The most beautiful women

The most beautiful women

Chinese traditional Chinese medicine believes that only the blood foot can make the skin rosy and delicate; only the flesh can cause the skin to be moisturized and elastic.

Therefore, women also need tonics, and they need to supplement them.

  During menstrual periods, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and other periods, women will completely consume blood and lose blood, and the secretion of hormones will be affected. Coupled with the “shock” of emotional, psychological and other factors, it will inevitably cause “blood loss.””.

Chinese traditional Chinese medicine believes that only the blood foot can make the skin rosy and delicate; only the flesh can cause the skin to be moisturized and elastic.

Therefore, women also need tonics, and they need to supplement them.
Here are a few medicated diets that are suitable for ladies to nourish the body for ladies’ reference.

  Efficacy of Erhuang Chicken: Regulate menstruation, benefit spleen and blood, nourish liver and kidney, and relieve fatigue.

  Practice: Take 15 grams of Huangjing, 10 grams of Dihuang, 3 grams of Asparagus, 200 grams of chicken, rice wine, salt, and MSG.

First wash and slice the three flavor medicines and wrap them in a gauze bag.

Cut the chicken into small pieces.

Then add the medicine and chicken into the pot, add 1000 ml of water, cook with gentle heat for 2 hours, remove the medicine bag, add the seasoning, cook for 20 minutes, add MSG to eat.

  Angelica sinensis chicken effect: nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood and regulate menstruation.

  Method: Take 60 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 30 grams of Chinese angelica, 50 grams of white wine, 1 black-bone chicken, ginger, salt, MSG each amount.

First lycium barbarum, sliced Angelica sinensis and mixed with gauze bags, soaked with half of white wine 6?
8 hours; slaughter and wash the chicken, mix with the other half of the white wine and salt, and apply to the inside and outside of the chicken.

Separate the medicine bag and ginger in the belly of the chicken, put it in a container, steam it for 1 hour in the basket and use the simmer for 1 hour. Stop the fire and remove the medicine bag and ginger. Cut the chicken into plates and add MSG to the soup.Serve on chicken pieces.

  Ejiao white broth effect: nourishing blood and activating blood, nourishing yin and lungs.

  Method: Take 6 grams of gelatin, 100 grams of lean pork, 6 grams of angelica, season with salt.

The angelica was washed and cut into short sections, and the gauze bags were combined; Ejiao was separately steamed with water.

Then add the pork into the pot with the medicine bag of Angelica sinensis, add 500 ml of water, and cook for 1 hour, then remove the medicine bag, add gelatin, simmer with low heat, and season with low salt to serve.

  Rose trotter effect: regulating qi and passing menstruation, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

  Method: Take 15 grams of roses, 30 grams of hawthorn, 1 trotter, 30 grams of rice wine, ginger, brown sugar, salt.

Wash and cut trotters into 6?
7 pieces, then add all the flavors into the pot, add 1000 ml of water, cook over low heat for 2 hours, remove the drug residue, add salt for another 5 minutes, season with sugar, and then eat.
  The effect of roasting mutton: benefit qi and blood, and blood.

  Method: Take angelica, 15 grams of raw land, 10 grams of dried ginger, 200 grams of mutton, rice wine, salt, sugar, and soy sauce.

The medicine is implanted in a gauze bag, the lamb is washed and cut into small pieces, dried ginger slices, and then put into the pot, add moderate water and cook for 1 hour with gentle heat, discard the medicine bag, add soy sauce, rice wine, salt, and cook with gentle heatCrispy, eat with sugar and juice.

  The effect of Ejiao glutinous rice porridge: it can nourish blood and stop bleeding, nourish yin and nourish deficiency, and nourish lungs and conceive, it is especially suitable for pregnant women.

  Method: Take 20 grams of gelatin, 100 grams of glutinous rice, and brown sugar.

First mash the gelatin, put it in the pot and stir fry until yellow, then grind it into fine powder, and then cook the glutinous rice porridge. When it is cooked to nine maturity, add gelatin powder and brown sugar, stir while cooking, wait untilGelatinize with porridge to eat.

  Siwu fungus soup effect: nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, regular clothes can make the face rosy and delicate skin.

  Method: Take 6 grams of angelica, 9 grams of cooked ground, 6 grams of white peony, 3 grams of chuanxiong, 5 jujubes, 15 grams of black fungus (dry), 30 grams of brown sugar

First wash and slice the medicines and wrap the gauze bag; remove the impurities after the black fungus water, then add 1000 ml of water into the pot, cook with gentle heat for 1 hour, season with brown sugar after removing the medicine bag, and drink after boiling.

