Yunnan Baiyao helps treat 11 common diseases

Yunnan Baiyao helps treat 11 common diseases

Yunnan Baiyao is a special hemostatic drug that many people have in their homes. It has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, swelling and analgesics, and removing saprophytic muscles.

In recent years, clinical studies have found that Yunnan Baiyao has better effects on some common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases.

  For oral ulcers, take Yunnan Baiyao and apply it on the surface of mucosal ulcers, 3 times a day?
6 times.

  For shingles, take an appropriate amount of Yunnan Baiyao, make a paste with vegetable oil or vinegar, and apply it directly to the affected area to cover the skin lesions twice a day.

Can prevent herpes absorption and relieve pain.

  Thrombotic external hemorrhoids Yunnan Bai medicinal wine or 5% alcohol into a paste, apply to the affected area, 3 times a day?
5 times.

Especially suitable for primary external hemorrhoids.

  Infants and young children take 1 g of Yunnan Baiyao powder in autumn diarrhea, make a paste with 70% alcohol, apply it to the umbilical fossa, and fix it with white tape, and change the medicine twice a day.

  Dip sore crushed Yunnan Baiyao powder in 75% alcohol to make a thin paste. Use a cotton swab to dip the medicinal solution to absorb the affected area. 3?
4 times.

Or apply osmanthus oil to the wounds of the bedsores and then apply Yunnan Baiyao, cover it with sterile gauze, and change the medicine every other day.

  For burns, Yunnan Baiyao is made into a thin paste with vegetable oil or tea and applied to the affected area 3 times a day.

It has analgesic effect, promotes wound healing and reduces scar formation.

  After the infusion, take an appropriate amount of Yunnan Baiyao, adjust it to a paste with wine, spread it evenly on sterile gauze, apply it to the affected area, and fix it with adhesive tape.

Change it every 24 hours, and drip wine after drying to keep it moist.

  Wound ulcers will last for a long time. First, wash the ulcers with hydrogen peroxide and normal saline, then spread the Yunnan Baiyao powder on the wounds, wrap them with sterile gauze, and change the dressing once every two days.

  The impetigo was first washed with physiological saline, and then dried and the Yunnan Baiyao powder was directly applied to the affected area.

For the more severe cases, use it once in the morning and evening.

  Ribitis takes 1 g of Yunnan Baiyao, mix with white wine or alcohol to make a paste, apply to the affected area, and fix with zinc oxide tape or wound pain pain cream, every 2?
Change the medicine once every 3 days.

  The neonatal umbilitis was washed with hydrogen peroxide to secrete the affected area, then 1 g of Yunnan Baiyao was filled into the umbilicus, covered with a sterile gauze and bandaged, and the dressing was changed twice a day.

Uncovering: The secret of virtual men’s tonic!

Uncovering: The secret of virtual men’s tonic!


How to make up the kidney deficiency of men?

  Kidney ton is still the “key event” for men’s winter supplements.

Men with kidney deficiency are often characterized by backache, cold limbs, soft legs, decreased sexual function, tinnitus and other symptoms. Winter diet should be supplemented with kidney and yang, nourishing and solidifying.

  Tonic principle: For men with kidney deficiency, eat more fish, shrimp, oysters and leeks in winter.

This type of food protein, taurine, arginine and zinc, animal whip and turtle is also a good choice for kidney.

In winter, you should eat more foods that are warmer than warming kidney yang. Appropriate supplements are rich in nutrients, warm and kidney-filled, high in calories, easy to digest foods, such as mutton, complement deficiency, kidney qi,Improve immunity.

Can also eat warm fruits, such as jujube, oranges, persimmons, etc., to fill the blood and kidney to fill the essence, resist the cold and evil.

  Dietary plan: Angelica ginger mutton soup: 20 grams of angelica, 30 grams of ginger, 500 grams of mutton, rice wine, seasoning amount.

Wash the mutton, cut into pieces, add angelica, ginger, rice wine and seasoning, stew for 1-2 hours, eat meat and soup.


How to make up the spleen of men?

  The temperature in the winter plummeted, the spleen was trapped in cold, the spleen was not transported, or the spleen was spleen.

  Tonic principle: Men with spleen deficiency should mainly use Bu Yang spleen in winter, and eat more warm and spleen foods, such as previous rice, lotus seeds, medlar and squid, squid, squid, squid, shrimp and other aquatic products.

