I would rather be single than sell

I would rather be single than sell

After two loves (if it should belong to love), it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt, and it ends without illness.

At the age of 29, my aunt is still alone.

Apart from being lost, I feel quite contented.

I am not ugly. Although there is no such thing as a sinking fish, Wen Jing is not short of femininity. The man who has pursued me so far has passed three times, but I ca n’t get any interest. Under my defensive defense, they are losing ground.Already.
  Zhang Fei, who was young but had a beard stubble all over his face, made people think that bacteria would be hidden in that beard stubble. The Li Man was very handsome, he could wear glasses with a clean book, but walked away.He had a greasy smell coming to his face for a while, and there was always an indigestive odor in his mouth; let’s talk about Wang Nan. He is refreshing and has a strong ability to work, but his face is deep and sometimes masculine.To be discouraged . My friend said that I was an incurable perfectionism. I am as calm and rational as my eyebrows, and I am afraid to be single in this life.

My Venus is in Virgo, and it seems to be protected by a covered shell. Furthermore, my choice of my lover is too picky, which is a typical continuation of a happy single life without harming elegance.

A woman should be her own beauty, a beautiful shirt, a beautiful makeup, a thick make-up, and a hundred times her spirit walking on the street, which attracts countless eyeballs by the way.

Seeing my suit has been worn for two years, the high-quality materials and chic design still seduce the sisters to ask where to find it.

No, I’m getting fat, and see that my weight has increased by 2 again.

5 kg, began to lose weight.

Free time yoga yoga kung fu dance step ladder dance class to try one by one.

Dance and gentle stretch of yoga, strong and stylish Chinese kung fu, simple and effective step dance blend together, endless fun.

Yes, in the next two months, we have reduced 2 pounds and continue to work hard!

  All night time is left to myself.

Prepare a cup of tea carefully for yourself, hold a book to a solitary lamp, and lazily lie on the sofa, what to see, and follow the chapters to guide blank thinking.

Sometimes lying on the bed without turning on the light, wearing a semiconductor headset, eyes looking at the ceiling, or being dazed or thinking about daytime things or immersed in a certain world.

It usually takes several hours to lie down like this. When the sound of a squeaking current comes from the semiconductor, it returns to reality from the illusory world. Looking at the stars, I know that the day has passed again.

Or even talk to the old netizen who hasn’t met in the distance. You can say anything, you can’t say anything, and don’t have any taste in your mind.

  After a busy day, washing in a comfortable bubble bath is also a good way to pamper yourself.

A long history of milk baths, oriental traditional herbal baths, or fresh fruit baths, all have beauty and emollient effects. Why not?

Calendula, mint, chamomile, lavender and other shower soup bags are all available to make your body and bathroom exude the smell of dried flowers or perfume, making life more refined.

In the fragrant heat, I feel my beauty will be fresh again.

  Oh, for a single me, clubbing has another kind of fun.

Not only to pass the boring time, but also to pursue some kind of excitement or ambiguity, it is just a pastime to eliminate fatigue.

At the bar, the nervousness is soothed and relaxed.

Out of the subtle sensations of music inherent in life, those melancholic, dreamy, intellectual, and perceptual music keep themselves away from the hustle and bustle as if they were in a paradise.

  Either lonely self-respect, self-pity or self-esteem, this kind of quiet and solitary solitude may be safer than the dogs’ uneasy marriage.

Marriage means having to change your life to adapt to another personality. Twenty-four hours a day, with another person, the opposite sex, eating and sleeping together, chatting and making love, everything is done in the intervention and harassment of another. If it is not good to meet people, if you have two skins before and after marriage, the other party will “transform” into a tyrant and a lazy man. Isn’t that a tragedy of a lifetime?

It was not just a voucher that straddled the couple, but also an innocent life. When men and women pleased each other, he was taken to this world.

But if a pillar collapses in marriage, it will bring disaster to this innocent life.

  Just think about it, it is tense, maybe it is unfounded.

However, my parents are so full. Seeing their old couple go shopping and shopping for dogs all day long, hey, what people are fate, they seem to have no idea about their future.

  Some kind of loneliness and sorrow will come quietly on Valentine’s Day or after attending wedding after wedding, which will swell unusually and become painful.

