What do yogis pay attention to for dinner?

What do yogis pay attention to for dinner?

Dinner, if eaten improperly, too full, too late, may harm human health.

It is recommended that yoga practitioners based on slimming body follow the following healthy vegetarian diet.

   Dinner is not too late. The view of yoga diet believes that yoga people are best not to eat 2 hours before bedtime, so dinner should not be eaten too late, otherwise it is easy to suffer from urethral stones.

  Too many people have dinner late because of work, and go to bed shortly after meals.

In the sleep state, blood pressure slows down, and urine excretion also decreases. In addition to being absorbed by the body, calcium in the diet must be excreted through the urethra.

  According to measurements, the peak of urination in the human body is usually 4 to 5 hours after eating. If the dinner is too late, it will be eaten at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening. The peak of urination will be after 0:00 in the morning.Urine is retained in the urethra and combines with uric acid to form calcium oxalate. When its concentration is high, crystals can precipitate and precipitate under normal body temperature, accumulate, and form stones.

Therefore, in addition to drinking more water, you should eat dinner as early as possible, so that the excretion peak after eating is advanced, and it is best to go to bed after urinating.

  Dinner should not be full. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the stomach is uncomfortable and restless.”

If you drink over dinner, it will inevitably cause an increase in the gastrointestinal burden. The information of the intense work is continuously transmitted to the brain, which makes people insomnia, more dreams, and over time, it is easy to cause diseases such as neurasthenia.

  If a middle-aged person becomes full with dinner for a long time and repeatedly stimulates a large amount of insulin secretion, it often causes an increase in insulin β-cell burden, weakens the elderly, and induces diabetes.

At the same time, when dinner is full, some proteins cannot be digested and absorbed. Under the action of asynchronous bacteria, toxic substances will be produced. In addition, intestinal peristalsis will slow down during sleep, which relatively prolongs the residence time of these substances in the body, which may promote colorectal cancer.occur.

  Dinner should be eaten. Medical research has found that people who eat meat regularly for dinner have three to four times higher blood lipids than people who eat vegetarian food.

  People with high blood lipids and high blood pressure, if they eat ravioli often for dinner, it is equivalent to pouring oil on the fire.

Dinner often ingests too much instantaneousness, which can easily lead to increased plasma, while excessive plasma accumulates on the walls of blood vessels, which can cause arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease over time.

  Dinner is not sweet, and sweets should not be eaten often after dinner.

This is because of glucose, metabolic activity of the liver, individual tissues, and muscles. Modern biomedical research has confirmed that there are different changes at different stages of the day.

  Dinner is not too sweet. In principle, the activity of material metabolism is changed by repeated changes in the intensity of sunlight; the physical aspect is strongly affected by the state of rest or activity.

White sugar is digested and decomposed into fructose and glucose, which are converted into energy and traces after being absorbed by the human body. Since exercise can inhibit the inhibition of secretion, it also inhibits the conversion of white sugar into pups.

Therefore, exercise immediately after supplementing with sugar can inhibit the growth of neutral trace concentrations in blood.

Resting immediately after ingesting sugar, the result is the opposite, which can make you fat over time.

Women eat more black beans to replenish blood

Women eat more black beans to replenish blood

Studies suggest that black beans have high protein and low conversion characteristics.

The protein content of black beans is as high as 36% -40%, which is equivalent to 2 times that of meat, 3 times that of eggs, and 12 times that of milk; black beans contain 18 amino acids, especially 8 amino acids essential for humans.

    Black beans also contain 19 kinds of oleic acid, whose unsaturated fatty acid content is 80%, and the absorption rate is over 95%. In addition to meeting the needs of the body for aunts, it also has a role in lowering blood cholesterol.

    Black beans basically don’t give up cholesterol. They only contain phytosterols, but phytosterols are not absorbed and used by the human body, and they also have the effect of inhibiting the absorption of the human body and reducing the cholesterol content in the blood.