The leftover women in the eyes of the leftover men in the city

The “leftover women” in the eyes of the “leftover men” in the city

“Left-female” is a better choice
I am a leftover man.
My concept of mating is different from the traditional male high and low female.
In my opinion, men have the ability not to compare with their girlfriends, but to compare with other people in the society, and compare with their past self.
If I sincerely want to be with a girl, her conditions are comparable to mine.
  There is a point of view in the society: girls now look good enough, they don’t have to be so talented and capable.
What is the difference between this view and “female innocence is virtue” in the feudal society in the past?
I am disgusted.
Based on my personal education experience, I deeply understand that every step in my academic journey is very difficult. Constantly seeking to learn makes people more humble and steadfast.
This makes me greatly appreciate talented girls.
I won’t choose those beautiful girls who don’t have the real talents. The “leftover girl” who has lost time in order to get better is a better choice.
  ”Girls are not as young as possible” Personal file: Mr. Zhou 30 years old Graduate student My life has not been wide, and it is not suitable to consider personal issues in business and work, so I have been single.
Although there are not many emotional experiences, I still want to say a few words about a popular mate selection standard for men now: they always want to find young girls, and the younger the better.
The movie is filled with the love of middle-aged male stars and young female stars. No one feels wrong. In real life, many men also arrogantly want to find a little girl.
  In fact, it is impractical for two people to be together. The age gap is too large. It is difficult to communicate between men and women at ten years old. Generation gaps cannot be avoided. Such love and marriage are difficult to harmonize.
Although women do not have much freedom in age choices, men do not have unlimited choices. I would not choose girls who are too young. It would be better if they were closer to themselves.
  You can’t just look at “face” Personal file: Mr. Chen 28 years old A leader of a decoration company In your article, there is a leftover woman who says that men choose their spouse only to look at age and face.
I am not such a person.
According to my current conditions, it is not difficult to find a young and beautiful one, but I will not be so superficial.
Girls, the most important thing is the heart.
For example, filial piety, kindness, and loyalty are the most beautiful things, and the ones that can stand the test of time. Young and beautiful can’t last more than five years. Everyone understands this, why do men still look at them?
  ”Please take the initiative” 出来 Personal file: Xu Yan 30 years old Sales manager of a real estate company 并非 It is no accident that the leftover women around us today.
The women who are more demanding about themselves, while working hard, learn to improve themselves and ignore personal encounters; they are also in a relatively superior position. In the process of searching for the other half, they will inevitably appear “high”fact.
“I own a house and a car, so I can’t find a bad one!
“Sighed a” left girl “next to me.
No wonder men feel distanced and discouraged.
  In fact, there are no “leftover women” who are singles. Although they have a glamorous appearance, they have the same heart as ordinary women, and they also look forward to love and be loved.
Since the development of society and its own factors make it necessary, today’s urban “leftover women” are even more to set their own mentality and adjust their spouse selection criteria in a timely manner; at the same time, they must appropriately change the wait of restraint and become passive.
Don’t put yourself off the shelf, stand up and boldly pursue your own happiness, then it won’t be so difficult to find the other half who takes care of yourself as a “saint”.
  “剩女”是个“宝”  个人档案:邮件未注明个人情况  我虽是而立之年却立得可怜,刚出校门时还无法立足于社会没有条件也不敢去恋爱,等能站立了条件也Allowed, when I looked back and found that the love had left me, I became an authentic “leftover man.”
However, there should be no women left, just that they were not discovered.
Most of the remaining women are older women. They are more mature and stable in psychology, more specific in their emotions, higher in inner cultivation, knowing coldness and warmth, and knowing the sweetness and bitterness of life. Such women should be a “treasure”!
  The phenomenon of “leftover women” and “leftover men” is not necessarily a negative phenomenon. They are older, mature, and more responsible, which is more conducive to family stability!
A family is not a one-person family, but a home shared by two people. A man is a beam that erects the house, a woman is a wall that can shelter from the wind and rain to give warmth, and a house that can stand from the wind and the rain is a real need.s home.

Know you’re looking for trouble?

Know you’re looking for trouble?

① Pay attention to the negative side. Keep in mind how many times you have suffered the price of injustice, or how many times others have been unfriendly to you.

As long as you focus on those bad and disadvantaged things, you will use this negative thinking method to trouble yourself.

  ② The poorest people who make impossible dreams are those who are used to having unrealistic hopes.

If you want to be really discouraged, set your goals too high!

  ③ The stupid golden rule treats everyone else as worthless.

The key to applying this law is to first dislike yourself. Once you reduce your own value, you will find that others are just as shallow, so you dismiss them and become traitors.

  ④ Create barriers, never praise others, and do not use any words of encouragement; secondly, endlessly criticize, provoke, complain, and make a big deal.

This is a wonderful way to create barriers and find trouble.

  ⑤ The mothers who claimed to be martyrs were engaged in excessive housework, and then said to themselves, “No one really hurts me. To our family, I am just a servant.

“My father can also use the same method:” My skeleton is tired, no one takes me seriously, everyone is using me.

“Thinking so often will definitely cause you annoyance, and it will also make people around you annoying and make you feel worse.

  ⑥ “I knew it would be so” syndrome If you expect something bad to happen, most of it will be realized.

  扩大 Snowballing to expand the situation When the problem first appears, it can easily disappear.