Yam, jujube, lotus seeds replace starch, easy to absorb, and have the effect of strengthening the spleen and qi, in the absorption of meat, should choose the fine fiber fish.

  Diet plan: drink yam porridge, jujube porridge, squid soup, squid soup on the basis of ensuring daily nutritional balance.


How do men with poor liver make up?

  Drinking is an important means of communication, and many men have alcohol as one of their habits.

In the process of squatting and pushing the cup, the alcohol “moisturizes the hair of the male”.

Men with poor liver function are prone to fatigue, nausea, anorexia, vomiting and other symptoms.

  Tonic principle: For typical males, winter supplements should be based on high vitamins, suitable for transfer and protein foods.

  Dietary plan: fish, shrimp, chicken, beef, protein, amino acids, and easy to be absorbed by the body. Chixiaodou, jujube is also very suitable for this type of male.

For lunch, you can eat scrambled eggs with chives, spinach beef, and tomato soup.

Millet porridge, cauliflower stew, and red bean squid soup are ideal for men with poor liver.


How do puffy men make up?

  The survey pointed out that adults in developing countries are overweight 22 .

8%, obesity 7.

1%, many of them are chubby physique.

Obesity is a risk factor for many chronic non-communicable diseases.

  Tonic principle: Puffy men should control the absorption of adults and total energy. The diet should be light, eat less salt and monosodium glutamate, and use less oil to cook, such as steaming, stewing, and cold salad.

  Dietary plan: When using fish, shrimp and sea cucumber tonic, add red bean soup, melon soup and other light diuretic foods, better tonic effect.

Mutton, because it contains L-carnitine, can promote micro-metabolism, is conducive to weight loss, suitable for puffy men to eat.


How do men who often work night shifts make up?

  Men who often go to work at night and stay up late are prone to dry eyes and unclear eyes; the body is tired of physical violations and overloading.

  Tonic principle: breakfast should be adequately nutritious to ensure vigorous energy; Chinese food can eat foods high in protein, such as lean pork, beef, lamb, animal offal, etc.; dinner should be light, eat more foods with high vitamin content, such asA variety of fresh vegetables, eat some fresh fruit after a meal.
  Dietary plan: usually pay attention to eat more vitamin A, carotene and vitamin B2 food; at the same time, supplement the food containing high phospholipids to brain, such as egg yolk, fish, shrimp, walnuts, peanuts, etc.; also consciously choose more protectionEye foods such as eggs, animal livers, kidneys, carrots, spinach, millet, Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, daylilies, spinach, hazelnuts and a variety of fresh fruits.

Carrot pig liver soup, 枸杞 sheep liver soup are a good choice for night workers.

Office Family Pencil Decompression Health Care Act

Office Family Pencil Decompression Health Care Act

(1) Put a few pencils around yourself, which is semi-circular; (2) Above your right leg, lift your left leg back, and pick up the pencil in a counterclockwise direction; (3) You can pick it up one by one, or you canPick one up every other; (4) Sit on the ground and place the pencil around the body, where you can just get it; (5) Twist the upper body, pick up all the pencils on the ground with your right hand; (6) Reposition the pencil,Use your left hand to pick up the pencil; (7) sit on a chair with your legs straight, put your feet on the other chair, and place the pencil on the ground; (8) pick up the pencil with your right hand; (9) use another penPick it up with your right hand.

Kaiqiao cooling blood detoxification-Shen Xi Dan

Kaiqiao cooling blood detoxification-Shen Xi Dan

[Source]”The Secret of Medical Efficacy” Volume 1.

  [Composition]180 grams of rhino horn tips, 500 grams of raw land (boiled paste), 240 grams of cilantro (boiled paste), 300 grams of forsythia, 180 grams of scutellaria root, 270 grams of silver flower, 500 grams of gold juice, 300 grams of ginseng, 210 grams of pollen, 120 grams of stone calamus 180120 grams of comfrey[usage]smashed with raw land, citron, gold juice, the remaining medicine ground, and uniformly into pills, each weight 9 grams.

Bring it down.

  [Function]Qingying Kaiqiao, cooling blood detoxification.

  【Indications】 Warm and hot plague, severe fever, fluid-consuming injury camps, heat into the pericardium, dizzy slang, acne freckles, cyanosis of the tongue, mouth pharyngeal rot, red eyes and troubles.

  [Discussion]Fangzhong rhino horn, clearing the heart and cooling blood; Yuanshen, pollen to nourish yin and shengjin; silver flower, forsythia, scutellaria root heat and purging fire; comfrey, isatis root, gold juice cooling blood detoxification, calamus aroma remedy, tempeh should be releasedThrough evil.