Fortunately, my ability to debug psychologically is quite good. I am enjoying my meals and going shopping frantically, or I can sit quietly in the bar for a whole day . The next day, I will be refreshed and happy again.
  When friends around me saw being single, I couldn’t help but be a matchmaker, and I never tire of it.

Obstructed by good intentions and out of curiosity, I went to the appointment.

The first blind date felt awkward and a little inferior. It seemed that there was really no choice. Am I really like this?

Everyone wants to have a romantic love story, and this way is exactly the most unrealistic and least romantic, and the result is naturally good and bad.The second time was “Inadvertently Inserting Willows”, but my indifferent attitude strongly attracted that person. What “you are different from other girls”, “I care about you” and so on.Come, really fluttering for a while.

However, unfortunately, I didn’t see him at all, but I was helpless.

I think this is definitely the last time to go on such a date.

  How long will a single girl in Virgo be single?

I always look for acquaintances in the crowd, but fled after the encounter.

  Master of Astrology Dialogue: Personality of Virgo Constellation: You are demanding and perfect, and a little picky; you have a bit of cleanliness in your life and spirit; you feel slender and sharp, but at the same time you keep a cool head and can judge things correctly.

Because the self-requirement is very high, it is easy to be nervous; because the clear and sensitive mind must compare the actual interests and cause it to be very realistic.

You are very good at your own safety, and you don’t like to do things that you are not sure about.

In fact, you are a very good wife and mother in your bones. For the family, you will bear the responsibility of family life without complaint.

  Advice: Your conflicting personality often annoys your apprentices, and your less open personality makes you rugged.

You expect to reach the ultimate level of communion with the person you are in love with, and you hope that love will flow forever.

But you have to come out of the “hut” that you define yourself, maybe that person is in the middle of the lights.

Cool air conditioner, do you sweat first?

Cool air conditioner, do you sweat first?

People who are caught by the air conditioner often have a headache and fatigue. This feeling will last for a short time, especially for those who live in the office for a long time. Once they are caught by the air conditioner, they will be harder to cure than a common cold.

  The cold caused by the air conditioner is generally in the hot summer, which is a kind of cold with fire, not only a cold cold, but also the performance of heat stroke.

  Therefore, when considering a cold caused by air conditioning, treat it differently from other types of colds.

Colds caused by air conditioning should first sweat, find a way to drive off the cold on the surface of the body, drink a little ginger water, and then perform a hot bath or cover the quilt to sweat. After sweating, start the treatment of internal heat.

First of all, the cold and sweating time caused by air conditioning should not be long, but there must be sweat.

After sweating, I feel more comfortable.

  At this point, the body needs to be cleared up. After the surface is cold, drink some Huoxiangzhengqi water, or lotus leaf water, or mung bean soup to clear the fire.

At this time, take some cold medicine to cooperate with the treatment, the effect will be very good.

  It is necessary to pay attention to the use of air conditioners in summer. You cannot lower the temperature of the air conditioner too much. For people in the office, it is often the habit of lying on the table. It is best to prepare a small blanket and cover it when preparing for nap.Avoid colds caused by strong air conditioning.

Wondering if you have some talent

Wondering if you have some talent

How to play: Please find different digits from the year, month, day of your birth.

  For example, on December 9, 1978, there were (2 1s) (1 2s) (1 7s) (1 8s) and (2 9s).

  Then please refer to this, you will know the inner mystery of your ability to express emotions, thinking, and treatment of broken love.

1. Represents the ability to express emotions (one 1): You are a stubborn person who does not know how to express emotions, so you often secretly love people.

Since you are all rational, you are rarely hurt by love.

  (2 of 1): You are good at expressing feelings, and you can often show bold love to the person you want.

Because your mood is full of emotions, the love process also goes smoothly.

  (3 of 1): You do n’t easily reveal the secrets in your heart. You often tell others about things after careful consideration, so be patient with your lover.

  (4 of 1): You are very sensitive, your emotions fluctuate, you do not cover up your moods, sorrows and sorrows, you are prone to depression, and you need to be encouraged from time to time by your lover.

  (5 of 1): You are extremely emotional, and it is easy to hurt others. As your lover, you must be patient and caring for you to communicate with each other without hindrance.

2. Representative intuition (one 2): You are a reliable friend and lover who knows how to take into account the feelings of others and is good at discerning the thoughts of others.