Therefore, regular consumption of black beans can soften blood vessels, moisturize the skin, and delay aging.

It is especially beneficial for patients with hypertension and hypertension.

    The content of trace elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, and fluorine in black beans is very high, and these trace elements are very important to delay human aging and reduce blood viscosity.

The content of crude fiber in black beans is as high as 4%, and regular consumption of black beans can provide crude fiber in food, promote digestion, and prevent constipation.

    Many female friends have anemia, and blood-supply food is generally warm, so many people are afraid to eat it.

Now it’s winter, and you can safely replenish blood.

   The content of trace elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, and fluorine in black beans is very high, and these trace elements are very important to delay human aging and reduce blood viscosity.

The content of crude fiber in black beans is as high as 4%, and regular consumption of black beans can provide crude fiber in food, promote digestion, and prevent constipation.

    Many female friends have anemia, and blood-supply food is generally warm, so many people are afraid to eat it.
Now it’s winter, and you can safely replenish blood.

Let women enjoy orgasm to stimulate genital skills

Let women enjoy orgasm to stimulate genital skills

Labia massage.

hzh {display: none; }  将完全润滑后的手掌置于y唇之上,手指朝臀部,向肚脐方向揉动,双手轮流.
Now use your fingers to explore the inner and outer y lips.

Gently pull one side, then the other side.

Gently rub her outer y lip with her fingers and thumb, then the inner y lip.

  1,2,3 insert the middle finger of the index finger into her y road, and put the thumb up against the y pedicle. Now you can use your imagination to do all kinds of thrusting, twisting movements, and you can even shake the whole palm to stimulate her.

  If you are sensitive to the point where your woman is eager to be wiped and caressed, then move around it and try not to touch this point (unless occasionally encountered once or twice).

In this way, she will try to reach the climax as much as possible, and once the final climax comes, it will be a climax several times stronger than usual.

  There are two ways in which a pussy massage woman can shoot y: the stimulation through the G-point and the stimulation through the y-ti.

Many women’s y tidal performances are more acute and G-point high * tides are deeper.

Women’s stimuli usually need to be temporarily reduced to accumulate, accompanied by multiple orgasms.

To get the climax of the series, it is necessary to introduce the stimulation of time and intensity.

  From this, I gently insert a finger deep into her y house, and when she is ready, insert another one.

Put your thumb against her anus, but don’t insert it, otherwise move your finger in the y room and press the place with your thumb.

  Count to ten and put your palm on top of her hill – the y hair grows, the finger is gently inserted into the y lip, and the thumb is placed over her thigh.

The action gently presses the hand on her hill and moves in a loop.

Don’t touch your skin too much with your hands, but move on the y hair and repeat this action ten times.

Now tap her y lip ten times with her finger, at a rate of once per second.

Be careful to light, not to shoot mosquitoes, or to hurt your woman.

Now put the hand back on her hill and take a break.

Then repeat the front ring motion and tap motion.

  The mysterious cervix woman’s cervix is usually on the back of her y-way. It feels a bit like a thin, thin tissue, sometimes with a small crack in the center, like a chin.

Carefully stimulate the surrounding area of the cervix, so she will be very useful, I hope you often do, but there are exceptions.

  Picking up your hijab is a special organ. It is more sensitive than any part of the man’s y stem. You can’t care much about it with a capillary hand.

Gently push and pull the cover that covers the y pedicle, and the friction caused by the y lip can reduce the pain caused by excessive roughness and bring comfort.

  Inside and outside, a hand is placed over her abdomen, and when the other hand moves in her vaginal passage, the hand exerts pressure in all directions outside.

  Studying well has a good way to make a woman happy. When she is licking, your hand is placed on her hand, then swapping the position, and her hand is placed on your hand to guide you.

