Retirement life three three systems

Retirement life “three three systems”

I have retired for almost 3 years.
Colleagues and friends often ask when they are chatting together. Do you usually play mahjong and do some work at home?
I smiled and said that the “three three systems” enriched my retirement.
  The first is “three participations”: that is, to participate in housework, to pick up granddaughters to go to school, and to supervise the wind.
Housework is usually divided into two parts, internal and external. The owner is responsible for buying vegetables, cooking, cleaning and cleaning.
Outside of my main job, it is mine to buy rice, oil and electricity, and to go shopping in the supermarket.
Last year, my granddaughter went to kindergarten, and basically I was picked up by myself every day.
I did this, not only to fulfill the responsibility of being an elder, but also to enjoy the fun of the family.
In addition, the last year I was hired by the Municipal Government Office and the Municipal Radio Station as the special supervisor of the “Hotline Hotline”, I actively participated. I collected opinions from the masses, and feedback to the relevant departments through the “hotline” and supervised the implementation.Some livelihood issues.
  The second is “three exercises”: practice writing, raising flowers, and exercising.
Practice writing is to practice writing articles such as news reports, news, speech, travel notes, etc. The purpose is not to earn the manuscript fee, but to think of what is “climate”, but it is just the interest.
As for raising flowers, I am not doing it, it is also caused by leisure.
After retirement, I planted pomegranate, rose, ginkgo, jasmine, spider plant, spring, fairy ball, etc. Among them, a pot of tangled plum is my favorite, never forget to water, fertilize, pruning, finallyI saw that the flower buds were full of branches.
The so-called exercise is a walk and fitness.
  The third is “three look”: reading newspapers, reading books, watching TV.
After I retire, I subscribed to some newspapers and magazines at my own expense. I also went to the roadside newspaper column to read the Zhenjiang Daily, and went to the library twice a week.
I like to read some famous books and theoretical books.
The books I have read in the past are not the same.
I read from the Book of Changes, “I am going with time.” This statement was interpreted by Li Dazhao as “advancing with the times” in vernacular. This is extremely profound and has practical significance for guiding various tasks.
Another example is that Li Shimin said in the “Hundred Words Proverbs” that there is no righteousness to pay the friends of Germany.
I think this is a cadre to cultivate a healthy and uplifting life, and it is helpful to make good friends.
Watching TV, I mainly watch news and livelihood programs as well as high-quality TV dramas.
  The “three-three system” has enriched my retirement.
Of course, the “three-three system” is not implemented every day without fail, but is done according to needs.
In this way, my old age is full of fun.

Nursing heart, nourishing kidney, prolonging life, regular massage, six acupoints

Nursing heart, nourishing kidney, prolonging life, regular massage, six acupoints

Neiguan Point: The protective umbrella of the heart is suitable for symptoms: heart disease, such as rheumatic heart disease, myocarditis, coronary heart disease, etc., especially for preventing myocardial infarction.

  Neiguan Point is the “complex” point of the pericardium, and the core point of Chinese medicine to treat heart disease.

Neiguan is located 2 inches above the wrist stripes.

After a month of massage, the patient’s breathing is depressed, and the symptoms such as upset and palpitations will be significantly relieved or disappear.

  Taixi Point: suitable symptoms of chronic kidney disease: kidney disease, chronic nephritis, diabetic nephropathy.

  Taixi Point is the “losing” point of the foot Shaoyin kidney. In ancient times, it was called “one of the nine points of Huiyang”, and it was in the kidney.

The Taixi Point is located in the foot depression, behind the inner depression, and the depression between the concave tip and the Achilles tendon.

For patients with nephritis, the reduction of hypertension after sputum reduction has a certain degree of reduction, and the urinary protein is significantly reduced.

  Zusanli Point: The effect of ginseng-like tonics is suitable for all symptoms: all kinds of debilitating diseases, such as anemia, postpartum degeneration, and serious illness.

