personality. Twenty-four hours a day, with another person, the opposite sex, eating and sleeping together, chatting and making love, everything is done in the intervention and harassment of another. If it is not good to meet people, if you have two skins before and after marriage, the other party will “transform” into a tyrant and a lazy man. Isn’t that a tragedy of a lifetime?

It was not just a voucher that straddled the couple, but also an innocent life. When men and women pleased each other, he was taken to this world.

But if a pillar collapses in marriage, it will bring disaster to this innocent life.

  Just think about it, it is tense, maybe it is unfounded.

However, my parents are so full. Seeing their old couple go shopping and shopping for dogs all day long, hey, what people are fate, they seem to have no idea about their future.

  Some kind of loneliness and sorrow will come quietly on Valentine’s Day or after attending wedding after wedding, which will swell unusually and become painful.

Fortunately, my ability to debug psychologically is quite good. I am enjoying my meals and going shopping frantically, or I can sit quietly in the bar for a whole day . The next day, I will be refreshed and happy again.
  When friends around me saw being single, I couldn’t help but be a matchmaker, and I never tire of it.

Obstructed by good intentions and out of curiosity, I went to the appointment.

The first blind date felt awkward and a little inferior. It seemed that there was really no choice. Am I really like this?

Everyone wants to have a romantic love story, and this way is exactly the most unrealistic and least romantic, and the result is naturally good and bad.The second time was “Inadvertently Inserting Willows”, but my indifferent attitude strongly attracted that person. What “you are different from other girls”, “I care about you” and so on.Come, really fluttering for a while.

However, unfortunately, I didn’t see him at all, but I was helpless.

I think this is definitely the last time to go on such a date.

  How long will a single girl in Virgo be single?

I always look for acquaintances in the crowd, but fled after the encounter.

  Master of Astrology Dialogue: Personality of Virgo Constellation: You are demanding and perfect, and a little picky; you have a bit of cleanliness in your life and spirit; you feel slender and sharp, but at the same time you keep a cool head and can judge things correctly.

Because the self-requirement is very high, it is easy to be nervous; because the clear and sensitive mind must compare the actual interests and cause it to be very realistic.

You are very good at your own safety, and you don’t like to do things that you are not sure about.

In fact, you are a very good wife and mother in your bones. For the family, you will bear the responsibility of family life without complaint.

  Advice: Your conflicting personality often annoys your apprentices, and your less open personality makes you rugged.

You expect to reach the ultimate level of communion with the person you are in love with, and you hope that love will flow forever.

But you have to come out of the “hut” that you define yourself, maybe that person is in the middle of the lights.