Conversely, if the problem continues to expand like a snowball, the person who finally snowballs always follows a simple rule: “If you miss the opportunity to solve the problem, simply drag on.

“This will only make the problem worse, and it will certainly cause your anger and distress to be buried in your heart for months or even years.

  Take others ‘problems to yourself If you take others’ problems to yourself and blame yourself, and blame some people for the responsibility that you don’t like you, then it won’t be long before you become depressed.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

Introduction: The so-called acupuncture and beauty of traditional Chinese medicine is to use traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion methods to replenish viscera, reduce swelling and disperse knots, and regulate qi and blood, so as to eliminate or eliminate certain physiological or pathological diseases that affect the appearance, and delay the aging, A method of beauty and beauty.

In the process of acupuncture, you must have a certain grasp of acupuncture points. The following introduces a variety of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture point selection methods to help you find the right point.

  The method of acupuncture by acupuncture in Chinese medicine is used to realize the method of acupuncture and body marking of beauty in traditional Chinese medicine. This is a method of positioning acupuncture points by using signs that can be seen or touched on the patient’s body.

  1. Bone mark acupoint selection This method is widely used in clinical acupoint selection. Because the bony mark of the human body is clear, the acupoint selection is more accurate.

For example: take Yanglingquan point in front of and under the fibula head.

This method of acupuncture and acupuncture requires doctors to have a better grasp of anatomical knowledge.

  2, the natural mark acupoint method The human body has many natural marks, such as: facial features, hairline, umbilicus, nipples and so on.

Using these markers as a benchmark for acupoint selection, the method is easy to supplement, and it is clinically versatile.

Such as Shenting acupoints before the hairline 0.

5 inches, bamboo shoots in the depression of the brow and so on.

  The above two methods for acupuncture marks can be applied alone or in combination.

For example, the method of sacral is: straight down, the lower edge of the sacrum is depressed.

This is the combination of bony signs and natural signs to locate acupoints.

  Acupuncture method with the same body size This method uses the patient’s finger as a standard to measure the method of acupuncture.

There are three commonly used clinically.

  1. The middle finger is flexed by the patient’s middle finger knuckle into the segmented head as 1 inch, which can be used for acupoints on the limbs and horizontal inches on the hips.

  2, the same size of the thumb with the patient’s thumb joints as 1 inch, also applies to the limbs straight inch acupoints.

  3. The horizontal index of the horizontal finger, also known as “one man’s law”, is to make the patient put the index finger, middle finger, ring finger and pinky finger together, taking the middle finger horizontal stripe as the standard, and the four fingers horizontal volume as 3 inches.

  The bone size measurement method “Lingshu · Bone Degree” describes the bone size of each part of the human body, and it has been modified and supplemented to form the current bone size measurement.

This method of acupoints is applicable to men and women, old and young, fat and thin, so it is the most commonly used acupoint method in clinical practice.

  Temporary acupoint recovery method is a clinically easy alternative method.

For example, take the Fengshi acupoint with the tip of your finger, naturally cross the tiger’s mouth with two hands, and take a row of acupoints at the place where your index finger reaches.

  Some of the acupuncture and acupuncture methods mentioned above can be selected for different people, and they need to be different from person to person.

Various makeup removal methods


Various makeup removal methods

Do you know what is the basis for showing people brightly every day?

Many people will answer that it was a careful makeup removal process the day before.

So, do you know that makeup removal doesn’t have to be a makeup remover?


hzh {display: none; }  很多人一定不知道,其实,卸妆并不见得非要用上乘的卸妆产品,一些非卸妆品比如润唇膏、润肤乳、甚至是指甲油、婴儿油、婴儿润肤Towels are also good helpers for makeup removal on weekdays.

Here are some tips for removing makeup, so that you can remove all kinds of makeup completely without using makeup remover!

  HOW TO: Remove light makeup with a baby moisturizing towel: If you have been used to light makeup, you don’t need to use a special makeup remover.

There are many baby moisturizing towels with good texture on the market, which are naturally mild and have no irritation to the skin. Using it to remove makeup is very effective. You also moisturize the skin while removing makeup.

  How to remove pearly eyeshadow, lipstick and so on with transparent lip balm: The moisturizing degree of transparent lip balm can completely let you remove these accessory makeup.

You just need to apply a transparent lip balm with a cotton swab, and gently wipe pearly eyeshadows or lips, while easily removing makeup without harming the delicate skin of the eyes and lips.

How to remove false eyelashes with an alcohol cotton ball: False eyelashes look good and make your eyes instantly bigger and full of power, but removing them is not so simple.

Don’t worry, use a cotton ball to slightly dip the replaced alcohol with a reduced concentration, wipe it on the glue, then insert your finger into the skin of the outer corner of the eye, and then gently peel off the false eyelashes inside.

  How to remove body paint with baby oil: The fashion painters that beautiful people love today, whether painted on the face or collarbone, wrist or side, are very charming and outstanding, but because of the special texture of the pigment, it is difficult to use ordinary makeup productsClean.