  The edge pleasure has a way to massage the _ regenerative massage with the index finger and thumb to pinch her fully lubricated y lip, squeeze it slightly, then gradually extend the pull, let the y lip slowly slip off the finger, the finger is away from her bodyOne inch of the place to stop, repeat this work, I believe she will like it.

  Ovary Stimulation Ask your woman to correct the ovaries with her help, usually they are deep in the y road, closest to the left or right.

Some women like the massage in this area, some overcome the pain, and the sensitivity varies with the menstrual cycle.

  Don’t ask Moore to caress her thighs and y hair with gentle movements at first, don’t go further until your pelvis arches upwards, teasing, stroking until her y lips open to summon your fingers.

  Come and insert the index finger into the y road very slowly, stand still, and then start to slide back and forth.

Add your middle finger if needed.

  The New Moon’s joy inserts your thumb into her y-way, bends your palm over the crescent moon, and points the fingertip over her pubic bone.

The rotation stimulates her G point (located above the y road), the y pedicle and the outer G point (bladder area).

  叮咚 Forced to withstand her G point, like the jingle bell, press, release, and repeat.

  Two fingers of the two-way column massage up and down in the y road, pressing eight times in each direction.

  y ti tweeted to wipe her y pedicle with a very light movement.  Also pinch and pull gently to pinch, pull the y pedicle.

  Fast and hard women often want to be thrust fast, deep, and energetic. When you use your fingers, don’t forget that it is important to let her relax, don’t make the body nervous and stiff.。  The door of Bliss uses a finger to make a slight scratch on the y crossing, and she is hungry for thirst.

Women are strong because of ecstasy

Women are strong because of ecstasy

With the progress of the times, people in the city have found that more and more women suddenly have more courage than men at some moments and dare to give and give.

Women are becoming more and more male-like, while men are becoming more careful, emotionally fragile, and even indecisive.

This is psychologically called “bisexual temperament”.

Everyone’s psychology includes both male and female characteristics, but the role of social culture makes individuals suppress psychological and gender characteristics opposite to their own gender.

Now that social conditions have reduced this depression, more and more people are showing some psychological characteristics of the opposite sex.

  It’s not difficult to find that many young women dare to invest in love and are sincere.

This is also related to the material abundance of society nowadays, and people’s understanding of love is no longer as much a material consideration as before.

More and more “three high” women (high academic qualifications, high positions, high incomes), in the pursuit of love, confident, bold and willing to give up, have come out of the traditional negative, passive, waiting traditional female roles.

They dare to love and hate, in contrast, eclipsing many men.

  Faced with fierce competition, men in the city are more sensitive than before, but their psychological qualities have not been sufficiently trained in a good material living environment, which is manifested in their emotions, and they dare not give up the feelings they desire, causing indecision.

  In the work, the white-collar women’s fierce popularity is impressive, while men suffer from losses due to their backbone in the family.

This can be the restraint of male role as a social role positioning official.

Traditionally, women represent love, warmth, weakness, obedience and sacrifice, while men represent strength, responsibility, competition, indifference and domination.

This positioning makes men restrained and suppressed, and they do not care too much about success or failure in doing things. Therefore, when they act, they lose a lot of pleasure and hatred, and often lack self-interest and dedication.

Before and after the winter, friends who love to eat and know health are blessed and teach you to drink egg tea.

Before and after the winter, friends who love to eat and know health are blessed and teach you to drink egg tea.

How to maintain health before and after the winter?

Health experts have introduced a health tea soup, this festival is simmering, just good, nourishing blood and kidney, strong bones and strong bones, black hair and fetus, can be used as a common soup for households before and after winter.

Lidong Health is the material required for the first Wusang parasitic egg tea Shouwu Sang parasitic egg tea: 50 grams of mulberry parasitic, 4 eggs, 100 grams of Polygonum multiflorum: Washing Polygonum, Mulberry, eggs, put them into the potAdd 1500 ml of water, boil the water with a large fire, then use a small fire for half an hour, then pick up the eggs and remove the shells, then put them into the pot for about 1 hour, and turn them into brown sugar to boil.

