Speech therapy, the psychological comfort of the elderly

Speech therapy, the psychological comfort of the elderly

People say that the old couple of Li Aunt are very blessed and their children are very filial.

This is not the case, the big crab is listed, the son drove to Yangcheng Lake to buy for the mother to eat; the weather is not too cold, the daughter bought a cashmere sweater for his father.


Despite this, Aunt Li still has opinions on them.

She said: “In fact, we are not lacking in material matters, and there is no one to talk to us.

“Mr. Li’s words are correct.

Nowadays, many elderly people, who eat and wear, feel that their days are lonely. There are no words to talk about when the old couple are together all day long; if one of them is dead.

Then, living will become more lonely, and some will suffer from depression or Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, the author hopes that the children will take the time to chat with their parents, that is, “therapy.”

  ”Men treatment” is to chat with people.

It is one of the ways to treat mental illness: for the elderly, especially for the “empty nest elderly”, it is a “mental supplement” that is conducive to their physical health.

For children, “sports therapy” is a gift of cocoa filial piety without spending money.

  Some children do not understand the psychological needs of their parents. They think that they have a “generation gap” with their parents, lack a common language, and even feel that the elderly are unwilling to accompany them.

These ideas and practices are for the elderly themselves.

Undoubtedly a mental injury.

In the psychological clinic, an old man said to the author: “I am lonely because of loneliness, no one talks to me, and no one listens to me, so I hang your number and pour out my inner pain.

Otherwise, I can only watch TV every day.

The content of the TV program is good, but I can’t talk to the TV set?


“It can be seen that the elderly need “therapy”!

From the perspective of mental health, if a person lives in a lonely environment for a long time, psychosomatic diseases and personality changes may occur.

If the younger generation can often chat with the elderly, the old man will be happy, comfortable, and even sick, and will “alleviate the three points” in “therapy.”

The author wrote this article, which is to remind the juniors to chat with their elderly parents while caring about their parents’ material life.

Even if you don’t have time, you can always use the “therapy” effect.

One of the dragons and phoenixes settled overseas, one settled in the country, and met again ten years later. The two were happy.

One of the dragons and phoenixes settled overseas, one settled in the country, and met again ten years later. The two were happy.

Wang Meng and Wang Kang are a pair of dragons and babies. They are not very similar after birth, but do not affect the relationship between two people.

Wang Meng is a sister. Although she is not good at words, she can be steady and careful, and she has a lot of planning and handling problems.

The younger brother Wang Kang is relatively outgoing, loves to communicate with others, likes to participate in various activities and make friends with different personalities.

Because my parents’ work is very busy, my grandmother is getting older, and my sister became an adult early in the family.

The picture and text network has grown up, and their scores are the same as their personalities.

My sister seems to be not very talented in her studies. As the boss of her family, she thinks she can take care of her parents, so she went directly to an ordinary university in the local area, and her younger brother with good academic performance went to a university in a big city.

In the past few years of school, the two brothers and sisters were in different cities, and the concept of the two had changed.

The younger brother is extravagant and has contacted many people with different ideas. This makes the younger brother want to go out and see more and more intense.

The older sister is a girl, and the family wants to leave her with her. After graduating, my sister will find a more stable job in her hometown.

The outstanding performance of his younger brother at school has given him the opportunity to study abroad.

When I got this opportunity, my brother told her sister for the first time that although her sister was sad, she knew her brother’s personality and knew that she could not stop it.

The picture and text have nothing to do, the picture screening network brother went out of the country smoothly, and in the intense study abroad, he and his family have gradually become less contact.

Parents think that boys should be outside, this is not a bad thing.

The older sister lived a life arranged by her parents, met her local boyfriend, and married and had children.

The younger brother’s free personality is very suitable for foreign life, so he wants to stay abroad and continue to develop, but he needs foreigners who have outstanding contributions.

In school, only by participating in project research can you have the opportunity to stay, when the younger brother just came across a research on growth projects.

The younger brother worked hard to do research, and often talked to people who were doing research late into the night, and even had no rest during the holidays and did not return to China.