At this time, you may try to wipe the painted area with a wet towel first, and then use baby oil to remove makeup, which will help you remove the makeup very clean.

  Use a moisturizer to remove thick lashes.

hzh {display: none; }  HOW TO DO:喜欢浓密卷翘妆效的美眉,每次刷睫毛时,总会一次又一次地涂刷,直到睫毛变得很硬,刷不动为止。As everyone knows, this will bring you a lot of trouble in removing eyelashes. When removing makeup at night, the eyelashes have already become hard to help. This is how you can use a cotton swab to apply moisturizer to the eyelashes. After a whileWill return to a soft state.

  How to remove nail polish with nail polish: What if you only have one bottle of nail polish on hand and you want to remove the broken nail polish from your nails?

Without hesitation, open the bottle of nail polish on your hand, apply it on your nails, and quickly wipe it off with tissue paper, you will find that it is very clean.

Then apply fresh colors, which will definitely make your mood refreshed!

  How to remove sequin makeup with scotch tape: The popular sequin makeup looks cool and cool. It is definitely a great choice for your shiny party. However, it is a bit troublesome to remove the makeup. The makeup is obviously removed.However, the shell is still shiny, and other tenacious sequin particles are attached to the eyelids to make you look alive like Sun Wukong.

Try scotch tape. This little tool we used to stick typos in the workbook when we were young can also be used to remove makeup at this moment!

Roll the scotch tape around the tip of your forefinger to easily seize the sequins.

Remember, the action must be light, otherwise the scotch tape will cause the skin around the eyes to become loose if it is pulled!

Psychological harm to young children before the age of three

Psychological harm to young children before the age of three

Children who enrolled before the age of three tend to develop aggressive personality and anti-social behavior-Parents want their children to be successful, and train their children to grow, eat, wear, live, and walk at all costs.Every effort has been spared to invest, from the popular “prenatal education” fever to juvenile college students can be trimmed, parents’ education of their children is really crazy.

  Throughout the world, as many mothers are busy working, the number of children enrolled in nurseries has increased fourfold in the past decade, and some children have been replaced by nurseries when they are learning to walk.

Many child experts call the nursery a “prison”. Some babies as young as 6 months are placed there. From 8 am to 6 pm, they stay there until school. These children are mainly urban children.Thousands, about 5% of childcare, and 35% of parents give their children to a nursery when they are two years old.

  However, according to British reports, experts have warned that early education must have a standard that blindly becomes the education of children and neglects the nature of the child and causes harm to the child.

American child education expert and well-known clinical therapist Steve Bidulf warned that giving children under the age of three to a nursery would increase the risk of damaging their normal mental development.

  Many nurseries are unable to take care of their children, and children who are rejected often have fear. Due to the accelerated pace of modern work and increased pressure, many parents are too busy to work and cannot take care of their children. Therefore, governments in various countries have adopted increasing the number of nurseries and kindergartens as a policy to relieve parents’ worriesIn the UK, 250,000 children under the age of three enter full or half day care, and even 5% of parents “throw” children from 6 months to 3 years old into nurseries. Those children spend most of their time aloneSpend moderately.

  American child education expert and well-known clinician Steve Bidulff has 20 years of childhood education experience. He advocated early education, but now he finds that ideals and reality are always difficult to match, but he changed.From my point of view, parents are recognized as the best teachers to train their children. Nurseries and kindergartens are just doing “second-rate” work.

  Because the best kindergartens try to meet the needs of very young children, but because there are too many children and the teacher can’t take care of them, the result is often contrary to expectations.

And those poor nurseries can not take care of the children at all, just provide them with food and drink, and let them do their own activities. These neglected children often have fear, they feel the desolation of losing their mother’s love, which means that the child must be aThe unfortunate dream, the loneliness shown on them saw people’s heartbreak.

  Studies have found that children who are placed in nurseries from an early age are more aggressive and prone to developing antisocial behavior than Dulf firmly points out that more and more evidence supports his theory-those who leave their parents to the nursery earlyChildren are more likely to develop aggressive personality, anti-social behavior, and other psychological problems. Such children will encounter interpersonal problems in the future and it is not easy to establish close relationships with others.

  Last year, UK child authority Dr. Penelope-Ricci issued the same warning. After years of research, she found that children raised by parents perform better in all aspects than children who are cared for by nurses or given to relatives.They are all better, they are better physically, mentally and intellectually than other alternative children.

Ridge and professors at Oxford University in both countries followed 1,200 children and found that children who were placed in nurseries from an early age were more aggressive in their teens.

Other studies have found the same result: the longer you spend in a nursery, the easier it is to develop antisocial and violent behaviors.

Children’s experts point out that the morning nursery will seriously affect children’s brain development, emotional development, social behavior, and cognitive ability development. In addition, their physical development is retarded, nerve atrophy, and brain development abnormalities.Family care is concerned, so experts suggest that young children should be allowed to grow up in a warm and safe home environment rather than being placed in a nursery prematurely.