This amount can be eaten by three people, and the soup is eaten with the egg.

This tea soup is a traditional health tea soup, often used for blood deficiency, weak hair, hair whitening, hair loss, dizziness, diarrhea, liver and kidney deficiency, kidney deficiency and wet weight or maternal fetal dysphoria, maternal milk deficiency and other symptoms.

Wufa early white tea soup, mulberry parasitic flat, bitter taste, sweet, with liver and kidney tonic, strong bones and strong bones, nourishing blood to rheumatism, the effect of fetus.

Polygonum multiflorum, also known as Shouwu, is slightly warm, bitter, sweet, and sputum. It has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney and benefiting blood.

It can be used together with mulberry parasitic, which can make up but not greasy, warm and not dry, aphrodisiac blood, the effect of Wufa beauty is more obvious.

The eggs can be used to nourish the heart, soothe the spirits, and also to season.

As an ancient traditional health tea soup, Mulberry parasitic is taken out today for everyone to enjoy and taste. It can enrich our kitchen, replace our taste buds and protect our health. It is our winter that can be healthier and the body can beLife every month.

What do you eat with high blood pressure?

What do you eat with high blood pressure?

First, what is high blood pressure for good health?


Eat more foods to prevent high blood pressure, such as fungi: Ganoderma lucidum, black fungus, white fungus, mushrooms; leafy vegetables: celery, sage, leeks, leeks, leeks, daylilies, leeks, spinach, etc.; roots: white, asparagus, radish, carrot, alfalfa, horseshoe; flowers, seeds, nuts: chrysanthemum, apocynum, sesame, peas, broad beans, mung beans, corn, buckwheat, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, lotus seeds; aquatic products: kelp, seaweed, sea bream, sea cucumber, green vegetables, seaweed, oysters, abalone, shrimp skin, silver fish; animals: milk (defatted), pig gall, bezoar, honey, vinegar, soy products.

Fruit: apple, watermelon, fresh plum, lemon.


Eat more foods with high quality protein and vitamins.

Such as fish, milk, lean meat, eggs, beans and soy products.

Eat more potassium foods.

Second, high blood pressure is best not to eat any food?


Avoid smoking, nicotine in cigarettes, can stimulate the heart and blood vessels, increase blood pressure, accelerate the formation of atherosclerosis.


Eat less animals, do not eat animal internal organs.


Eat less sweets and eat low-content, low-fat, low-cholesterol foods.

Eat less animal protein.


In order to keep blood pressure relatively stable, hypertensive patients should try to avoid eating irritating foods such as spicy seasonings.

Black tea contains caffeine toxicity, so it is best to avoid drinking black tea in patients with hypertension.

The effect of nitric oxide on high blood pressure Early hypertension has no obvious symptoms and may not be manifested.

Since damaged kidney cells cannot produce enough nitric oxide, nitric oxide deficiency leads to a series of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, which make blood pressure higher, arteriosclerosis more serious, and enter a vicious circle.

In contrast to any other factors, nitric oxide can better relax vascular smooth muscle (lowering vascular density), transform smooth muscle relaxation, and vasodilate blood flow more easily, thereby lowering blood pressure.

Five lessons that must be observed in sexual life

Five lessons that must be observed in sexual life

Lesson 1: Pay attention to personal hygiene.

hzh {display: none; }  这是过好夫妻性生活的重要条件。Brush your teeth before each sex life, wash your face and wash your feet. The conditions allow you to take a warm bath.

After bathing, you can sprinkle a proper amount of perfume, mainly forehead, correction, chest and armpit, and do not spray the genitals to avoid genital diseases.

  Lesson 2: Protecting the external genital cleans Both males and females must keep the external genitals clean.

This is because the female genital clitoris and the size of the labia will accumulate secretions, and the male genital glans and the foreskin will also accumulate secretions.