  (2 of 2): You are empathetic, helpful and willing to give.

For the opposite sex, your attentiveness is very attractive.

  (3 of 2 or higher): Your intuition is average, but fortunately, it has a strong reaction ability.

You like a colorful life, and yearn for mysterious love.

3. Representing thinking ability and imagination (one 3): Super imagination allows you to radiate unique charm, and you yearn for romantic and sweet love at the same time.

  (2 of 3): Words and deeds often exceed the norm, often thinking wildly.

When traveling with lovers, they often travel too vainly, making the other party boring.

  (3 of 3 or more): You have a high IQ, clear thinking, and can’t stand the monotonous life. If you don’t have the opportunity to exert your talents, you will become nervous.

4, representative action (1 4): enthusiastic, passionate, confident and confident, you will boldly show your inner feelings, and sexual desire is also strong.

  (2 of 4 or more): Lack of self-confidence and loyalty to lovers.

There will be no misconceptions, and I expect the other half to focus on you.

5. Represents the firmness of the will (one 5): The thinking is simple, until the lover sees something different, you will not give up, hoping to have a day that will keep the moon and the moon bright.

  (2 of 5): Your will is not firm, and it is easy to lose it halfway. Often, you will get half the work with half the effort. If you want to make the most of your talents, it is best to focus on creative activities.

  (3 of 5 or more): The heart does not have the ability to restrain the enthusiasm, the impulse to do things, will never change the things you decide, but also the other half to listen to your instructions.

6. Representing self-worth (1 6): You are sensitive by nature and like to be appreciated by others. Only in this way can you exert the value of your existence.

  (2 of 6): Your sentimentality, lack of self-confidence, and your partner’s love for you are the driving force for your ability.

  (3 of 6 or more): You have absolute self-confidence. In order to make a difference, you will always go all out and like to be in the limelight.

7, on behalf of the ability to treat love (1 7): When you are in love, you will consider the other person thoroughly, the ability to treat love is also strong, laugh at people, tears back.

  (2 7): Because you attach great importance to each time you fall in love, you often get hurt deeply when you fall in love. You need to talk to others in order to solve the depression.

  (3 7 or more): You are not easy to fall in love with, but once in love, you will be a very dedicated lover.

If abandoned, you can remember everything you used to.

8. Represents intelligence and logic (1 8): You are intelligent and independent, strong in expression, capable of decision-making, and talented in leadership.

  (2 8 or more): You have average intelligence but strong logic. You like to do things step by step and don’t like unexpected changes.

9, represents thoughtfulness (1 9): You try to understand the desire of others for feelings, and then work hard to cooperate.

  (2 9 or more): No matter your intelligence or strength, you are very prosperous, but the disadvantage is that you often indulge in your own thoughts, making your lover feel that you are difficult to find.

Psychological harm to young children before the age of three

Psychological harm to young children before the age of three

Children who enrolled before the age of three tend to develop aggressive personality and anti-social behavior-Parents want their children to be successful, and train their children to grow, eat, wear, live, and walk at all costs.Every effort has been spared to invest, from the popular “prenatal education” fever to juvenile college students can be trimmed, parents’ education of their children is really crazy.

  Throughout the world, as many mothers are busy working, the number of children enrolled in nurseries has increased fourfold in the past decade, and some children have been replaced by nurseries when they are learning to walk.

Many child experts call the nursery a “prison”. Some babies as young as 6 months are placed there. From 8 am to 6 pm, they stay there until school. These children are mainly urban children.Thousands, about 5% of childcare, and 35% of parents give their children to a nursery when they are two years old.

  However, according to British reports, experts have warned that early education must have a standard that blindly becomes the education of children and neglects the nature of the child and causes harm to the child.

American child education expert and well-known clinical therapist Steve Bidulf warned that giving children under the age of three to a nursery would increase the risk of damaging their normal mental development.

  Many nurseries are unable to take care of their children, and children who are rejected often have fear. Due to the accelerated pace of modern work and increased pressure, many parents are too busy to work and cannot take care of their children. Therefore, governments in various countries have adopted increasing the number of nurseries and kindergartens as a policy to relieve parents’ worriesIn the UK, 250,000 children under the age of three enter full or half day care, and even 5% of parents “throw” children from 6 months to 3 years old into nurseries. Those children spend most of their time aloneSpend moderately.