  The best teacher can’t replace mother. Children under two years of age should be loved by mother one-on-one. Bidulf said that the most responsible teacher of the best nursery school cannot replace mothers. Children under two should beUnder the one-to-one care of mothers, parenting is the most ideal way.

If the child’s brain is to grow healthy, love stimulation is needed. The interaction between mother and child is the best stimulation. The care of family and friends is the safest choice for child development.What is lacking is this effect. Unless the nanny is at home to see the child, it is not as good as the mother to take care of it, let alone most people do not have enough luck to find the ideal nanny.

  Children always need fixed parenting, and more need focused care. One-to-one parenting can better meet the needs of the baby.

The nursery teacher usually takes care of several children by herself. She cannot meet the needs of these children at the same time: drinking, peeing, playing, pampering, etc. Don’t think that the babies are not sensible.This kind of loneliness is manifested as irritability and crying, and the long-term effects are not conducive to their psychological development, leading to some children developing aggressive personality, which is the consequence of emotional loss.

  Warn that the first three years of life affects many parents in the next three generations. There is a mistake in thinking that getting babies into a nursery early will make them more adaptable to the external environment and develop communication skills earlier.

But experts from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development in the United States point out that the development of babies is special. They need continuous care and even coordinated care. This means that people who communicate with them are relatively fixed, only at home.Parents can do that.

  Bidulf also acknowledged that he was a firm early childhood mentor. He believed that all the two benefits of getting young children to nurse in the morning were that the children could learn more skills. Because of the many partners, it was also good for them.The second benefit of learning to communicate and cooperate with people is to allow mothers more time to develop themselves and expand the scope of their social activities.

But now he finds that this ideal and reality are always difficult to match, he said, “In fact, this is a disastrous disappointment.

“The first 18 months of life is a critical period for the development of the brain structure responsible for social and emotional functions, which has an impact on life. The mother-child interaction plays a key role in the cultivation of this ability. The mother is the baby’s endocrine and nervous system.Regulators of development.

In addition, the brothers, sisters and grandparents of the family are also very important to them. They play a role in helping parents educate their children. Babies get a sense of security from them and also get their initial emotional impact. It is through children that humans pass on this emotion.Some experts say that “the first three years of life affect the next three generations” is the truth, and strangers make them feel insecure and confused.

  Psychologically unable to form family emotions.

What nursery lacks is this relatively fixed standard of family relationship. Nursery teachers are not fixed and are often exchanged. Such teachers are sick, on vacation and training, and even the staff are relatively fixed. They also have to work in shifts to take care of their children and let themCan’t adapt.

Yunnan Baiyao helps treat 11 common diseases

Yunnan Baiyao helps treat 11 common diseases

Yunnan Baiyao is a special hemostatic drug that many people have in their homes. It has the effects of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, swelling and analgesics, and removing saprophytic muscles.

In recent years, clinical studies have found that Yunnan Baiyao has better effects on some common diseases and frequently-occurring diseases.

  For oral ulcers, take Yunnan Baiyao and apply it on the surface of mucosal ulcers, 3 times a day?
6 times.

  For shingles, take an appropriate amount of Yunnan Baiyao, make a paste with vegetable oil or vinegar, and apply it directly to the affected area to cover the skin lesions twice a day.

Can prevent herpes absorption and relieve pain.

  Thrombotic external hemorrhoids Yunnan Bai medicinal wine or 5% alcohol into a paste, apply to the affected area, 3 times a day?
5 times.

Especially suitable for primary external hemorrhoids.

  Infants and young children take 1 g of Yunnan Baiyao powder in autumn diarrhea, make a paste with 70% alcohol, apply it to the umbilical fossa, and fix it with white tape, and change the medicine twice a day.

  Dip sore crushed Yunnan Baiyao powder in 75% alcohol to make a thin paste. Use a cotton swab to dip the medicinal solution to absorb the affected area. 3?
4 times.

Or apply osmanthus oil to the wounds of the bedsores and then apply Yunnan Baiyao, cover it with sterile gauze, and change the medicine every other day.

  For burns, Yunnan Baiyao is made into a thin paste with vegetable oil or tea and applied to the affected area 3 times a day.

It has analgesic effect, promotes wound healing and reduces scar formation.

  After the infusion, take an appropriate amount of Yunnan Baiyao, adjust it to a paste with wine, spread it evenly on sterile gauze, apply it to the affected area, and fix it with adhesive tape.

Change it every 24 hours, and drip wine after drying to keep it moist.

  Wound ulcers will last for a long time. First, wash the ulcers with hydrogen peroxide and normal saline, then spread the Yunnan Baiyao powder on the wounds, wrap them with sterile gauze, and change the dressing once every two days.

  The impetigo was first washed with physiological saline, and then dried and the Yunnan Baiyao powder was directly applied to the affected area.

For the more severe cases, use it once in the morning and evening.