In this study, the younger brother and the female students who came to study together established a good relationship. Both of them wanted to stay abroad. In the end, the two settled overseas successfully. The younger brother went for 10 years.

Graphic and text have nothing to do, the image filtering network later, Grandma’s body is getting worse and worse, the most want to see is the grandson who is always outside.

The younger brother came back from abroad, and the two brothers and sisters met each other for ten years.

The two men looked at each other at the airport and laughed and hugged each other.

When the younger brother came home, he saw the children who had grown up and could not help but sigh the passage of time.

The younger brothers have been busy all these years in foreign countries, and have never rested for the sake of career development.

The days of returning to China made him good at it, no matter how long the family has been.

No matter how long it is, even if you are not in a country, even if you don’t contact for many years, your family is your best backing.

Teach you to choose a hot pot that is delicious and not fat

Teach you to choose a hot pot that is delicious and not fat

The weather turned cold, and hot pot became the most popular choice for people to chill.

But after a hot pot, MMs will probably feel sorry for their weight because they eat too much.

So how do you choose to eat a hot pot meal that is delicious and not fat in the cool weather?


hzh {display: none; }  驱寒火锅–减肥搭配   MM们不妨给自己来一点红酒或者是苹果醋之类的饮品,可以减少食物的摄入和杀菌、去膻,又不影响气氛.
  1, meat-based hot pot of course, inevitably eat meat, but the calorie of meat is low and high, you can avoid heavy weight, choose a lower calorie food.

Here is a meat calorie table that often appears more often in hot pot restaurants. You can match it according to your needs.

  Low meat consumption (trace/weight); duck breast meat 90 / 100g; lamb (back) 94 / 100g; beef (back leg) 98 / 100g; rabbit meat 102 / 100g; lamb (chest) 109 / 100g;/ 100g tripe 72 / 100g; chicken breast meat 133 / 100g; yellow croaker (small yellow croaker) 99 / 100g 2, vegetable vegetables, it is recommended that you MM in the hot pot when you order green vegetables, after all, the cabbage of the cabbage is notHigh and many times have the effect of detoxification, eat hot gas hot pot, with cool vegetables are still bear on the body.

  Cabbage is also one of the more abundant vegetables. After the weather turns cold, the cabbage has more sugar and tastes very good. Now the cabbage is not very cold, and it has great potential for eating.

Use hot pot greens, suck up the soup, and taste fresh and delicious.

  Cold melon, cold melon can not be eaten in the summer, it is also a rare side dish for the cool hot pot.

Paired with hot hot pot, you can cool off blood and detoxify, or you can lose weight when you have a meal.

  Celery, it may be a bit magical to use celery when eating hot pot, huh, but I tried it and thought that celery is really good for hot pot.

A large amount of crude fiber in celery can improve bowel movements, so as to remove excessive nutrients and metabolic waste from the intestines, which is beneficial to lose weight and clean the intestines.

  Winter melon, many people like to use the hot pot, in fact, the small amount of melon is high, the conversion is very low, there is obvious diuretic function, so it is effective in cleaning the internal environment and losing weight.

  Spinach is a good-looking product, rich in iron and carotene, and an excellent source of vitamin B6, folic acid, iron and potassium.

Spinach contains protein, every 0.

5 kg of spinach is equivalent to the protein content of two eggs.

  3, seasonings as far as seasonings, in fact, various seasonings, peanut butter, sand tea sauce, sesame oil, etc., these spices have a high content.

And each kind of seasoning can stimulate the taste buds of the people, making the appetite more vigorous.

In fact, you can choose to use vinegar instead, at least the transition will not be so high.

  Here are a few special hot pots for fresh MM hot pot ingredients: 1250 grams of tender tofu, 500 grams of black fish, 25 grams of seaweed, 250 grams of sandwich pig head, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 150 grams of winter bamboo shoots, 250 grams of tower vegetables。   Seasoning selection: 25 grams of rice wine, 10 grams of refined salt, 5 grams of MSG, 30 grams of onion ginger, 50 grams of lard, 1250 grams of broth.