  Zusanli is the “he” point of the foot-yangming stomach. It is a strong point for health and health care. It has the functions of strengthening the righteousness, regulating the yin and yang, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and promoting the vitality.

The Zusanli acupoint is located on the outside of the calf, and the outer knee is 3 inches below the eye, similar to the side of the bone.

You can also use moxibustion with your thumb on the same side or with a smooth wooden stick.

  Hegu Point: Natural Therapy for Pain Relief Symptoms: All kinds of pain, especially good at relieving pain in patients with advanced cancer.

  Hegu point is the “original” point of the hand-yangming large intestine, with the evacuation of the wind and pain, and the power of the collaterals.

Hegu points are located on the back of the hand, at the midpoint of the first metacarpal space.

Press the squat button on the opposite side, or use the three fingers to squeeze the skin at the Hegu point.

  Guanyuan Point: Rejuvenation Suitable symptoms: various reproductive system diseases.

Especially good at treating infertility, impotence, nocturnal emission and premature ejaculation, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other symptoms.

  Chinese medicine believes that the Guanyuan point has a Peiyuan solid, and the benefits of the sub-focus can be used instead.

Guanyuan is located in the lower part of the abdomen, on the front midline, 3 inches below the umbilicus.

The usual method is to press the sputum method or the tremor method.

The tremor method is that the hands overlap and overlap and close the Guanyuan acupoints, with a little pressure, and quickly and slightly push up and down.

  Zhongyu Point: Experts in the treatment of stomach diseases Suitable symptoms: Solving stomach and duodenal diseases, such as: stomach and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis, stomach ptosis, etc., especially to relieve stomach pain and treat indigestion very mucheffective.

  Zhongxu Point is a gathering point of four meridians. At the same time, it is called the “soul acupoint” of the stomach. It has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach and supplementing the vital energy.

The middle acupoint is located in the upper abdomen, on the front midline, 4 inches above the umbilicus.

The usual method is to press the method or the method of rubbing.

Capricorn, that is, the overlapping of the palms or the palm of one hand on the middle acupoint, slowly propelling clockwise or counterclockwise, so that the heat in the abdominal cavity is better.

Five warning signs on the face remind you that the body is bright red

Five warning signs on the face remind you that the body is bright red

As the saying goes, “The disease is like a mountain.”

In fact, there is a process in the development of any disease. There are some physical auras before the sudden, but it does not cause us enough to know.

As health awareness increases, we should give enough knowledge of the bad signals emitted by the human body to avoid a major disaster.

The warning signal of the face is observed in the mirror when you wash your face to see if there is any abnormality in your face: 1. If you find your face flushed, it may be related to heart disease or high blood pressure; 2. If your face is yellow, it is accompanied by the body.Tiredness, it is likely to be jaundice hepatitis; 3, if the eye color changes, congestion, turbidity, color yellow, should go to the hospital to see a doctor immediately; 4, if the eyelids pale, suggesting that may have iron deficiency anemia; 5, such asA fuzzy gray ring appears in the cornea, indicating that the heart may have problems. If it is a 30-50 year old male, he should go to the hospital immediately.

The warning signal of the eyes is blooming, the corners of the eyes are dry, and the things are not clear.

This is a harbinger of liver failure.

If you press the button around the liver, you will feel bloated. In addition to timely medical treatment, you should also pay attention to eye hygiene and do not let your eyes get too tired.

If eye pain is frequent, in addition to eye fatigue, the elderly should be wary of glaucoma.

Ophthalmologists have found that the factors that are prone to eye fatigue are as follows: 1. Eyes are mainly caused by refractive errors, excessive eye, eye diseases, and abnormal eye development.

2, physical and life factors 40 years of age or older, the eyes began to age, but failed to match the reading glasses in time, it is prone to eye fatigue.

3, environmental factors work or learning places are insufficiently illuminated, reading and writing and working hours are long, the line of sight is not fixed.