  Ribitis takes 1 g of Yunnan Baiyao, mix with white wine or alcohol to make a paste, apply to the affected area, and fix with zinc oxide tape or wound pain pain cream, every 2?
Change the medicine once every 3 days.

  The neonatal umbilitis was washed with hydrogen peroxide to secrete the affected area, then 1 g of Yunnan Baiyao was filled into the umbilicus, covered with a sterile gauze and bandaged, and the dressing was changed twice a day.

9 health regimens that office workers must know

9 health regimens that office workers must know

Office workers are usually stressed and have less leisure time.

The busy work of white-collar workers always leads to a variety of problems, which is especially important for health.

Below, let’s take a look at how office workers can maintain their health.


Taking a deep breath to relieve stress can be said to be the most convenient method of health, suitable for everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Basic method: Sit or stand in a relaxed position; inhale slowly through the nose, count 5 times, 1 breath per second, feel fresh air filling the abdominal cavity and chest cavity, bulging belly, open chest; hold your breath, silent number 5Next, feel fresh air injected into the whole body; slowly exhale the old breath in the lungs from the nose or mouth, count 5 times silently; repeat it several times or minutes until you feel calm.


Decreasing Desire We are all too high and too intense, so we have a lot of psychological pressure and we are tired.

Then, please lower your desire, don’t compare, make life simple and content.


Positive mentality often affects mood, and one-sided negative attitude leads to negative mood.

Therefore, don’t always stare at yourself, the deficiencies of others or society, magnify the defects; think positively, learn to be tolerant, don’t always be picky, accuse, and only act without action.


Sense of humor Learn to speak humorous words, watch humorous films, try to use humorous mentality to resolve conflicts and relieve stress.

Humor is the best way to keep fit.


Slow pace If your pace is too fast, please slow down, slow down your speaking speed, slow down your work pace, and slow down your life pace.

In this way, your stress will be effectively relieved.


Don’t care about being good with others, and don’t do harm to others.

In this way, when others are friendly to you, you will feel better and your psychological pressure will improve.

And, in the elevator, in the aisle, he greeted his colleagues and neighbors with a smile, remembering: there is a scent of roses.


Proper exercise sunlight, fresh air and exercise will increase the secretion of substances that make the body happy, and relax the mood, while reducing the effect of stress.


Ensuring adequate sleep and sleep can be full of energy, work and life can be full of vitality, and meet any challenges.


Psychological counseling If psychological pressure is difficult to alleviate, internal psychological doubts are difficult to dissolve, and no help is available from people around you, then psychological counseling is available.

Experts will tailor a way for you to relieve stress.

What temperament is most likely to succeed

What temperament is most likely to succeed

What temperament is most likely to succeed? In psychology, the concept of “temperament” is similar to what we usually call “temperate” and “temper”.

In daily life, some people are always lively, while others are always quiet and calm; some people are always impatient when they are enough to do things, and some people are always so delicate and profound.

The differences in the dynamic characteristics of these psychological activities from person to person are differences in temperament.

Traditionally, temperament is divided into multiple types1.

Polyplasms have low sensitivity and high tolerance; strong involuntary responsiveness; plasticity and extraversion; high emotional excitement, obvious external exposure, fast and flexible response.


Bile quality is low sensitivity and high tolerance; involuntary reactivity is high, involuntary response is dominant; obvious extraversion, high emotional excitement, poor inhibition; fast response, but inflexible.


Mucus is of low sensitivity and high tolerance; both involuntary responsiveness and emotional excitement are low; obvious introversion and low external performance; slow response and stability.


Depressive sensibility is high, tolerance is low; involuntary responsiveness is low; severe introversion; emotional excitement is high and experience deep, response speed is slow; rigid and inflexible.

However, the above-mentioned division of some temperament types is more of a theoretical abstraction. People who rarely see a typical temperament type in life have mostly mixed characteristics.

Temperament is an inherent biological condition that has been born into one’s life and has become an acquired character.

Improvement, temperament can present personality traits in accordance with its own dynamics, giving personality traits a unique color, and affecting the speed of the formation or transformation of certain personality traits.

For example, they are also helpful. People with high blood quality often act agilely when they help others, and their emotions are obviously exposed; while those with mucoid quality may be calm and their emotions are not shown.

For another example, in order to develop self-control, bile people often need great effort and restraint; while depressive people are relatively easy to form, and he can do it without special control.

At the same time, temperament has also been transformed and concealed in the practice of personal life.

To understand your temperament type, you can observe yourself in daily life, or other people’s evaluation, or refer to the measurement results of some temperament tables.

However, it is more important to realize that there is no distinction between good and bad temperament; there is only the difference between suitable and unsuitable.

Generally speaking, each temperament type has its advantages and disadvantages.

People with multiple blood qualities are rich in emotions, flexible in reaction, and easy to accept new things, but their emotions fluctuate and their energy is easily dispersed.

