Women’s smoking is more harmful to health than men?

Women’s smoking is more harmful to health than men?

Experts from the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention believe that compared with male smokers, female smoking is more harmful to health.

  It will not only harm the smoker’s own health, cause skin aging, increase the risk of lung disease, but also endanger health again.

  Lin Jiangtao, director of the Respiratory Department of the Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital who came to Jinan to quit smoking recently, said that nicotine will promote the release of dopamine in the brain, bringing a sense of calm and joy.

  The mechanism by which smokers rely on tobacco is very similar to drug use.

Long-term drug intervention is required during treatment.

Once you stop smoking, smokers develop restlessness or anxiety, anxiety, or depression.

It is also because of long-term addiction that smokers become dependent on tobacco, and boots are harmful to health.

  Sun Tong, director of the Health Education Institute of the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, believes that the exception of smoking for women will bring about the same health hazards as men, thereby increasing the incidence of hypertension and respiratory system.

Smoking will cause the skin to deteriorate earlier and affect beauty.

  This is because smoking damages the capillaries, hinders the blood circulation of the skin, prevents the skin from getting enough oxygen supply, and causes women’s skin to appear wrinkles earlier.

Preliminary experts predict that the incidence of diabetes among women will also increase every year in the next few years.

  Sun Tong said that it is more important for young female smokers to notice that smoking will increase the harm to fertility, increase the rate of infertility, and even cause high blood pressure and miscarriage and cause mental retardation of children.

This is because the chemical components in tobacco are transmitted to vanadium through the blood vessels.

  In addition, smoking will cause breast milk reduction in breastfeeding women and increase the incidence of breast and ovarian cancer.

Compared to non-smokers, the richness of women smokers is much higher.

How to prevent cancer two kinds of soup effective everyday_1

How to prevent cancer everyday

We have a saying: “Illness comes from the mouth.” So does cancer.

In this age of cancer discoloration, cancer has become a major threat to people’s health.

In fact, some foods in the daily diet can be very good for preventing cancer.

The following introduces two kinds of soup for everyone, as long as you drink it often, you can easily cure many kinds of cancer.

  First, what soup to drink can effectively prevent cancer. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, cancer is a lump due to stasis of blood and blood in the human body, so taking some expectorant, dehumidifying, detoxifying foods, and taking medications can well regulate the five organsThe qi and blood movement of Liuxu is also a major factor in reducing cancer.

  Among them, Mai Miao Tang is an excellent cancer choice.

So, what important health function does Mai Miao Tang play and can it cure the cancer?

  1. Mai Miao Soup Mai Miao is wheat seedling, known as the “king of alkaline food”.

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the big fish and meat in the daily diet must continue.

And when the human body always eats some tadpole food, its normal acid-base environment will produce imbalance and gradually become an acidic body.

However, people with an acidic constitution are very susceptible to the attack of germs, so they often get sick. Among them, cancer and the three higher diseases are the majority in this population.

  And Mai Miao Tang is an alkaline food. Drinking it often can change the body’s acidic body. The acidic body can be changed to a healthy alkaline body over time.

Related studies have shown that some macromolecules are difficult to survive in alkaline bodies.

  In addition, wheat seedlings also contain a lot of enzymes, replacing acids, vitamins and other ingredients. Among them, enzymes can well solve the purpose of inhibiting diffusion and diffusion, and can promote its loss of activity, which can not cause harm to the human body.

  At the same time, wheat seedlings are also rich in nutrients such as chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals, which can not only complement the purpose of supplementing human nutrients, but also enhance the immune system of the human body.

This is most evident in the prevention of cancer.

  2. Spinach soup Spinach is a seasonal vegetable in spring. It has excellent moisturizing and dehydrating effects, soothing liver and nourishing blood, and has excellent adjuvant treatment effects on diabetes, anemia and other adverse symptoms caused by insufficient liver gas in the spring.
However, drinking some spinach soup often leads to an excellent combination of multiple cancer purposes.

    Spinach is also rich in crude plant fibers, which can promote coupling peristalsis and thus have a laxative purpose.