  To make the edible process: 1. Cut the tender tofu into 3 cm square pieces with a knife, put it into the enamel pot, add a small amount of water, put it into the refrigerator (-18 degrees), and freeze it. After 5 hours, it will become frozen tofu.

Take out the natural frozen for use.

  2, the cabbage is washed, drained; the winter bamboo shoots cut off the sweater, cut into 3 cm long, 1.

5 cm wide slices; mushrooms cut to roots, pedicle washed; washed with seaweed into a bowl, add rice wine (5 grams), water (25 grams), steamed in a steamer for 30 minutes, removed for use.

  3, the black fish scraped off the scales, open the shovel to dig the internal organs, go to the blush to wash the fish head, remove the back bones, into a fine fish strip.

The cut grows 3 cm and is 1 wide.

A 5 cm piece is placed in the pan.

  4, hot pot, release the water and frozen tofu, after boiling, pour into the colander, drain the water; hot pot, go underwater to lard, onion, ginger, shabu-shabu, boiled rice wine, add broth, sandwichThe meat pieces are taken out after cooking and cut into 4 pieces.

5 cm, width 1.

5 cm thin slices; put the black fish head and the back bone into the original soup, and boil for 15 minutes, then use the sieve to filter the fish residue, discard it, then put the mushrooms, the meat slices, the sea rice, the fish fillets, the frozen tofu,Winter bamboo shoots, after roasting, simmer floating foam, add salt, monosodium glutamate, rice wine, pour into the hot pot, and finally put the tower cabbage heart, you can go to the table, ignite the hot pot to eat.

Pay attention to the lonely old man who loves to buy medicine

Pay attention to the lonely old man who loves to buy medicine

In response to the phenomenon that some elderly people love to buy medicine, many citizens who have experienced this experience have the same feeling: Why do they just think that they are not convinced?

In progress, the counselor said that the elderly are doing this and are related to being left out.

  Keep buying medicines from psychological cues.

Du Bin, a psychological counselor in Luoyang City, believes that the elderly are constantly buying medicines, which are related to the psychology of the elderly.

He said that most of the elderly between the ages of 60 and 80 are satisfied with their current life, trying to prolong their lives and want to enjoy a good life.

This is the first priority for some elderly people to buy medicine.

  In addition, many old people now have a certain amount of savings in their hands.

Under such circumstances, some unscrupulous drug dealers are trying to sell drugs to the elderly in response to the psychology of the elderly. This is also an objective reason for the elderly to stop buying drugs.

  It is important to pay attention to the mental health of the elderly.

Some psychological counselors said that the current society’s concern for the mental health of the elderly is far from enough.

The elderly continue to take medicine, leading to the factors of “taking care of themselves”, which leads to the hope of raising the attention of their children, thus obtaining more companionship and care for their children.

In this case, if the child solves the problem simply by opposing or persuading, the effect is counterproductive.

The most fundamental solution for the elderly to stop buying medicines is to give the elderly the most intimate support and care, so that the elderly can no longer stop drugs and not accept children.

Old man chooses healthy slippers

Old man chooses healthy slippers

Summary: In order to easily and maintain indoor hygiene, many people returned home from the outside, immediately smashed the shoes worn all day, and put on a pair of loose and comfortable slippers.

However, for those who are 70 or 80 years old, loose slippers are likely to cause some accidents.

  The reason for this is to start with the special design of the slippers.

Older hospital doctors believe that the slippers are loose, the soles are generally longer than the soles of the feet, and the old ones wear them, it is difficult to be as secure and heeled as the shoes tied to the feet.

  In addition, the slippers are mostly flat and flat, so when wearing slippers, the soles of the feet must be pressed firmly against the soles to walk normally.

Moreover, flat shoes can increase the pressure on the feet, which can affect blood circulation or cause fatigue in the feet due to nervous tension.

  If there is long-term compression and friction, it is also easy to cause skin damage, especially for people with diabetes and diabetes, it is difficult to cure after skin damage.