  American child education expert and well-known clinician Steve Bidulff has 20 years of childhood education experience. He advocated early education, but now he finds that ideals and reality are always difficult to match, but he changed.From my point of view, parents are recognized as the best teachers to train their children. Nurseries and kindergartens are just doing “second-rate” work.

  Because the best kindergartens try to meet the needs of very young children, but because there are too many children and the teacher can’t take care of them, the result is often contrary to expectations.

And those poor nurseries can not take care of the children at all, just provide them with food and drink, and let them do their own activities. These neglected children often have fear, they feel the desolation of losing their mother’s love, which means that the child must be aThe unfortunate dream, the loneliness shown on them saw people’s heartbreak.

  Studies have found that children who are placed in nurseries from an early age are more aggressive and prone to developing antisocial behavior than Dulf firmly points out that more and more evidence supports his theory-those who leave their parents to the nursery earlyChildren are more likely to develop aggressive personality, anti-social behavior, and other psychological problems. Such children will encounter interpersonal problems in the future and it is not easy to establish close relationships with others.

  Last year, UK child authority Dr. Penelope-Ricci issued the same warning. After years of research, she found that children raised by parents perform better in all aspects than children who are cared for by nurses or given to relatives.They are all better, they are better physically, mentally and intellectually than other alternative children.

Ridge and professors at Oxford University in both countries followed 1,200 children and found that children who were placed in nurseries from an early age were more aggressive in their teens.

Other studies have found the same result: the longer you spend in a nursery, the easier it is to develop antisocial and violent behaviors.

Children’s experts point out that the morning nursery will seriously affect children’s brain development, emotional development, social behavior, and cognitive ability development. In addition, their physical development is retarded, nerve atrophy, and brain development abnormalities.Family care is concerned, so experts suggest that young children should be allowed to grow up in a warm and safe home environment rather than being placed in a nursery prematurely.

  The best teacher can’t replace mother. Children under two years of age should be loved by mother one-on-one. Bidulf said that the most responsible teacher of the best nursery school cannot replace mothers. Children under two should beUnder the one-to-one care of mothers, parenting is the most ideal way.

If the child’s brain is to grow healthy, love stimulation is needed. The interaction between mother and child is the best stimulation. The care of family and friends is the safest choice for child development.What is lacking is this effect. Unless the nanny is at home to see the child, it is not as good as the mother to take care of it, let alone most people do not have enough luck to find the ideal nanny.

  Children always need fixed parenting, and more need focused care. One-to-one parenting can better meet the needs of the baby.

The nursery teacher usually takes care of several children by herself. She cannot meet the needs of these children at the same time: drinking, peeing, playing, pampering, etc. Don’t think that the babies are not sensible.This kind of loneliness is manifested as irritability and crying, and the long-term effects are not conducive to their psychological development, leading to some children developing aggressive personality, which is the consequence of emotional loss.

  Warn that the first three years of life affects many parents in the next three generations. There is a mistake in thinking that getting babies into a nursery early will make them more adaptable to the external environment and develop communication skills earlier.

But experts from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the United States point out that the development of babies is special. They need continuous care and even coordinated care. This means that people who communicate with them are relatively fixed, only at home.Parents can do that.

  Bidulf also acknowledged that he was a firm early childhood mentor. He believed that all the two benefits of getting young children to nurse in the morning were that the children could learn more skills. Because of the many partners, it was also good for them.The second benefit of learning to communicate and cooperate with people is to allow mothers more time to develop themselves and expand the scope of their social activities.

But now he finds that this ideal and reality are always difficult to match, he said, “In fact, this is a disastrous disappointment.

“The first 18 months of life is a critical period for the development of the brain structure responsible for social and emotional functions, which has an impact on life. The mother-child interaction plays a key role in the cultivation of this ability. The mother is the baby’s endocrine and nervous system.Regulators of development.

In addition, the brothers, sisters and grandparents of the family are also very important to them. They play a role in helping parents educate their children. Babies get a sense of security from them and also get their initial emotional impact. It is through children that humans pass on this emotion.Some experts say that “the first three years of life affect the next three generations” is the truth, and strangers make them feel insecure and confused.

  Psychologically unable to form family emotions.

