The leftover women in the eyes of the leftover men in the city

The “leftover women” in the eyes of the “leftover men” in the city

“Left-female” is a better choice
I am a leftover man.
My concept of mating is different from the traditional male high and low female.
In my opinion, men have the ability not to compare with their girlfriends, but to compare with other people in the society, and compare with their past self.
If I sincerely want to be with a girl, her conditions are comparable to mine.
  There is a point of view in the society: girls now look good enough, they don’t have to be so talented and capable.
What is the difference between this view and “female innocence is virtue” in the feudal society in the past?
I am disgusted.
Based on my personal education experience, I deeply understand that every step in my academic journey is very difficult. Constantly seeking to learn makes people more humble and steadfast.
This makes me greatly appreciate talented girls.
I won’t choose those beautiful girls who don’t have the real talents. The “leftover girl” who has lost time in order to get better is a better choice.
  ”Girls are not as young as possible” Personal file: Mr. Zhou 30 years old Graduate student My life has not been wide, and it is not suitable to consider personal issues in business and work, so I have been single.
Although there are not many emotional experiences, I still want to say a few words about a popular mate selection standard for men now: they always want to find young girls, and the younger the better.
The movie is filled with the love of middle-aged male stars and young female stars. No one feels wrong. In real life, many men also arrogantly want to find a little girl.
  In fact, it is impractical for two people to be together. The age gap is too large. It is difficult to communicate between men and women at ten years old. Generation gaps cannot be avoided. Such love and marriage are difficult to harmonize.
Although women do not have much freedom in age choices, men do not have unlimited choices. I would not choose girls who are too young. It would be better if they were closer to themselves.
  You can’t just look at “face” Personal file: Mr. Chen 28 years old A leader of a decoration company In your article, there is a leftover woman who says that men choose their spouse only to look at age and face.
I am not such a person.
According to my current conditions, it is not difficult to find a young and beautiful one, but I will not be so superficial.
Girls, the most important thing is the heart.
For example, filial piety, kindness, and loyalty are the most beautiful things, and the ones that can stand the test of time. Young and beautiful can’t last more than five years. Everyone understands this, why do men still look at them?
  ”Please take the initiative” 出来 Personal file: Xu Yan 30 years old Sales manager of a real estate company 并非 It is no accident that the leftover women around us today.
The women who are more demanding about themselves, while working hard, learn to improve themselves and ignore personal encounters; they are also in a relatively superior position. In the process of searching for the other half, they will inevitably appear “high”fact.
“I own a house and a car, so I can’t find a bad one!
“Sighed a” left girl “next to me.
No wonder men feel distanced and discouraged.
  In fact, there are no “leftover women” who are singles. Although they have a glamorous appearance, they have the same heart as ordinary women, and they also look forward to love and be loved.
Since the development of society and its own factors make it necessary, today’s urban “leftover women” are even more to set their own mentality and adjust their spouse selection criteria in a timely manner; at the same time, they must appropriately change the wait of restraint and become passive.
Don’t put yourself off the shelf, stand up and boldly pursue your own happiness, then it won’t be so difficult to find the other half who takes care of yourself as a “saint”.
  “剩女”是个“宝”  个人档案:邮件未注明个人情况  我虽是而立之年却立得可怜,刚出校门时还无法立足于社会没有条件也不敢去恋爱,等能站立了条件也Allowed, when I looked back and found that the love had left me, I became an authentic “leftover man.”
However, there should be no women left, just that they were not discovered.
Most of the remaining women are older women. They are more mature and stable in psychology, more specific in their emotions, higher in inner cultivation, knowing coldness and warmth, and knowing the sweetness and bitterness of life. Such women should be a “treasure”!
  The phenomenon of “leftover women” and “leftover men” is not necessarily a negative phenomenon. They are older, mature, and more responsible, which is more conducive to family stability!
A family is not a one-person family, but a home shared by two people. A man is a beam that erects the house, a woman is a wall that can shelter from the wind and rain to give warmth, and a house that can stand from the wind and the rain is a real need.s home.