  In order to disperse the pressure on the soles of the feet, it is best to choose a pair of slippers with a heel of 2-3 cm, or simply wear a pair of shoes, because the padded heel can reduce the pressure on the arch and thus protect.

  When choosing slippers, the elderly should not be too loose or too tight.

The length is just as good as the plug, not too long.

The material of the sole should also be considered. The friction between the plastic and the ground is small and it is easy to slip, so it is best to choose the bottom of the cloth.

  It should be noted that some elderly people with obesity or high blood pressure should choose a pair of shoes.

Stovepipe trick: how to run the calf will not become thicker

Stovepipe trick: how to run the calf will not become thicker

Running as the most effective and simple fitness program is highly regarded, but there are still many friends who have questions: Will running make my calves thicker?

Fitness expert Liu Wei pointed out: taking the right way to run can make the calf look better.

  I feel that the running calf will become thicker, mainly because of the following reasons: Some people feel that the calf is very tired when running, and they feel tight, and they think that the calf is “long and thick”. In fact, this is just an illusion; the second is that the method is wrong.The anaerobic exercise of high-intensity hypertension may cause the muscles of the calf to grow, causing the consequences of thick legs, while the aerobic exercise consumes sugar, traces, and amino acids in the body, which is only superfluous.

  How to judge whether your exercise is aerobic exercise?

Coach Liu introduced that when the heart rate is between (220-age × 85%) and (220-age × 65%), it belongs to aerobic exercise, and the heart rate exceeds (220-age × 65%), which belongs to anaerobic exercise, andDuring anaerobic metabolism, sugar is decomposed and decomposed into lactic acid by anaerobic glycolysis, causing muscle fatigue and soreness.

  The method of slimming to avoid thickening of the calf should be jogging under aerobic exercise, characterized by low intensity, rhythm and duration shift.

Pay attention to time and speed while running. Generally, aerobic exercise takes at least 30 minutes and can take up to 1-2 hours.

The speed should not be too fast, and the heart rate should be controlled within the heart rate of aerobic exercise, but it should not be too slow, otherwise it will not be able to exercise.

Diet and fattening skills

Diet and fattening skills

Thin friends, diet is a good way to increase weight, but diet and fattening should have tips and increased transfer.


Carbonated boiled water: In the boiled water, add the appropriate amount of maltodextrin, the wheat dextrin can absorb and transform, it does not like soda, cola and other sugary drinks, because of the monosaccharide, will increase the burden on the body.


Adding milk: Add the cooked mung beans to the milk, make the mung bean milk, add sugar, or add cereal, wheat flour and other foods.

The amount of traces and nutrients has increased, and it can still be served with bread, biscuits and other foods to become breakfast or snacks.


Nuts in the meal: Nuts are high-content, high-sorghum foods.

Their fatty acid structure is mainly composed of monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is also rich in vitamin B group, vitamin E and trace minerals, which can also relieve fatigue.

However, if there is mold, the smell and oily taste will cause harm to the body.

Seeds, peanuts, sesame seeds, cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, pistachios, etc. all fall into this category.


Dessert after meal: The right amount of dessert after a meal helps a lot of weight gain. Eating dessert after a meal can reduce the burden on the body caused by sweets.

After the meal, a bottle of Yakult not only provides a transfer of about 100 kcal, but also the lactic acid bacteria cause the whole intestine and digestion.

  Thin friends, do you know how to eat?

Diet and fattening skills, the effect is obvious.

Older people delay hearing loss and eat three types of food

Older people delay hearing loss and eat three types of food

According to medical statistics, more than 75% of the elderly over 65 years old have different levels of tinnitus and deafness.

This proportion is even higher for people with certain chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, when we are about to enter the ranks of the elderly, we may take some corresponding preventive measures, through diet conditioning, can delay the occurrence of hearing loss.

  It is necessary to pay attention to the food supplement vitamin C. Vitamin E has the effect of increasing the body’s dismutase, promoting the utilization of oxygen, improving the blood flow of the distal end, and protecting the inner ear.