Various medicines are used together to play the function of clearing camp and enlightening, cooling blood and detoxifying.

Different colors of apples have different health effects

Different colors of apples have different health effects

As the saying goes, “Eat an apple a day and the doctor will leave you.

“Apple is like traditional Chinese medicine.

In addition, the nutrients contained in apples are comprehensive and easily digested and absorbed by the body, which is suitable for all types of people.

Did you know?

Apples are different in color and have different health effects.

  Red apples are more beneficial to the heart, improve memory, and keep the urinary system healthy.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that red apples reduce blood lipids and soften blood vessels to cure diseases, which can protect the health of the heart and brain blood vessels, and the elderly can eat more.

  Green apple is more conducive to strong teeth and bones, has the effect of nourishing the liver and detoxifying, and can fight depression.

In addition, green apples can promote tooth and bone growth and prevent gum bleeding.

  Yellow apples strengthen the body’s immune system and are also good for preventing certain cancers.

In addition, yellow apples have a good effect on protecting eyesight, and office workers who often use computers can eat properly.

9 health regimens that office workers must know

9 health regimens that office workers must know

Office workers are usually stressed and have less leisure time.

The busy work of white-collar workers always leads to a variety of problems, which is especially important for health.

Below, let’s take a look at how office workers can maintain their health.


Taking a deep breath to relieve stress can be said to be the most convenient method of health, suitable for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Basic method: Sit or stand in a relaxed position; inhale slowly through the nose, count 5 times, 1 breath per second, feel fresh air filling the abdominal cavity and chest cavity, bulging belly, open chest; hold your breath, silent number 5Next, feel fresh air injected into the whole body; slowly exhale the old breath in the lungs from the nose or mouth, count 5 times silently; repeat it several times or minutes until you feel calm.


Decreasing Desire We are all too high and too intense, so we have a lot of psychological pressure and we are tired.

Then, please lower your desire, don’t compare, make life simple and content.


Positive mentality often affects mood, and one-sided negative attitude leads to negative mood.

Therefore, don’t always stare at yourself, the deficiencies of others or society, magnify the defects; think positively, learn to be tolerant, don’t always be picky, accuse, and only act without action.


Sense of humor Learn to speak humorous words, watch humorous films, try to use humorous mentality to resolve conflicts and relieve stress.

Humor is the best way to keep fit.


Slow pace If your pace is too fast, please slow down, slow down your speaking speed, slow down your work pace, and slow down your life pace.

In this way, your stress will be effectively relieved.


Don’t care about being good with others, and don’t do harm to others.

In this way, when others are friendly to you, you will feel better and your psychological pressure will improve.

And, in the elevator, in the aisle, he greeted his colleagues and neighbors with a smile, remembering: there is a scent of roses.


Proper exercise sunlight, fresh air and exercise will increase the secretion of substances that make the body happy, and relax the mood, while reducing the effect of stress.


Ensuring adequate sleep and sleep can be full of energy, work and life can be full of vitality, and meet any challenges.


Psychological counseling If psychological pressure is difficult to alleviate, internal psychological doubts are difficult to dissolve, and no help is available from people around you, then psychological counseling is available.

Experts will tailor a way for you to relieve stress.

Your auspicious sleep for health

Your auspicious sleep for health

I wonder if everyone has noticed that all the reclining Buddhas in the world are lying on the right side, sleeping like a bow.
Because the important organs of the human body, such as the heart, are to the left, if you lie on the right side during sleep, you will not press on the heart and breathe smoothly.
  In addition, the human body’s digestive tract, such as the stomach, duodenum, pancreas and small intestine, leading to the large intestine, all open to the right side, so the food on the right side to facilitate digestion in the stomach most easily flows into the duodenum.Facilitate secretion of trypsin from pancreatic openings?
And the gallbladder secretes bile into the duodenum to promote digestion and absorption, and also effectively prevents food stagnation and indigestion caused by food reflux.
  Good health concept: lying on the right side, sleeping like a bow is “auspicious sleep”. While lying on the right side, bend the right arm and right leg, support the head on the right hand, extend the left leg, and place the left hand between the left thighThis is the auspicious sleep that Buddha said.
  ◎ Three factors of good sleep: 1.
Quiet and clean environment.
  There is no need for luxury houses and beautiful houses, as long as the interior is clean and hygienic, without noise interference, maintaining comfortable room temperature and fresh air.
There are sunny windows and plenty of sunlight; keep the brightness of the moon before going to bed, and the bedroom should be oriented southeast or south.
  At the same time, choose a soft and hard mattress and a pillow of appropriate height, about 6-8 cm. When sleeping on a pillow of this height, the brain wave will begin to appear a smooth rest wave; when the pillow height exceeds 9 cm,The rest wave will lose balance and cause sleep discomfort.