Like reading and writing and working on a boat, it can cause eye strain.

Eyes working overloaded are prone to eye fatigue and cause myopia and other diseases.

The ear is always squeaking. This is a sign that the kidney function is gradually deteriorating. Sometimes it is accompanied by foot pain, low back pain, frequent urination and other symptoms. People who work overworked should pay special attention to the combination of work and rest and avoid excessive fatigue.Drink less, eat less stimulating food such as ginger and pepper.

The nose’s warning signal is not good at the nose, and often coughs, sometimes even breathing difficulties, which is a sign of a gradual decline in lung function.

Patients should first pay attention to diet, quit smoking or control the amount of smoking, and do not be with people who smoke regularly.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, strengthen physical exercise, and prevent the occurrence of pulmonary complications.

The warning signal on the mouth is numb and the body is getting thinner.

This indicates that the phosphate function is gradually deteriorating, mainly due to eating disorders, improper recovery, due to poor smashing, will affect the stomach, when the stomach suffers damage, the lips will obviously become dry.

At this time, in addition to adjusting the diet, we must also pay attention not to eat cold, greasy food.

Myopia diet guide myopia diet considerations

Myopia diet guide myopia diet considerations

When it comes to children’s myopia, most people will only return to the light too dark or too strong, or watch TV, play video games, read and write gestures, etc., but the latest research by scientists shows that the three meals are not properly arranged.Factors that cannot be ignored.

So what are the precautions for myopia diet?

In order to prevent children from wearing glasses too early, in addition to rich protein and vitamins, the following types of food are indispensable.

Myopia diet guide 1, calcium-containing food medical experts pointed out that the lack of calcium is one of the important reasons for poor vision development and even the formation of myopia.

If the eyeball carbonizes calcium, it will aggravate developmental abnormalities and form myopia.

Calcium-containing foods include: milk, soy products, fish and shrimp, animal bones, etc., but also pay attention to the animal’s liver, egg yolk, green vegetables and other vitamin D foods to increase the absorption and utilization of calcium.

Second, chromium-containing food chromium is also a necessary mineral element in the human body. The role of the eyeball in the development of the eyeball is to maintain the balance of the osmotic pressure. Otherwise, the lens can be bulged and become convex, which causes the diopter of the eye to increase and become myopia.
According to experts’ estimates, children need about 50-200 micrograms of chromium per day.

Chromium-containing foods: cereals, meat, cheese and egg yolks should be arranged for children.

Third, hard foods often give children some foods with a certain hardness, increase the frequency and intensity of the force, can promote the development of children’s vision; a study by Associate Professor Shimada of the Department of Hygiene, Akita University Medical School, Japan, often eatsAmong the students who do not need soft food, there are many people with poor eyesight; those who eat hard food often have few people with poor eyesight.

This is because the force of the mouth can increase the strength of the skin muscles, including the eye muscles, so that it has the powerful ability to regulate the lens and avoid the occurrence of myopia.

Demystifying the longevity of Confucius

Demystifying the longevity of Confucius

As a famous thinker and educator in Chinese history, Confucius is worthy of his dual thoughts.

In the case of poor medical and health conditions in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, Confucius can still enjoy 73 years old, and good eating habits are the way to longevity.


hzh {display: none; }  孔子提倡“八不吃”———“食钮而蚀,鱼馁而肉败,不食。Color evil, not eating.

Stinky, not eating.

Missing, not eating.

From time to time, do not eat.

Cut it wrong, don’t eat.

Do not eat its sauce or eat it.

The wine market is awkward, not eating.”

These eight no foods are divided into three categories: First, the color taste: the food becomes color, does not eat, tastes not eaten.

Second, the quality of food: food is old and not eaten, fish and meat are not fresh, do not eat, not fresh vegetables do not eat.

Third, the production aspect: improperly cooked food does not eat, the ingredients are not properly eaten, do not eat, the wine and cooked meat bought from the market do not eat.