These elements are mainly contained in various green vegetables and citrus, walnuts and peanuts, as long as they are usually eaten.

  Vitamin D can promote the body’s absorption of calcium. Medical research has found that many elderly people with tinnitus are closely related to the lack of calcium in the blood.

The species elements are mainly contained in animal liver, eggs, mushrooms, and white fungus.

  In addition, the elderly should also pay attention to eating some blood circulation, dilating blood vessel food, which is beneficial to improve blood viscosity and make the peripheral blood vessels of the ear smooth.

To change bad habits, stop smoking and limit alcohol, don’t play cards all night long, don’t eat salty and sweet food.

  To supplement the zinc-rich food zinc, although it is small in the body, it has a great effect.

Studies have shown that nearly one-third of the elderly with tinnitus and deafness in the body are deficient in zinc, and those over the age of 45 are guaranteed to supplement 15 mg of zinc per day in order to maintain the balance of zinc in the body.

  Zinc-rich foods include animal liver, whole grains, nuts, eggs, sea cucumbers, and oysters.

  Recommended sample: 15 grams of sea cucumber, good hair, cut into strips; 30 grams of black beans, washed; 100 grams of pork bones, washed, cut into small pieces, and boiled in a casserole for 2 hours.

When you are ready to cook, add ginger, chopped green onion, and MSG to taste, and it will become a delicious flavor.

You can take 2 times a week and you will get good results.

  To choose more iron-rich foods and pay attention to the supplement of iron, can effectively prevent and delay the occurrence of tinnitus and deafness in the elderly.

People over the age of 45 must pay attention to the supplement of iron.

  Iron-rich foods mainly include seaweed, shrimp skin, jellyfish skin, black fungus, black beans, black sesame seeds, coriander, and day lily.

  Recommend a medicated diet: 40 grams of black fungus, soaked in warm water, washed, cut into filaments; red dates 5, cut into the core, cut fine; before the rice 100 grams, Amoy.

Add the three together into the casserole, add some water, and cook the porridge.

Eat 3 times a week, long-term adherence, have a higher effect.

Recognize the five prejudices to make weight loss simple and easy

Recognize the five prejudices to make weight loss simple and easy

If you want to effectively lose weight and become a beautiful woman, you must have the right weight loss knowledge.

Lack of proper weight loss knowledge often leads you into a weight loss trap. Weight loss bias often prevents you from effectively losing weight.

Here are the tips to help you recognize the five weight loss prejudices and teach you how to effectively lose weight and make you a beautiful woman.

  Losing weight is not an easy task. If you accidentally fall into the weight loss trap, you will lose more than you gain.

So before we lose weight, we must recognize the five prejudices about weight loss.

  Prejudice: There will be a “rebound” phenomenon when the movement stops. The fact that the “bounce” is the culprit is that the aunt who is consumed by the unscientific diet is mainly composed of two parts. The previous accumulation of redundant aunts and training are repeated at the same time.Hoarding.

The so-called rebound is to stop the training, still do not pay attention to the scientific allocation of their own diet, replace the excess food, causing the extra conversion to re-transform into misfortune, the result of hoarding in the body, weight loss increased again.

Therefore, the rebound phenomenon is caused by an unscientific diet!

  Prejudice: Weight training will make girls become strong. Fact: Weight training allows beautiful girls and slacks to say goodbye weight training can directionalally improve body posture, such as making the body firm, preventing slight sagging, improving the officeThe “humpback” phenomenon increases muscles and so on.

For adult women, the internal secretory glands are mainly secreted by estrogen, while the estrogens cannot support very strong muscles, and the small amount of the same weight is five times the muscle.

Therefore, as long as the training method is right, the girl can reset the short-term accident and tighten the body without worrying that she is strong!

  Prejudice: Doing aerobic exercise can change the shape of the facts: comprehensive training can shape the “devil body”. If you only carry out aerobic exercise, such as running, cycling and other continuous sports, plus eating less, you may lose weight, but the resultIt is only possible to change the body shape from a rejected pear to a smaller pear.