At the same time, it can effectively promote the secretion of insulin. The plant crude fiber can also help food digestion, which greatly reduces the burden on the stomach. This is an excellent dietary choice for patients with constipation and it also plays an important role in colon cancer.
  At the same time, spinach also contains a variety of antioxidants, these substances can effectively prevent free radical damage caused by cancer.

Related studies have shown that eating spinach every day can reduce the probability of prostate cancer by at least 50%, so for some people who always love to smoke, it does not prevent them from eating more spinach and protecting the lungs.

  In addition, when eating spinach soup, we can also add some garlic, even improve the taste, and reduce the efficacy of gastric cancer.

  Garlic contains a substance that can effectively reduce the nitrate content in the stomach, and this substance is the main cause of gastric cancer.

  However, it is necessary to pay attention when drinking soup. Although the soup supports people, nitrite can cause cancer.

When drinking soup daily, you must avoid drinking soup that has been repeatedly processed.

  Second, how to prevent cancer everyday 1, poorly adjusted dietary habits may lead to the development of a variety of cancers. In addition, 10% of patients who die from cancer each year are closely related to dietary habits.

In fact, in our daily diet, we have to achieve cancer from the mouth.

  First, let’s not eat moldy foods, certain peanuts, rice, flour, etc.

This is because aflatoxin is produced after food is moldy, which is highly carcinogenic.

So do n’t eat more.

  Furthermore, salted and smoked foods should be eaten less. These foods must be processed with salt during the production process. Too much salt can be converted into nitrite in the body, which is also a strong carcinogen.

  2. Periodic health checkups Although cancer is the culprit for taking precious lives, as long as we do regular health checkups in a day-to-day manner, timely detection of problems, and timely diagnostic tests, we can greatly reduce the risk of cancer.

  In fact, the main causes of cancer are divided into three aspects: bad living habits, external factors, and genetic factors.

And many diseases do not have particularly obvious symptoms in the early stage, and when the last cancer turns, they often have missed the best treatment period.

  Therefore, regular cancer prevention tests can effectively kill cancer diagnosis in the cradle, thereby protecting people’s health.

  The above has introduced to you in detail the cancer that can be achieved by drinking wheat seed soup and spinach soup. Do you know?

I hope that everyone will not prevent drinking more in their daily diet.Cancer prevention must start with the little things around you!

What temperament is most likely to succeed

What temperament is most likely to succeed

What temperament is most likely to succeed? In psychology, the concept of “temperament” is similar to what we usually call “temperate” and “temper”.

In daily life, some people are always lively, while others are always quiet and calm; some people are always impatient when they are enough to do things, and some people are always so delicate and profound.

The differences in the dynamic characteristics of these psychological activities from person to person are differences in temperament.

Traditionally, temperament is divided into multiple types1.

Polyplasms have low sensitivity and high tolerance; strong involuntary responsiveness; plasticity and extraversion; high emotional excitement, obvious external exposure, fast and flexible response.


Bile quality is low sensitivity and high tolerance; involuntary reactivity is high, involuntary response is dominant; obvious extraversion, high emotional excitement, poor inhibition; fast response, but inflexible.


Mucus is of low sensitivity and high tolerance; both involuntary responsiveness and emotional excitement are low; obvious introversion and low external performance; slow response and stability.


Depressive sensibility is high, tolerance is low; involuntary responsiveness is low; severe introversion; emotional excitement is high and experience deep, response speed is slow; rigid and inflexible.

However, the above-mentioned division of some temperament types is more of a theoretical abstraction. People who rarely see a typical temperament type in life have mostly mixed characteristics.

Temperament is an inherent biological condition that has been born into one’s life and has become an acquired character.

Improvement, temperament can present personality traits in accordance with its own dynamics, giving personality traits a unique color, and affecting the speed of the formation or transformation of certain personality traits.

For example, they are also helpful. People with high blood quality often act agilely when they help others, and their emotions are obviously exposed; while those with mucoid quality may be calm and their emotions are not shown.

For another example, in order to develop self-control, bile people often need great effort and restraint; while depressive people are relatively easy to form, and he can do it without special control.

At the same time, temperament has also been transformed and concealed in the practice of personal life.

To understand your temperament type, you can observe yourself in daily life, or other people’s evaluation, or refer to the measurement results of some temperament tables.