Bile people are straightforward and enthusiastic, producing strong, fast and powerful reactions, but have a quick temper and are easy to be impulsive; mucous people are quiet and stable, good at self-control, but are cold and slow to respond to surrounding objects.

Depressive people have deep and stable emotional experiences, keen observation, careful and careful work, but too much sentimentality and lonely behavior.

Temperament is only a prerequisite for the development of human character and ability. People of all types of temperament are likely to achieve success in their careers.

According to analysis, four well-known Soviet writers are representative of many different temperament types: Pushe metal bile, Herzen is a bloody substance, Krylov is a mucous substance, and Gogol is a depressive substance.

Temperament alone cannot predict the size of achievements.

The significance of knowing your own temperament is mainly to choose the most suitable development direction and life path according to your own characteristics.


Ladies don’t ignore bad skin care habits

Ladies don’t ignore bad skin care habits

Many beautiful girls have focused their attention on the choice and price of skin care products, but have ignored the misunderstanding that there are many beauty treatments in our lives that are devouring our skin health, so many buyers will say:”Why didn’t it work?

  Summarize the experience here today, so that more MMs can be truly healthy and beautiful!


hzh {display: none; }  首先,使用产品中的一些不良习惯:   使用时间过长,导致产品变质   一般造成这样的情况有几个原因.

First, it’s too expensive when bought, so I can’t bear it.

Many buyers have been contacted, and there are indeed many examples of this.

I felt that it took hundreds of hundreds of oceans and not many days, and I was very distressed, so I pulled the “front” too long; first, the trend was too serious.

I have a new product on TV today, I ca n’t help but try it. Tomorrow I hear something useful, so I ran to buy it.

His skin turned into an experimental field, and money was spent.

The pile was full of things that were used up little by little, and finally I couldn’t bear to lose them.

You can only wipe your feet, but this is not scientific.

Once I heard a MM said that she used those unused lotions to remove makeup and said it was useful.

Although I don’t know if it is scientific, I feel terrible.

After all, it’s your own face!

It’s better to be a special one!

Third, it is too fraternal.

At the same time like a lot of brands, each like, so wipe everything to the ends.

Still a word, be careful!

Fourth, I remember a song that said: There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women!

Many MMs are not able to stick to it, throw them aside after using it a few times, and think of when to use it again.

This has been delayed again and again, I do n’t know if it has expired!

Therefore, Amy must treat her skin very carefully and insist on it at the same time.

  Some people may say that pulling is guaranteed anyway for 3 years, it doesn’t matter.

In fact, it is wrong to think so.

Three years said it was in a closed state.

If you have launched the product, it means that there is no longer a three-year period!

Moreover, environmental protection and safety are now promoted, and preservative-free products have a shorter shelf life.

Therefore, if you spend money, you should use it quickly. Don’t delay using it because of the distressed money, which will cause greater waste.

How to keep cosmetics fresh?

Please see my other post!

  Where does your skin care product exist?

Breaking the traditional way!

  In fact, the content setting of each product has a certain reason. If it is not enough, there must be no effect and many products need a few boxes to see the effect.

So be sure to insist!

Use today, not tomorrow, the effect is greatly reduced!

In addition, the activity of many functional ingredients will be greatly reduced or even disappeared due to exposure to air or pollution.

For example, the Beimei freeze-dried powder in my store.

One box is 10, but it is 5 water and 5 powder.When you use it, you need to mix two by two, that is, 5 to use!

But each one is even mixed and has a very small capacity. At this time, many MMs have said it, so can’t they run out after a click?

In fact, the activity of BFGF contained in it can only survive for 7 days in the air, so as long as the lid is opened, one must be used up 7 times.

Therefore, if the content is increased a lot, it is also irresponsible to everyone!

  Deteriorated products are still used as usual. I think this kind of friends still have a part.

Especially the ones that spent a lot of money are reluctant to use, so the overdue has not been used up.

But because of the distress, I opened one eye and closed it forcibly.

I don’t think I need to say more. Whether it is food or cosmetics, the most strict requirements on product shelf life (not shelf life), especially those products that do not contain preservatives.

Not to mention miscellaneous products, the brand’s cosmetics are strictly controlled on the packaging, so the cost of the brand’s things will naturally be higher.

So MM who likes to bargain, don’t just bargain, say what others are so cheap, if you are so expensive.

Yes, if the real and fake products are compared, of course, the price is different, and if you compare the counter and the online store, it is naturally different.

The cost is not what is expected in those jars!

  Use unclean hands to pick up cosmetics, and do n’t close the lid after opening the lid. I believe this is a mistake that most MMs will have!

Everyone has been applying cream or lotion with their fingers.

In fact, this is a hidden danger.

Because our hands have a lot of bacteria, even after washing our face or bathtub.

So paying attention to personal hygiene is a necessary detail.

Some friends will buy a product, which is shared by several people in the family.

It is even more prone to cross infection, causing allergies, etc.!

So now many products are equipped with small spoons, just to improve everyone’s bad habits.