What nursery lacks is this relatively fixed standard of family relationship. Nursery teachers are not fixed and are often exchanged. Such teachers are sick, on vacation and training, and even the staff are relatively fixed. They also have to work in shifts to take care of their children and let themCan’t adapt.

Woman choosing fitness program for her age

Woman choosing fitness program for her age

20-to-40-year-old fitness plan is the golden age of a woman, and only a fitness plan suitable for her age?

Can always be brilliant in the golden age of life.

The famous American health and beauty magazine “Shaping” has designed exercise programs for women of different ages.

  20-year-old: Cultivate fitness habits. A 20-year-old woman is full of youth, her body function is in its heyday, and all aspects of quality have reached the best point in life.

At this time, you should cultivate good exercise habits while you are young, and accumulate more “health preservation” for your future life.

  Justin, head of the San Diego Health Training Center?

Prince said that the 20s is the best stage for human bone growth. You can implant weight-bearing exercises such as running and strength training into a training method, and specially designed a method for 20-year-old women: sitting on a yoga blanketWith both hands on the ground, put it behind your body with your fingers extended.

Lift forward about 10 cm and straighten your left leg forward at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground.

Continue to raise your hips until the right thigh is parallel to the ground.

Lower the top to the initial position, repeat the lifting 10-12 times, then change to the other side and repeat the same action.

If you find it difficult to exercise, you can choose to do pedal exercise, taekwondo, Latin dance, etc. Exercise 4-6 times a week, it is best to persist for more than an hour each time.

  30-year-old: Most of the women who are 30 years old are already born. Some aunts have gradually accumulated under the skin, and their body shape has also changed. They must also find a balance between work and family. The pressure is great.

Therefore, on the basis of maintaining health, exercise muscles and flexibility, minimize the slightest, and maintain your own vitality, which will help reduce stress.

Jennifer, head of fitness at the San Francisco Bay Club, California?

Beaton has created a set of exercise methods to keep you alive in the transition between motherhood and work status.

  Method: Lie flat on a yoga mat with your arms on your sides and your palms facing down.

Straighten your legs and place your feet on the exercise ball.

Raise your hips, support your body by your shoulders and feet, and keep your body straight. At the same time, force your fitness ball to roll to the right (while your foot follows the rightward twist), hold it for a while, then roll the ball to the left and right to return to the original position.

After doing 5or10 times, turn to the left to roll the fitness ball.

  If it is inconvenient to perform the above exercises, you may wish to swim with your family, walk fast, climb stairs, etc. every 30 minutes after work or after dinner.

Women of this age, it is best to go to the fitness club 3 times a week to participate in some equipment training, in order to improve the metabolism rate, burn excess metabolism, and strengthen muscle strength.

Of course, gentle exercises such as yoga and Pilates are also good choices.

  40 years old: Beauty and health are equal. Women who are 40 years old often use beauty to continue their beauty, but physical function cannot be improved through beauty.

At this time, health is the real beauty.

An expert in sports medicine at Yale University in the United States?

Colin warns that many women in their 40s often exercise too much to keep fit and vulnerable.

Therefore, Colin created an exercise method that makes people feel comfortable: lying on the exercise ball, and touching the belly and chest with the exercise ball.

Grab a dumbbell with a weight of 2-5 kilograms in each hand, straighten your arms forward and place them on the floor with your palms down.

Tighten the hind leg muscles while lifting your chest, flex your elbows and raise your arms to shoulder level.

Then resume the initial posture and repeat the exercise 8 times.

  If you feel the above exercise is more difficult, you can choose to exercise 30 minutes a day with moderate or certain intensity exercises, such as ballroom dance, rhythmic exercises, shuttlecocks, yoga, etc.Fatigue and avoid osteoporosis.

It is best to do strength training twice a week; if you do weightlifting 3 times a week, your metabolism can increase by 15%.

Simple cleansing mask acne clear light one by one _1

Simple cleansing mask acne clear light one by one

Guide: MMs are all headaches and upset for their acne, but is there any way to clear these acne simply and economically?

Do n’t worry, it is a cheap and easy-to-use whitening mask. We will do it with you to keep acne away from you.

1. Potato milk mask method: ① Wash and peel the potatoes, squeeze the juice, add milk and flour to the potato juice, stir to make a paste ② After cleansing, apply on the board.