  Confucius claimed to eat seasonal food “from time to time”, to follow the natural yin and yang to prepare medicines, food, such drugs, foods have the essence of the world, the smell is thick, and the nutritional value is high.

In the view of Chinese medicine, food and medicine should pay attention to “qi”, and second, they must pay attention to “taste”. Their scent can only be obtained when the season is strong, that is, when the growth is mature and the solar terms are met, otherwise it will gain the essence of heaven and earth. Otherwise, it willWithout the characteristics of that season, its health value will change.

  ”There are many meats that don’t make you angry.”

This means that although there are so many delicious meats, you can’t let the meat pile up more than the staple food.

In Confucius’s view, it is also a place for gentlemen to pay attention to the ratio of meat and other kinds of food.

  ”Do not withdraw ginger food, do not eat more.”

That is to say, every time you have a table, you must have ginger to eat, but you can’t eat more ginger every meal.

There is a saying in the folks that “the winter eats radish and eats ginger in summer, and does not ask a doctor to prescribe medicine.”

This saying goes to the benefits of eating radish and eating ginger in the winter.

  Chinese medicine believes that spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourish Yin, the benefits of eating ginger in summer is to warm the spleen and stomach and body yang, especially suitable for winter chills and cold people.

But avoid eating more easily and hurting the yin to help the fire.

  ”There is no amount of wine, no chaos.”

Confucius has a small amount of alcohol, but he is able to stop himself and drink it in moderation. He is called “only wine is infinite, not in chaos.”

Studying new people who are obese are susceptible to eye diseases

Studying new people who are obese are susceptible to eye diseases

People who already have high blood pressure are prone to high blood pressure, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.

Now scientists have discovered that obesity can also cause eye diseases, and severe cases can lead to blindness.

  Throughout the 20 surveys on ophthalmic diseases worldwide, there is enough scientific evidence to support this view: Obesity is closely related to various major common eye diseases, and this disease is likely to cause blindness in the human eye.

  Israeli ophthalmologists say that no one has ever thought about excessive disease and eye disease.

This new discovery has made many outsiders and even physicians a big one.

This research is still a new field. Although there are many studies related to this topic, there is still no comprehensive and systematic research report.

  In addition, the researchers found that ophthalmic diseases are gradually worsening in obese patients.

The researchers say that the relationship between obesity and eye diseases is obvious.

Glaucoma, diabetes, etc. can affect people’s vascular system, and overweight often causes lung disease.

The health of the blood vessels around the eye is affected and the vision of the eye is deteriorated.

  However, the relationship between cataract and obesity remains a mystery, because cataracts are caused by infection of the human eye, not caused by damage to the blood vessels of the eye.

But some doctors predict that it may be because obesity patients are more likely to get gout, and boots induce cataracts.

  The purpose of this study is to raise people’s vigilance and remind people that obese people are more likely to get eye diseases.

Obesity is not only closely related to cancer and high blood pressure, but also has a lot to do with eye diseases.

Although many ophthalmologists know this fact, they are not common sense that everyone knows.

  Researchers at the University of California say that experiments have been conducted on mice and that sorghum diets are prone to diabetes.

They also discovered an enzyme necessary for the synthesis of insulin, whose activity is inhibited by excessive intake of high-fat foods.

During the experiment, the researchers found that the activity of the enzyme was inhibited, and when the blood glucose level was too high, the trace could not produce enough insulin.

It is now common for type 2 diabetes to be caused by a deficiency in Gnt-4a.

  Therefore, I hope that this research can arouse people’s alertness, starting from improving daily eating habits, eating healthy fruits and vegetables and whole grains, eating high-fat foods, paying attention to strengthening sports, starting from daily life, and health.The lifestyle can guarantee a healthy body.

Note: yogurt is not sour as possible

Note: yogurt is not sour as possible

Yogurt is one of the favorite drinks of many people. However, yogurt is very acidic, some are sweet and sour, while others are sweet.

