Know you’re looking for trouble?

Know you’re looking for trouble?

① Pay attention to the negative side. Keep in mind how many times you have suffered the price of injustice, or how many times others have been unfriendly to you.

As long as you focus on those bad and disadvantaged things, you will use this negative thinking method to trouble yourself.

  ② The poorest people who make impossible dreams are those who are used to having unrealistic hopes.

If you want to be really discouraged, set your goals too high!

  ③ The stupid golden rule treats everyone else as worthless.

The key to applying this law is to first dislike yourself. Once you reduce your own value, you will find that others are just as shallow, so you dismiss them and become traitors.

  ④ Create barriers, never praise others, and do not use any words of encouragement; secondly, endlessly criticize, provoke, complain, and make a big deal.

This is a wonderful way to create barriers and find trouble.

  ⑤ The mothers who claimed to be martyrs were engaged in excessive housework, and then said to themselves, “No one really hurts me. To our family, I am just a servant.

“My father can also use the same method:” My skeleton is tired, no one takes me seriously, everyone is using me.

“Thinking so often will definitely cause you annoyance, and it will also make people around you annoying and make you feel worse.

  ⑥ “I knew it would be so” syndrome If you expect something bad to happen, most of it will be realized.

  扩大 Snowballing to expand the situation When the problem first appears, it can easily disappear.

Conversely, if the problem continues to expand like a snowball, the person who finally snowballs always follows a simple rule: “If you miss the opportunity to solve the problem, simply drag on.

“This will only make the problem worse, and it will certainly cause your anger and distress to be buried in your heart for months or even years.

  Take others ‘problems to yourself If you take others’ problems to yourself and blame yourself, and blame some people for the responsibility that you don’t like you, then it won’t be long before you become depressed.