Rinse off with warm water after 20 minutes.

2-3 times a week.

  Note: Suitable for dry, normal, oily and combination skin.

  Recommended reason: It has excellent hydration and whitening effects, which can improve the dry and dull skin, and restore the skin’s hydration and fairness.

For facial skin that has developed acne, continue using this mask for a week to effectively eliminate acne.

  Hotness: ★★★★★ 2, Apple mask method: ① Peel and cut the apple or mash it, then apply it on the face ② After 15-20 minutes, wash it with a hot towel.

Once every other day, a course of treatment is 20 days. Instructions: A.

If it is dry allergic skin, you can add an appropriate amount of fresh milk or vegetable oil, B.

For oily skin, add egg whites.

  Recommended reason: whitening and anti-oxidation, can make the skin whiter and smoother.

It also has the effect of making the skin smooth, moisturized, white and greasy, and more importantly, it can remove the acne that you hate.

  Hotness: ★★★★★ 3, banana mask practice: ① peel the banana and mash it into a paste and apply it on the face ② wash it out after 15-20 minutes, once a week Description: suitable for any kind of skin Recommended reason: effectively dilute after sun exposureThe pigmentation formed will restore the skin’s moisturizing and brightening, moisturize dry skin, protect the skin from wrinkles, inhibit the formation of melanin, and make the skin radiant.

Long-term adherence to improving facial skin tenderness, refreshing, softening horny, clearing acne, whitening the skin, the effect is good.

  Hotness: ★★★★★ 4. Cucumber mask practice: ① Take fresh cucumber juice and add milk powder, honey amount, mix with a few drops of wind oil essence and soak the coated surface with a paper mask. ② Wash after 20-30 minutes, once a week. Instructions:Suitable for any kind of skin Recommended reason: It contains a variety of amino acids and natural whitening and moisturizing factors, which can be directly absorbed by the skin, decompose and convert pigment deposition to achieve natural moisturizing and whitening.

Long-term use can remove acne, increase the vitality and elasticity of the skin, make the skin refreshing, smooth, delicate and white.

  Popularity: ★★★★★

Sorghum Black Bean Jujube Rice Tonifying Kidney and Activating Blood

Sorghum Black Bean Jujube Rice Tonifying Kidney and Activating Blood

Sorghum is the coarsest coarse grain and is not tasty.

During the planned economy, citizens were most afraid of rationing sorghum in rations.

In the early days of the Anti-Japanese War, the Japanese soldiers ate rice. Later, the Japanese economy could not support the war. The Japanese soldiers switched to sorghum rice.

“Sorghum is now the healthiest coarse grain.

Here I introduce some delicious rice made with sorghum.

  ”Buyin Yishou porridge” suitable for the elderly is suitable for the elderly to eat more coarse grains, but how to eat coarse grains is good for health?

The first recommendation is a tonic yin porridge with nourishing yin, moistening dryness, heat and stomach.

The approach is simple: 1.

Use a juicer to squeeze the sugar cane and take about 500 ml of juice; 2.

150 grams of peeled sorghum are selected, soaked;

Add the soaked sorghum into the right amount of water and cook it into a porridge. Add sugarcane juice and stir well. Cook for a while and serve.

  In addition, you can use sorghum and other coarse grains to make a “whole grain meal”.

First prepare the same amount of sorghum, coarse rice, barley kernels, barley, black rice, and oats according to the number of family members. Substitute the various cereals together, rinse them with water, and then add the right amount of water. Cook and serve.

  ”Sorghum black bean jujube rice” sorghum suitable for young and middle-aged people has the effects of urination, cough, asthma, and qi-clearing stomach. Therefore, for those with weak constitution, high work stress, mental stress and indigestion,Eating some sorghum is a good choice.

Of course, young and middle-aged people generally have good teeth and appetite, so the method of sorghum can be flexible and diverse. Put it on dry rice, gruel, wotou, pancakes, etc., and the taste is good.

  In addition, you can try to make “Sorghum Black Bean Jujube Rice”.

Choose 50 grams of sorghum, 20 grams of black beans, 10 dates, and 30 grams of sugar.

Sorghum and black beans are “skin-flour-thick” foods. It is best to soak them in water for four to five hours before making them.