Too many people have such questions. Since the name is yogurt, is it so acidic, indicating that the nutrition is better?

  Before answering this question, the first thing to do is to understand how milk is sour.

The lactic acid bacteria added to the milk are fermented to produce lactic acid and the like, and the milk becomes a sour yogurt.

Normally made yoghurt, because of the addition of sugar or sweetener, its sourness and sweetness are well matched and the taste is very good.

However, increasing the yoghurt placement time, the lactic acid bacteria will grow slowly, and the acidity of the yoghurt will increase slowly. However, in the low-temperature storage environment, the acidity of the basal yoghurt is acceptable to the human body, and the activity of the lactic acid bacteria is also better.

However, the acidity of yoghurt is limited. If the yoghurt is stored and the cold chain is removed from the process, if it is left in the outdoor environment, the lactic acid bacteria will rapidly multiply and the acidity of the yoghurt will increase and exceed the range.It will be very acidic, and the lactic acid bacteria activity will decrease, and the degree of degeneration of milk protein will increase, which is not conducive to human body absorption, and is not conducive to gastrointestinal health.

Therefore, yogurt is not as acid as possible.

   When purchasing yogurt, be sure to choose the product placed in the freezer to ensure the freshness and safety of the product.

If you buy a promotional product that is close to the shelf life, you should not buy a large amount of cheap, avoid eating expired yogurt.

Since the yogurt is temporarily removed from the cold chain during shopping, it should be relocated or placed in the refrigerator as soon as possible after returning home, avoiding being placed indoors.



Obesity has primary and secondary categories.

Primary obesity is also characterized by simpleness and retention of water and sodium.

Sodium hydrated obesity is more common in young women, with a swollen body in the fat, a light weight in the morning, and a sudden increase in weight in the short term.

If there is no obvious cause, it can be called simple obesity.

Secondary obesity is common in other endocrine or genetic diseases.

For example, patients with hypercortisolism have central obesity; those with non-diabetic-dependent conformational diabetes have excessive obesity.

According to various morbid heterogeneities, women with simple obesity are slightly distributed in the lower abdomen, limbs, head and humerus, while males are mainly head, neck and trunk.

Sweating, fatigue, some patients may have abdominal distension, body pain or skin purulent infection.

Alveolar-ventilation complications syndrome can occur in severely obese people.

Female patients may be accompanied by menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, and infertility.


Obesity requires diet control.

The goal is to make the skin tone a negative balance, and must be fully understood and coordinated by the patient, and long-term adherence will work.

The diet is generally controlled to be mildly over-exposed, and the intake of sugar and mildness is appropriately reduced.

Strict control of the diet applies to moderately over-exposed.

Total daily calories: 6000 for men?
8000 / kj, female 4800?
60000 / kj, which is 1 protein per day?

5g / kg, sugar 150?
250g / d, the rest is sputum, but should control the intake of animal mites.

Weight is reduced by 0 every 2 weeks.

1kg is suitable.

If the amount of impurities extracted from the diet exceeds the amount required by the human body, the excess portion is gradually converted into the most likely to cause obesity in the plasma stored in the body. The sugar and the trace amount are also referred to as “fat” foods.

The key to dieting is to limit the sugar and aunt’s intake, while other nutrients can and need to be eaten as usual. There is no need to endure starvation or even hunger strike.

Usually, you can choose from milk and dairy products (milk powder, milk cake, etc.), lean meat (lean beef, lean pork, lamb), fish and eggs, vegetables and fruits.


Dieting supplemented with the necessary exercise will achieve better results. Exercises can be varied. For example, walking is a good exercise to lose weight. It is safe and not easy to cause damage or excessive fatigue.

Walking at normal speed on the ground, you can consume 16 grams of slight displacement per kilometer.

In addition, according to the actual situation of the individual to run, boarding, gymnastics, swimming and so on.

Obese people find hyperactivity in their daily lives and help to consume excess dose through exercise.