Go to sleep with a relaxed mood.
  Chinese bodybuilding school advocates “sleeping first, then sleepy eyes”, which means that you must keep calm and happy before going to bed, and then go to sleep peacefully; remember not to fall asleep when you are angry and worried.
Chinese medicine believes that the “heart” is the official of the monarch, the deity of the Lord, the blood of the Lord, and the five organs of the heart.
At the same time, you can also take the following auxiliary methods to make sleep more secure.
  (1) Drink a glass of hot milk before going to bed, soothe the nerves.
  (2) Listen to a good piece of light music, such as serenade; because the melodious music melody can improve the brain microcirculation.
  (3) Read a beautiful and philosophical poem or prose.
  (4) Soak the feet with hot water for 10 minutes, then massage the Yongquan point (located at the midpoint of the 1/3 of the sole of the foot) and Zhaohai (located at the depression of the lower edge of the medial ankle).Sleepiness develops within 10 minutes.

Get clean before bed.
  Combing your hair, brushing your teeth, washing your feet, and washing your lower body before bedtime is not only a good habit of cleaning and sanitation, but also the easiest way to maintain health. It is the best way to promote good sleep.
In ancient China, health promotion advocated “combing hair with regular hair”, because combing your hair before bed has the effect of massaging your scalp and improving blood circulation in your head.
  The comb can be combed or the fingers of both hands can be used to separate gestures such as claws and palms inward. From the forehead to the back of the neck, the scalp must be scratched. Each comb or scratch for 10 minutes.Years can turn white hair to black, and hair loss can produce new hair.
  ◎ How to overcome insomnia 1.
Exclude insomnia.
  First eliminate anxiety about insomnia and don’t worry about the harm to health caused by insomnia.
If you can’t fall asleep after going to bed for half an hour, you might as well get up and do something easy for yourself, such as looking at an album.
  2.Walk fast for 30 minutes.
  Half an hour after meals and three hours before bedtime, develop a habit of walking outdoors for a half-hour walk until a little sweating, and then take a warm water bath, will promote sleep time half an hour in advance and extend sleep time by one hour.
  3.Taste and vision reduce stimulation.
Remember not to drink alcohol, coffee or tea, or to watch irritating movies and television within four hours before bedtime.
Proper sex life.
  Proper sex life helps to enter dreamland faster.
  5.Sleeping naked.

  Naked sleep is beneficial to the rehabilitation of some chronic diseases, such as vaginitis, hemorrhoids, beriberi, snoring, etc., while sleeping with clothes, it will affect the skin for gas exchange.

A gynecologist on the mainland also concluded that naked sleep is an excellent method of physiological health care based on years of clinical experience.

  This type of sleep not only makes people feel relaxed and free from the whole body, avoids the restraint of clothes and pants, and affects blood circulation. It also greatly reduces many chronic diseases such as constipation, chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain, neurasthenia, and gynecological pelvic congestion.It can achieve the magical effect of natural relief and elimination of symptoms.

Imagine a healthy sleep that takes off your clothes without spending a penny. Why not?

Yoga before bed relaxes the spirit and soothes the body

Yoga before bed relaxes the spirit and soothes the body

Part 1: Efficacy: This posture can keep the kidney, prostate and bladder healthy; at the same time, it is very targeted to women. It can adjust irregular menstrual periods, regulate menstrual flow, and promote normal hypertension.

  Step1 Sit on the bed with your feet bent.

Grasp your feet with both hands, straighten the spine, and inhale Step2 near the perineum to inhale. Exhale and bend your body forward. Place your forehead on the ground and keep breathing normally for one minute.

  Tip: Try to keep your knees as close to the bed surface as possible, and then straighten your legs and relax your hips.

  Part 2: Efficacy: This posture can strengthen abdominal organs, strengthen kidneys, activate the entire spine, and improve digestive function.

At the same time, the heart and abdominal organs can be massaged to fully relax the spirit.