Then add the soaked sorghum, black beans and the prepared jujube to an appropriate amount of water, then sprinkle in an appropriate amount of sugar, and steam it to serve.

  ”Sorghum Black Bean Jujube Rice” is very suitable for young and middle-aged people. In addition to having a good effect on kidney and blood circulation and improving sub-health, it also has the function of beauty and beauty, and women can eat more.

  If you are a housewife, you might as well use your imagination, maybe you can invent a beloved sorghum rice like Su Dongpo invented the “Dongpo Elbow”!

  The “sorghum fried noodles” suitable for children because the spleen and stomach functions are not very healthy, it is easy to appear irritability, crying, and fever due to food accumulation.

Sorghum is a good helper for parents. It has the functions of warming the spleen and strengthening the stomach and intestines.

Therefore, if the baby’s gastrointestinal function is poor or indigestion, parents can go to the supermarket to buy some sorghum noodles, stir-fry them on the fire, add an appropriate amount of sugar after cooking, and put the fried noodles for the child.

  You can also put a small amount of cooking oil in the wok, then add sorghum noodles and cook.

Add some sugar (or crushed sesame, peanuts, etc.), add water to the fried noodles, and make a paste for your baby.

This will not only improve the baby’s gastrointestinal function, but also prevent vomiting and diarrhea.

  Eating product is a common complication of children. Most of them are caused by children eating too much, the food cannot be digested and absorbed normally, and stagnates in the stomach.

Over time, it will breed internal heat.

If the internal heat cannot be eliminated in time, it will inevitably cause external fever and fever.

  I have a friend’s child who often has a fever and loses antibiotics as soon as he has a fever.

I told that friend, the more antibiotics you lose, the worse your child’s immunity will be, which will cause a vicious circle.

After he used my method, the child rarely had food.

What causes regret?

What causes regret?

As the saying goes, “there is no regret medicine in the world”, but the word regret often appears in our minds.

Some people often regret it, but their regret is just staying at a superficial level of emotion, failing to deeply touch the cognitive structure, failing to analyze the cause of the mistake, and may choose to regret it again if the same problem occurs again.
  The causes of regret can be divided into two types: one is to have a certain prediction of the possible negative consequences before making a decision, but due to negligence or blind optimism, the necessary prevention of this dangerous sign has not been takenMeasures, this situation determines that people are very regretful, because they are close to the right choice, and only a major omission has occurred due to a difference in thought.

  One is the often-occurring blind optimist. The decision-maker deliberately avoids unfavorable information when formulating the action plan. He does not consider future difficulties, dangers, and adverse conditions at all. Therefore, the decision-maker has only horrified and instinctive defense responses.It can only be temporarily recovered by using the power at hand, but it is not effective because of the non-systematic and non-rigorous remedies.

  How to turn regret into a profound lesson?

Can be solved from three aspects: 1.

Reflect on the source of regret and discover the cause of the decision error.


In the state of extreme regret around you, you should dilute the color of regret and take active rescue actions, but completely forget the regretful emotion and properly retain the experience of regret in your heart to be cautious about future choices.


When faced with the choices of the past, we must carefully recall the facts of past failures and actively use past experiences to avoid making the same mistakes.

  As long as you pay attention, it is not difficult to foresee losses.

When the chooser searches for various possibilities and only finds an alternative, he ignores this possible danger and has no time to think about future threats.

If he doesn’t get any information against the plan, he will quickly adopt it.

If this only solution is also dangerous and costly, the chooser will think that he is exhausted and there is no room for choice. This feeling of lack of choice seriously hinders the thinking of the chooser, making it passive and hasty.Dealing with choices.

  However, precise choice requires a neutral patience. He is not dazzled by favorable conditions, nor is he intimidated by unfavorable circumstances. He always has hope, but he cannot always be taken lightly. He requires people to maintain a certain amount of tensionDegree, consumes a certain amount of energy, which is the embodiment of responsibility and the best way to avoid regrets.

Lipstick can judge a woman’s personality?

Teach you to judge the personality of these 6 women!

Lipstick can judge a woman’s personality?
Teach you to judge the personality of these 6 women!

When women usually make up, the most important thing is the lips.

The lipsticks on the market today are very different from color to category.

Women’s choice of lipstick usually has a great connection with the underlying personality.

So, how to identify women by lipstick?