The expected weight loss is achieved when the body consumes too much of the daily exercise to exceed the daily intake from the diet.

High uric acid is eaten, pain doctor: stay away from these 4 foods, gout will stay away from you

High uric acid is eaten, pain doctor: stay away from these 4 foods, gout will stay away from you

As people’s health awareness increases, too many people perform all aspects of physical examination every year, and uric acid is one of them.

The highest, uric acid reached 420μmol / L, even high uric acid.

After your physical examination, you can pay attention to your medical report. If the uric acid exceeds the standard, the doctor will consciously remind you to pay attention to your daily diet.

High uric acid is eaten, pain doctor: away from these 4 kinds of food, gout will be far away from you. In fact, high uric acid is a kind of metabolism caused by metabolism disorder caused by excessive uric acid in the body.Sexual disease.

Although only the purity of glucose comes from food, two-thirds of it is self-synthesis in the body, but because modern people’s diet is extremely unhealthy, diet control is extremely important!

1. People with high uric acid in high fecal foods are caused by excessive uric acid in the body, and these high-fat foods will prevent our body from discharging too much uric acid as waste.

If this continues, the uric acid in the body will become higher and higher.

2, animal visceral animal internal organs provide nutrition to the human body is mainly uric acid, if the human body’s uric acid is already high, but also eat these foods rich in uric acid, it is not a crime.

So if the uric acid is too high, it is best not to eat animal internal organs.

3, bone soup bone soup is also a luxury for people with high uric acid, especially broth like pork bones and beef bones.

These bone soups also contain a lot of uric acid, which is not suitable for people with high uric acid.

4, high sugar food too much sugar will be converted into sputum, as said before, sputum too high will prevent the discharge of uric acid, even more terrible, if some types of sugar, if too much, will directly promote the synthesis of uric acid in the human body, aboutThose who have high levels of uric acid in their body are simply worse.

High uric acid means gout, getting closer and closer to you!

Gouty arthritis: Hyperuricemia is the root cause of gout, blood uric acid is elevated, the onset of gout is repeated, and the age of onset is earlier.

Kidney disease and kidney failure: High uric acid can cause kidney damage. At the same time, after impaired renal function, blood uric acid excretion is reduced, and high uric acid is more important.

Urine acid kidney stones: According to statistics, in the previous kidney stones, 5.

1% is uric acid kidney stones.

Like other causes of kidney stones, urinary acid nephrolithiasis often manifests as low back pain and hematuria. If the ureter is blocked, it will cause fever, oliguria, no urine, hydronephrosis, and elevated serum creatinine.

Hypertension: Hyperuricemia can also cause high blood pressure. According to statistics, for every 60μmol increase in blood uric acid, the risk of hypertension increases by 15%.
twenty three%.

Diabetes: According to a foreign study, 25% of diabetes is caused by high uric acid.

In addition, elevated blood uric acid levels in diabetics are more likely to develop diabetic nephropathy.

Coronary heart disease: For every 60 μmol increase in blood uric acid levels, the mortality rate of women with coronary heart disease increases by 30%, and that of men increases by 17%.

Can cardiovascular disease be reduced by 13% by reducing uric acid?

Stroke: Hyperuricemia can promote the occurrence of cerebral infarction, increase the mortality rate of cerebral infarction and the recurrence rate of cerebral infarction.

It can be seen that the harm of high uric acid can avoid gouts. So although uric acid is too high, it is not a way to prevent and relieve.

For people with high uric acid, what else do you need to do in addition to eating or not eating the foods mentioned above?

People with high uric acid, do this 3 points, stable uric acid reduction!

1, to ensure adequate urine volume gout patients should pay special attention to add too much water.

If your water intake is insufficient, the amount of urine will decrease, and the concentration of uric acid dissolved in the urine will increase, making it easy to form urinary calculi in the urinary tract.