  Step1 sits on the bed, straightens legs, grabs toes with both hands, straightens the spine.

  Step2 Inhale, exhale and bend your elbows at the same time, keep your body close to your legs, and keep your forehead close to stepping on.

Breathe normally for at least one minute.

  Tip: Pay attention to keep your feet straight, and place your forehead close to you.

  Part 3: Efficacy: This posture can quickly eliminate back pain, low back pain and hip pain caused by sedentary; in the reverse, the liver and spleen are strengthened, muscles are strengthened, and shoulder and neck fatigue are effectively relieved.

  Step1 Take the right leg to the tibia, cross the left knee with the left foot, and place the left foot in front of the right knee; sit on the bed with the spine straight.

  Step2 The right arm is closed on the outside of the left thigh. Inhale and exhale to turn the abdomen, shoulders, and head to the right; breathe normally, keeping your eyes fixed on the left rear side.

  Tip: When turning, keep your spine straight and pay attention to balance.

  Part 4 efficacy: soft and flexible spine, stubborn tibia and waist circumference, strengthen blood circulation for diabetes, relieve back pain.

  step1 Hold the bed with both hands and knees to keep the knees in an upright position and relax the lower back.

  Inhale step2, sink back, look up at smallpox.

  Step3 exhales, the back arches, the spine rises, and the chin receives the chest.

Repeat the overall action ten times.

  Tip: Be sure to do it in conjunction with breathing, slow down the speed, the effect is more obvious.

Recommend seven kinds of food therapy recipes to effectively cure insomnia

Recommend seven kinds of food therapy recipes to effectively cure insomnia

Click to buy some sleep is not very good, especially the current white-collar workers, the pressure to go to work is very great, after returning from work at night, you must think about tomorrow’s tasks, but also summarize today’s work, poor sleep is bound to affect yourselfGood health, in the long run will cause some disease roots, so people who have poor sleep must pay attention to diet, sleep can be adjusted through diet, different physical conditions, diet therapy varies.

The following editors introduce 7 dietary treatments for insomnia, let’s take a look together!

  Lily lotus seed porridge is made from dried lily, lotus seed (with core, soaked in water), 30 grams of rock sugar, 100 grams of rice.

Dried lily, rice and lotus seeds are boiled in the pot together before adding sugar.

This porridge clears heat and nourish yin, nourishes the lungs and soothe the nerves, and is suitable for insomnia and dreams with a strong heart, and those who are worried about irritability.

  Sour jujube porridge 15g of jujube kernel, 100g of previous rice.

Cook the previous rice first, then boil the jujube kernels for 5 minutes.

It has the effect of raising the heart and soothe the nerves, and it is more suitable for those who suffer from insomnia, dreams, palpitations, upset, and sweating.

  Ganmai jujube soup lotus root 250 grams, wheat 75 grams, licorice 12 grams, 5 red dates, 3 grams of salt.

The wheat was washed and soaked in water for 1 hour; the red dates were soaked and pitted.

Boil wheat, licorice, and red dates with water, boil with lotus root over low heat, and season with salt.

This soup is good for nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and it is especially suitable for insomnia with poor color.

  Mulberry water fresh mulberry 60 grams, add water to boil and cook for 10 minutes on low fire, take 1 hour before bed each night.

Mulberry flavor is sweet, cold, has liver and kidney tonic, soothe nourishment, nourish blood, nourish yin, nourish thirst, moisturize intestines and laxative, bright eyes, black hair, especially suitable for insomnia with constipation, anemia, hair loss,Whiteheads, tinnitus eaten.

  1 chestnut red date stewed black chicken, black chicken, washed, cut into pieces, together with 20 shelled chestnuts, 20 red dates, add water to the casserole, add water, and simmer until the chicken is cooked.

This recipe has the effects of strengthening the spleen, strengthening the stomach and invigorating the kidney and filling the essence, and is suitable for insomnia and dreams caused by weak spleen and stomach, insufficient blood and qi, accompanied by loss of appetite, limb weakness, waist and knee aches, and irregular menstruation in women.

  Xiaomi red jujube porridge millet 60 grams, 6 jujube coreless, 30 grams of honey.

Millet and jujube boiled porridge. Transfer the porridge into honey before bedtime.

Chinese medicine believes that poor spleen and stomach function results in poor sleep quality.

Millet and red dates can nourish the spleen and stomach, which is suitable for insomniacs with incompatible spleen and stomach.