Regularly cleaned with warm water, men can prevent dermatitis, balanitis; women can prevent genital inflammation and urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis and so on.

  The third lesson: the number of sexual intercourse should not be too frequent, the sexual honeymoon is strong, the sexual intercourse is urgent, and attention should be paid to moderation.

If you feel uncomfortable after sex, weakness, tiredness, sluggishness, soreness, drowsiness, dizziness, loss of appetite, affecting work and study the next day, indicating excessive sexual life, must be temperate.

  Lesson 4: Sexual life is prohibited during menstruation. Because of endometrial exfoliation during menstruation, there are fresh wounds in the uterine cavity, which may cause genital infections and inflammation during sexual intercourse.

On the wedding day, menstruation should also prohibit sexual intercourse; or extend the wedding period, staggered menstrual period antique wedding, to prevent endometritis, annex inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease.

  Lesson 5: Husband and wife love each other and care for each other. They must also be civilized and polite, and must not act rudely or compulsively.

Especially in the case of poor mental health and physical discomfort, do not force the sexual intercourse, so as not to adversely affect the health of your lover.

The body of the body is a big way to reduce swelling and body


The body of the body is a big way to reduce swelling and body

After the announcement, I have to become a model several times. Even if I sleep late and get up early, I can’t get tired of work.

For the early annoying edema, dry and dull problems, they have the most experience!

Now, the secret is open to the public. Babyfat insists on long-term massage. Not all models are beautiful women. Nowadays, the most popular model is Babyfat. Fat round mirror is not good. Firming massage cream +Massage tools are a great way to use them.

Early and late with a simple massage technique, just two months, after about half a bottle of massage cream, the face really really swollen!

If you wake up in the morning and find your face loose, you can also use it to massage.

However, Babyfat is usually edematous. To achieve the effect of face-lifting, it must be sustained.

  Recommended products recommended facial massager Japan’s latest dual-roller design, can simultaneously massage the cheeks and align the chin, compact and flexible two rollers can be used simultaneously or separately.

  How to use: 1.

Combine two types of rollers to massage the face at the same time.


The two rollers can also be used separately: the double roller can be used for cheeks, and the single roller can be used for chin, around the eyes, forehead, etc., to help with circulation.


It is better to use or add lubricating oil to massage your face during bathing.

  Tip 2, take a hot bath, drink black coffee to eliminate edema models most afraid of face edema, shooting like a big pie face.

In order to eliminate facial swelling, in addition to directly targeting the target, you can also start from the body and discharge the excess water from the body to achieve the effect of swelling.

Getting up in the morning to take a hot bath can help a lot of perspiration and drainage; drinking black coffee, barley water and a lot of water will also immediately run the toilet and quickly eliminate edema.

  After the announcement, I have to become a model several times. Even if I sleep late and get up early, I can’t get tired of work.

For the early annoying edema, dry and dull problems, they have the most experience!

Now, I will openly disclose the secrets of the three, lymphatic massage to create a beautiful skin in the instant, before doing makeup, first do a few minutes of lymphatic massage, drain the old waste material in the skin, or how long it takes for a long time to swell, dullness will instantly improve a lot!

It’s also more responsive to draw makeup.

  When performing a massage to eliminate facial swelling, first apply the massage cream to your hands and apply it to your face.

Lymphatic massage gestures, with special skills, are to use the double-finger abdomen to push down from behind the ear, along the neck, the clavicle to do lymphatic detoxification.

Can bracelets also be healthy?

I didn’t expect it, let’s find out!

Can bracelets also be healthy?
I didn’t expect it, let’s find out!

In the last two years, in the wenwan market, the popularity of beeswax, agarwood, rosewood and other bracelets has been popular. The wenwan bracelets have been loved by a wide range of male friends, and some female friends are also favored.

These round, full and smooth beads are also very nice to look at.