  In fact, if you often go to the mall, you will notice that the ladies in the mall pick them up with cotton pads or small sticks before giving them a trial.

This is actually telling everyone how to use it correctly.

In this way, the first can prevent cross-infection, and the second can also reduce the contact time between the product and the air, and avoid excessive oxidation!

So if you pick it randomly when you use it, do n’t remember to close the lid after you use it, and then close the shell after you finish painting. Such long-term use will naturally reduce the freshness of the product!

  A detail will affect the level. If you want to have a good effect, you really should take every detail seriously!

  Many products now have some type of small stick as a gift, and some have also been improved in packaging, called plug-in.

The types are all maintenance details!

  First of all, it’s wrong!

hzh {display: none; }  1、洗完脸后不及时进行护理   很多MM肯定有这么一两次会出现这样的情况,刚洗完脸有人来找或者接了个超长电话,要不就是妈妈Hurry up and steal a bit!

Actually, this is all wrong.

Our face has a natural sebum film to protect the skin. The amount of sebum secretion must be completely washed out immediately after washing the face. A new sebum film will form in 1-2 hours. This is also very easy to feel dry and tight after washing your face.The cause of tension.

Therefore, skin that has lost the protection of the sebum film should use skin care products as soon as possible to form a protective layer and maintain the sebum secretion balance of the skin.

  Therefore, after washing your face?
Use skin care products within 5 minutes. At that time, it is the best state for absorption!

  2. I am afraid that my face is not clean. Some MMs that use dead skin products are particularly fond of cleaning, even Jieyin.

Repeatedly washing your face, and using a dead skin product before washing your face, it feels like this can clean up the pores and dirt!

Actually, this is a big mistake!

Our skin is very fragile, as long as daily cleaning is done.

Those products that are dead skinned will write that they are done 2-3 times a week.
Because while exfoliating or exfoliating, it also increases the burden on the skin. If you do this every day, your pores will become very large.
Therefore, it is recommended not to clean up too many types of MMs!

  3. The smearing method is wrong, and the skin of the person has a different structure and thickness in different parts.

Therefore, when applying different parts, use different methods correctly.

I will post a special post to explain the correct method of each part in detail.

  In the human body, the eye skin is the thinnest and most vulnerable part, with many capillaries distributed.

So the eye problem is currently the hardest to solve and the longest battle!

In such a fragile area, we cannot apply hard or excessively pull.

This method is definitely not good for the skin.

Even with the most expensive eye cream, it is impossible to see good results.

So after buying eye cream, some buyers will say it is useless, but some buyers will say it is useful.

That’s the difference!

  The correct way to apply eye cream is to gently apply to the skin around the eyes with your fingertips.

Slowly, gently bounce around the eyes and massage in a certain direction.

Try not to pull the skin, and don’t give the skin too much pressure, so as not to pull too much, which will affect the normal blood circulation and cause the eye skin to relax and make more wrinkles.

  4, after washing your face, use a towel to dry the skin with a rough towel and rub it on the skin immediately after cleaning. It will also cause invisible scratches to the naked eye, letting bacteria invade it!

If you have acne and wipe your face with a towel, you can easily break the acne, so the bacteria in the acne will be hidden in the towel and spread the towel to other parts of the body, so that your acneWill continue to take out, it is difficult to eradicate.

  Therefore, towels should be kept clean and soft. Wash your face with running water as much as possible. After washing, gently press the face to absorb the water. You cannot rub and pull back and forth.

  5. In the morning, I wash my face with clear water and many lazy MMs, including me sometimes.

You do n’t need to do cleaning because you rush out or feel that you have cleaned enough at night.

In fact, this is all wrong.

  After a whole night’s metabolism, our skin will secrete sweat, oil, etc., and there is also a substitute for aging keratin produced by metabolism.

Even some MMs will have the habit of drooling!

In addition, our sheets and pillows cannot be changed every day.

So there must be dust and bacteria.

So in the morning, you must clean your skin carefully to keep it clean and clear.

  6. It is estimated that many MMs have a habit of removing lipstick with a paper towel. Wipe lipstick with a paper towel directly, in fact, will cause excessive irritation to the lips, causing damage to the capillaries of the skin under the lips. In the past, it will change the lip color.Severe can even trigger arthritis.

Although you can use lipstick and other things to improve the color, but if you pay attention to life, you should not pay attention to these details, right?

  Like makeup removers on other parts of the face, delicate lip skin also requires special makeup removers.

Now there are many products for lips makeup removal, and the results are good.

You must know that the mouth of bacteria is a big entrance. If you don’t clean it, you will feel terrible!



Cosmetics eat into the stomach ~~~~~~~~ 55555 In addition, there are some bad ones.

Towels and facial cleansers that we usually use repeatedly are used to accumulate too much bacteria.

Makeup tools are also used well or not cleaned, some hair, makeup, etc. are left inside.

These are all factors that cause damage to our skin.

So make a habit of cleaning personal items often!

Specifically how to clean, I believe there are many good tips!