  Jujube Ganmai Shuxin Jujube 12 pieces, 30 grams of wheat, 6 grams of licorice, 9 grams of acacia flowers, boil with water and simmer for 5 minutes on low heat.

After cooling, add honey, 1 dose daily, instead of tea.

This tea has the effect of nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen, soothing the nerves, and is very suitable for patients with menopausal syndrome.

Winter nourishing vegetables make women nourish and dry

Winter nourishing vegetables make women nourish and dry

Guide: Winter is getting stronger, and the body conditioning project of anti-drying and moisturizing has also begun. Let delicious foods become the protagonist of nourishment. Not only does it get the pleasure of taste, but also allows the body to gain energy and easily pass the seasons.

  Chrysanthemum purple potato anchovies taste: crispy and sweet, the mixed taste of purple potato and shrimp is even more flavorful.

Purple potato with obvious selenium and anthocyanin is a healthy ingredient recommended by health professionals. The delicious purple potato velvet is stuffed with delicious nine-node shrimp. After cooking, it is exquisite and handsome, cute, and it can fight cancer, Nourishing yin and nourishing kidney.

  Ingredients: purple sweet potato, nine-section shrimp, shredded milk.

  Practices: 1. Roast the purple potatoes, and take the purple potato puree to make mashed potatoes; 2. Remove the head and shells of the nine-section shrimp flying water, and leave the tail;Keep the tail of the shrimp and add milk; 4. Fry in 50% oil and cook thoroughly.

  Wild Mushroom Sea King Gourd Cup Taste: The fragrance of pumpkin is very popular, adding seafood and mushrooms, it is soft and pleasant.

  Efficacy: The mountain and sea flavor are smelted together, and the taste is strong but not cloudy. It has the effect of detoxifying and lowering blood sugar.

  Ingredients: American small pumpkin, old man’s head mushroom, porcini mushroom, chicken agaric mushroom, cloud ear, fresh abalone, Australian belt.

  Method: 1. Cut 1/3 of the gourd and steam it for later use; 2. Cook the fresh abalone and Australian scallops for later use; 3. Fry the wild colony into the pan, add the abalone sauce, oyster sauce, and fresh abalone,Ao belt, stir-fry and cook; 4, put the cooked ingredients in the gourd cup and drizzle with abalone sauce.

  Steamed Chicken Matsutake Cordyceps Flower Stewed Chicken Taste: Fresh and delicious. The freshness of Matsutake Cordyceps flower covers the chicken’s fishy smell, but brings out the sweetness.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and strengthening the body, enhancing resistance.

  Ingredients: Tricholoma matsutake, Cordyceps flower, Chinese wolfberry, ham, native chicken.

  Method: 1. Put the chicken in the water; 2. Put all the ingredients in the steamer cup; 3. Stack the gas cooker for six layers and cover it, put it on the steamer and steam for 4 hours.

  Cordyceps Flower Soup Dipper Fish Dip: The taste of the fish is smooth and tender. It is cooked with Cordyceps flower and thick chicken soup.

  Efficacy: Dolly fish has high protein content and low trace content, and supplements collagen. It is often eaten to keep the skin young and firm. It is an excellent beauty and beauty dish.

  Ingredients: Cordyceps flower, Yunnan melon, fresh Huaishan, thick chicken soup, polycarp, wolfberry.

  Practice: 1.

1. Remove the meat from the treasure chest, cut into fish balls, and marinate with raw meal, protein, and refined salt; 2.

Cut Yunnan melon and fresh Huaishan into thick strips for future use; 3.

Cordyceps flowers, fresh Huaishan, Yunnan melon are cooked in thick chicken broth, and finally drop the fish balls, soak in the soup for a while, and sprinkle with Chinese wolfberry.

  Southland Coconut Grain Rice Taste: Strong Southland flavor, coconut aroma overflows, rice is soft and hard.

  Efficacy: Whole grains can provide the body with rich B-vitamins and alternative fibers, help remove metabolic waste from the body, and make the stomach and stomach smoother.

  Ingredients: Coconut King, Thai Basmati Rice, Purple Rice, Purple Potato, Corn, Red Beans, Vegetable Grains, Eggs.

  Practice: 1.

Steam the Thai fragrant rice, purple rice, and red beans under water; 2.

Purple potato cut into small grains for later use, Coconut King saw open the lid for later use; 3.

Stir the eggs and grains to taste; 4.

Put the fried rice in the coconut palm and bake it in the oven for about 5 minutes.