These bracelets are not only beautiful and eye-catching, but they also have some other health effects. Therefore, health is also a new attribute of bracelets, and this is why many female friends like to wear bracelets.

But do you know the different health effects of different bracelets?

Next, let’s take a look at the health effects of these different material bracelets!

First, Hetian Baiyu’s handwriting saying that people have raised jade for three years, Yu Yuren’s life, jade ornaments are overlapping longer and more beautiful, and Hetian jade is rich in a lot of mineral elements, which can help activate the organization of human cells,It can also accumulate vitality and raise the spirit. If you are caught for a long time, you can massage the skin to achieve a good health effect. Hetian Baiyu can also moisturize the skin of the emollient and relieve the lungs, etc., and even some people’s skin becomes more and moreWater spirit.

The color of the garnet bracelet garnet is very beautiful, and it looks crystal clear, and is very popular among female friends.

Garnet can improve the blood circulation of the human body, so for female friends who are cold, replacing garnet bracelets can improve your blood and make your skin look more rosy, and garnet accessories can help improve people.Restores physical strength and enhances the body’s immunity, thus achieving the effect of beauty and beauty.

Third, agate bracelet agate is a kind of natural marble, can agate jewelry can prevent colds, cold and frostbite, especially purple agate, long-term elimination of purple agate can improve the effect of calming emotions, can calm people’s emotions, let peopleBeing able to calm down, can maintain a clear mind, and the role of garnet in beauty and beauty.

Fourth, the jade bracelet jade has been loved by many people since ancient times, but the color is good-looking, and the jade jewelry can be used for health care. The jade bracelet can absorb sunlight during the day, and then emit the sunlight energy at night.There is no acupuncture point, but it can also stimulate the meridian points, dredge the internal organs, and even have the special effect of acupuncture and moxibustion. It is suitable for men, women and children.

These are the wenwan games with special effects. If you like, you can start.

Speech therapy, the psychological comfort of the elderly

Speech therapy, the psychological comfort of the elderly

People say that the old couple of Li Aunt are very blessed and their children are very filial.

This is not the case, the big crab is listed, the son drove to Yangcheng Lake to buy for the mother to eat; the weather is not too cold, the daughter bought a cashmere sweater for his father.


Despite this, Aunt Li still has opinions on them.

She said: “In fact, we are not lacking in material matters, and there is no one to talk to us.

“Mr. Li’s words are correct.

Nowadays, many elderly people, who eat and wear, feel that their days are lonely. There are no words to talk about when the old couple are together all day long; if one of them is dead.

Then, living will become more lonely, and some will suffer from depression or Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, the author hopes that the children will take the time to chat with their parents, that is, “therapy.”

  ”Men treatment” is to chat with people.

It is one of the ways to treat mental illness: for the elderly, especially for the “empty nest elderly”, it is a “mental supplement” that is conducive to their physical health.

For children, “sports therapy” is a gift of cocoa filial piety without spending money.

  Some children do not understand the psychological needs of their parents. They think that they have a “generation gap” with their parents, lack a common language, and even feel that the elderly are unwilling to accompany them.

These ideas and practices are for the elderly themselves.

Undoubtedly a mental injury.

In the psychological clinic, an old man said to the author: “I am lonely because of loneliness, no one talks to me, and no one listens to me, so I hang your number and pour out my inner pain.

Otherwise, I can only watch TV every day.

The content of the TV program is good, but I can’t talk to the TV set?


“It can be seen that the elderly need “therapy”!

From the perspective of mental health, if a person lives in a lonely environment for a long time, psychosomatic diseases and personality changes may occur.

If the younger generation can often chat with the elderly, the old man will be happy, comfortable, and even sick, and will “alleviate the three points” in “therapy.”

The author wrote this article, which is to remind the juniors to chat with their elderly parents while caring about their parents’ material life.

Even if you don’t have time, you can always use the “therapy” effect.