Weight training can not greatly increase the metabolic rate, but also can change the body shape, make the shoulders wider, so the waist looks finer.

You can practice your waist and abdomen with a clear outline and tight legs, so that you can become more powerful and confident.

  Then, the best choice for changing the shape is to combine aerobic exercise and weightlifting to achieve better results.

  Prejudice: Eat less, reduce quickly. Facts: Excessive dieting hurts the body and re-“S” shape becomes “sandwich”. People who eat on a diet are not enough to supply their own consumption. They have to squeeze their bodies.The nutrients, over time, will feel tired, weak and irritable.

At the same time, the immune system will suffer from paralysis, and all kinds of metabolism and glandular secretion will be no longer strong due to malnutrition. For women, insufficient secretion of estrogen means dry hair, lack of elasticity, no luster, and sagging skin.The body lacks a curve – it becomes a “shirt”!

  Prejudice: No thirst, no water. Fact: The body needs water at all times. The human body contains about 60% of water, and water is an important means of transportation for all kinds of nutrients. If you drink less water, you will feel fatigue and weakness.

Initial energy metabolism requires the participation of water.

Drinking water also helps control your diet.

How water can’t be used for the health of the body!

  Please recognize the five prejudices before losing weight to make weight loss easier!

Crude rice rice nutrition should not be long

Crude rice rice nutrition should not be long

Nowadays, rough rice is one of the most “retro” terms in the pursuit of nutritional value and even health.

It turns out that people with poor living conditions eat coarse rice. Now, after people’s health awareness is raised, more and more people realize that the nutritional value of micron meters is much higher than that of polished rice.It has become a staple food for every meal of every family.

However, eating a little rice is not a simple matter to eat. Yang Qinbing, deputy director of the Nutrition Department of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, told reporters that there is still a lot to be paid to fully absorb the nutritional value caused by the reduction of rice.

  There is no correction definition for coarse rice. As the name suggests, the “fine” of fine rice is the same as the rough “fine”. It refers to rice without deep processing. Now, most consumers think that it is pure white rice, and the rest of the rice isFine rice, although there is no scientific basis for this statement, but there is nothing wrong with it.

Yang Qinbing told reporters that before, no, any organization changed it to the correct definition of micron meters. Therefore, in the absence of standards, micron meters could not be generalized. It should be noted that in the cooking time, too coarse micrometers are needed.After a period of cooking time, or cooking in a pressure cooker, so as not to affect the taste or cause bad stimulation or damage to the digestive tract.

  Cooking rice to avoid over-panning many families in order to soften the slender rice cooked.

In the process of making coarse rice, it is often necessary to soak the micron rice for about 8 hours, and some families even soak for 12 hours in continuous micron meters. In such a long soaking process, the vitamins and minerals are included in the same process.There will be a large part dissolved in the soaked rice soup, and some families know that the alkaline rice has not been deeply processed because of the understanding of the production process of the deep rice. Therefore, it is very delicate and hard when panning, which will lead to nutrition.Partial loss.
Yang Qinbing told reporters that the vitamin B1 contained in the crude rice will lose 30%-60% during the panning and soaking process, the vitamin B2 will lose 20%-25%, and the mineral will lose about 75%.

Therefore, Yang Qinbing reminds readers that when making flour rice, it is necessary to carefully select the coarse rice before entering the water, and first remove the impurities such as rice husk that have not been removed, and then carry out the cooking after simple washing, preferably not soaking.This will ensure that the nutrients are relatively not lost.

  The nutrients contained in the coarse rice are much higher than the polished rice, especially for the over-population, constipation and diabetes. Therefore, proper consumption of some rice is not only nutritious but also good for health, but it must be cooked.Pay attention to maintaining nutrition during the process.

Some families do not know how to match the proportion of micron rice and polished rice when making thick rice. Yang Qinbing said that it only needs to adjust the proportion of individual taste. It can also put a few red dates in the cooking process, which is better.