  Personality can be judged by women’s lipstick, teach you to judge the personality of these 6 women!

  First, this color lipstick can highlight the thick lip feeling of women who prefer red. Generally, it will give people a mature feeling. Women with low self-confidence will not choose this color lipstick.

Women who prefer this color system are often career strong women, mature and capable, full of femininity.

  Second, lipsticks that favor women who are pink can express feminine purity and cuteness.

They usually wear red lipstick on their first date.

Light pink and bright pink give different impressions, pink gives a pure feeling, and bright pink is more playful women, but no matter which one has a youthful flavor.

Bright pink is full of fun women.

No matter which kind of lipstick is used, it can attract men. They like this part, so women who like this poem lipstick are better at coquettishness with men, and they are responsible for love and have great expectations.

  Third, the woman who prefers the purple color system prefers the woman in the color system. She usually has a strong desire to show herself and likes to dress herself.

Generally speaking, this type of women likes heavy makeup, and wants to attract the attention of others. They live according to their own way. They don’t like ordinary lifestyles. They feel that they are not easy to approach.Men are interested in both of them. Among this type of women are feminists who like to let each other follow their own principles.

  Fourth, lipsticks that favor brown women are not gorgeous, but they give a sense of tranquility.

Women who like this color lipstick are more confident in themselves and have their own set of makeup and dress.

They usually have a better understanding of spiritual life, have their own ideas, and have better self-control.

They can treat money and love with a calm attitude and have a keen observation of men. They have high ideals.

  Fifth, lipsticks for women who prefer orange are the softest and easy to feel close to.

It’s not as frivolous as pink, not as strong as red, giving the impression of a mean.

Women who like this lipstick have strong self-control and excellent judgment. Most of them are dedicated to work.

In love, this type of woman is the type of male sacrifices.

Therefore, in the family, a good mother, a good wife.

  Sixth, the woman who prefers pearly white has a clear self-suggestion for women who prefer this color mouth line, who are full of personality and enthusiasm.

They are bold, full of imagination, dare to express their desires boldly, and enjoy a free and unrestrained life.

In love, I don’t want to be constrained by the opposite sex, and I look forward to a strong mood of adventure.

  All in all, if you want to associate with a woman, you can first observe her habit of applying lipstick, so that you can basically understand the girl’s personality characteristics, so you can take proactive actions.

Two yoga styles help you lose weight

Two yoga styles help you lose weight

Did you know that yoga can reduce your face?

Today I will teach you yoga thin face tricks, learn it!

  Youthful effect: It can make the face, corrected muscles firm and elastic, and can prevent double chin and cause muscle relaxation.

Prevents colds and also treats back pain and hump.

  Specific actions: 1. Lie on the mat, feet open, shoulder width, shoulders, and two pairs on the body.

Adjust your breathing slowly.

Stay for 2 seconds.

  2. Bend both arms slowly, palms on both sides, fingers forward.

Breathe slowly and deeply.

Leave on for 5 seconds.

  3. Now inhale, slowly lift your upper body while inhaling, support your hands on the mat, and try to tilt your head back.

At this time, if you can’t maintain the state of suspension, slowly adjust your breathing. Remember, don’t be controlled by breathing. It is you who control it. It must exist in the most comfortable way you feel.

Leave on for 5 seconds.
  4. Slowly restore.

  Note: The length of stay can be controlled freely, and 3-5 times a day.

  Mermaid effect: beautify the lines of the chin, prevent double chins, and also treat headaches and aches and stiff back.

  Specific actions: 1. Lie flat on a mat with your feet open and shoulder-width apart. Place two pairs above your body.

Adjust your breathing slowly.
Stay for 2 seconds.
  2. Make a fist with both hands, press your elbows against the cushion, and keep the rest of your body unchanged.

Stay for 2 seconds.
  3. Inhale. While inhaling, press your elbows firmly against the cushion to push the black hair upwards without moving your head.

Then exhale. When you exhale, lift your head upwards, put your head on the cushion, and raise your chin hard.

Stay for 2 seconds.
  4. Keep the previous posture unchanged, inhale, then raise your legs together while exhaling, exhale, and stay for 5 seconds.

  5. Slowly restore and adjust the interest rate.

  Note: The length of stay can be controlled freely, and 3-5 times a day.