Normal people have a daily urine output of about 1 000?
2 000 ml, an average of about 1500 ml.

In general, we hope that patients with gout can achieve a daily urine output of more than 2 liters.

In this way, plus the water in our three meals a day, we can make our body achieve “import and export balance” in water.

2, more alkaline foods eat more alkaline foods, some vegetables, milk, fruit, rice noodles, etc., increase the body’s alkali reserves, help reduce uric acid.

You can also try the Chinese medicine diet Keping phthalocyanine powder to reduce uric acid effect is better.

Production method: Keping phthalocyanine, Hericium erinaceus, Chinese yam, millet, black sesame, pumpkin seeds, medlar and other foods and other homologous alkaline ingredients are polished.
Alkaline foods are simply “eat healthy” for patients with high uric acid. Alkaline foods can be combined with uric acid, and urinary toxins are reduced to reduce uric acid and relieve gout.

Keping phthalocyanine powder uses the broken wall technology to carefully grind the powder, not only can meal meal meal satiety, but also strengthen the body, improve the body immunity, can regulate the balance of body fluid syrup, metabolize excess uric acid, keep the body acidAlkali balance can not only reduce uric acid, but also improve gout. It can also comprehensively regulate the various organs of the body to achieve acid-base balance and improve physical fitness.

3, aerobic exercise is beneficial to gout patients, which is beyond doubt.
Exercise can reduce weight, keep the body healthy, and uric acid levels drop.

However, patients with gout still need to pay attention to sports forms, strength, time and other issues during exercise.

Exercise should choose aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, tai chi, swimming, dancing and so on.

Eating improperly at dinner can cause a variety of chronic diseases

Eating improperly at dinner can cause a variety of chronic diseases

Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and hepatobiliary diseases have been on the rise in the past 10 years, which is inextricably linked to improper eating at dinner.

Too many families have the highest sum of dinner, chicken, duck, fish, meat, and eggs on the table. These are high-protein, high-yield, high-energy foods.

This kind of dinner with breakfast and Chinese food, one-sided pursuit of higher high-grade, high-protein food habits, coupled with insufficient exercise, will inevitably bury a “time bomb” for future health.

  It is best to eat at around 6 pm, dinner is really good, and eating healthy is not difficult.

  First of all, dinner is less scented, and the specific amount of eating depends on each person’s physical condition and individual needs, so that he feels hungry.

Don’t eat enough for dinner, and you can’t support it.

The time for dinner is best arranged around 6pm, try not to exceed 8pm.

After 8 o’clock, it is best not to eat anything, except for drinking water.

Also, do not go to bed for four hours after dinner, so that the food you eat for the night is fully digested.

  First of all, dinner should choose foods that contain fiber and carbonization.

There should be more than two kinds of vegetables at dinner, such as cold spinach, which adds both vitamins and fiber.

The amount of pasta can be reduced and appropriate to eat coarse grains.

You can eat some fish in small quantities.

  Try not to eat some food for dinner. Try not to eat fruits, desserts, fried foods, and try not to drink alcohol at night.

Too many people have the habit of drinking at dinner. This habit is not good for health. Excessive alcohol will metabolize metabolism at night, and the stomach will not get rest due to alcohol stimulation, resulting in poor sleep.

It is necessary to pay special attention to not eating high-calcium foods during dinner. Some shrimp skins and small bone fish must not be eaten to avoid urinary stones.

  Special note: people who use too much brain for dinner should eat supplemental choline and enhance memory.

Here to recommend a dinner nutrition recipe for mental workers: 100 grams of steamed squid or plain tofu, 200 grams of cold celery or spinach, a cornmeal noodle, a small bowl of seaweed soup, do not add shrimp, or a bowl of purple rice porridge.

  ”Breakfast is enough to eat, Chinese food is good, and dinner is eaten less.” It is regarded as the plasma of fitness by many people.

However, this “eat less for dinner” should be based on the specific circumstances, it is not appropriate to generalize.