However, it is more important to realize that there is no distinction between good and bad temperament; there is only the difference between suitable and unsuitable.

Generally speaking, each temperament type has its advantages and disadvantages.

People with multiple blood qualities are rich in emotions, flexible in reaction, and easy to accept new things, but their emotions fluctuate and their energy is easily dispersed.

Bile people are straightforward and enthusiastic, producing strong, fast and powerful reactions, but have a quick temper and are easy to be impulsive; mucous people are quiet and stable, good at self-control, but are cold and slow to respond to surrounding objects.

Depressive people have deep and stable emotional experiences, keen observation, careful and careful work, but too much sentimentality and lonely behavior.

Temperament is only a prerequisite for the development of human character and ability. People of all types of temperament are likely to achieve success in their careers.

According to analysis, four well-known Soviet writers are representative of many different temperament types: Pushe metal bile, Herzen is a bloody substance, Krylov is a mucous substance, and Gogol is a depressive substance.

Temperament alone cannot predict the size of achievements.

The significance of knowing your own temperament is mainly to choose the most suitable development direction and life path according to your own characteristics.


Test yourself if you are fit for hot yoga

Test yourself if you are fit for hot yoga

Yoga was born in India.

In the concept of local people, practicing yoga in a hot and hot environment is healthy for the body.

More than a decade ago, Westerners used modern heating equipment to reproduce the high-temperature practice environment of traditional Indian yoga, and developed a new yoga-hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga.

A few years ago, Hot Yoga recovered from China.

  Are You Suitable For Hot Yoga 1 And Do You Need To Lose Weight?

  2. Do you feel stressed?

  3. Do you have a neurological headache?

  4. Do you suffer from prejudice?

  5. Do you have any injuries that will never heal?

  6. After you take part in physical exercise on the weekend, do you feel pain in the whole body at night?

  7. Do you have insomnia?

  8. Did the doctor suggest you do some exercise?

  9. Does your tibia hurt?

  10. Do you want to improve your golf skills?

  11. Do you lack energy?

  12. Do you get tired easily?

  13. Do you travel frequently?

  14. Can you sit at your computer and work?

  15. Do you have wrist joint syndrome?

  16. Is your back, shoulders and soreness hurt?

  As long as you answer “yes” to any of these questions, hot yoga is for you!

  What is the effect of practicing hot yoga?

  A, stimulate the lymphatic system, expel toxins, quickly eliminate fat, make the skin bright and shiny; B, improve vision and hearing, maintain mental and emotional health and sharper intuition; C, strengthen muscles and exercise softness to prevent sports caused byDamage; D, strengthen the autonomic nervous system, cultivate concentration, increase self-confidence; E, enhance heart and lung functions, promote blood circulation and metabolism, help digestion, and improve the body’s immunity; F, the most effective is to quickly lose weight andBody; G, Thermal Yoga Calories: 400?
500 kcal / hour; H, practice two to three times a week, not too much.

  The doctor reminded Dr. Fang of Chongqing Medical University (3 years of yoga and half a year of hot yoga): Those who practice hot yoga should pay attention to the following matters: First, the practitioners should strengthen the moisturizing care of the throat to avoid damage to the respiratory system; Second, high temperatureThe environment makes people’s metabolism very strong. This is a consumption in itself. It is recommended to do less powerful yoga exercises. Third, it can cause severe colds, fever, kidney disease, diabetes, liver disease, epilepsy, hypertension, and hypertension. It is not suitable.Practice hot yoga; Fourth, those who are recovering from a serious illness or who have just undergone surgery should not practice hot yoga; fifth, do not do too much difficult movements and inverted postures during the physiological period; sixth, severe smokers and excessive drinkers should not practice hot yoga;Seven, you can take vitamin B before practicing hot yoga to prevent dehydration, supplement vitamin C and E after class to antioxidant; eight, people who take cold medicine or diet pills, should not practice hot yoga; nine, if you experience physical trembling during exercise, tightnessWhen it ‘s tight, or it ca n’t be reached, it means that the muscles have started to fatigue, and you should rest in time; ten, during the exerciseBe sure to follow the coach’s instructions.

  Nutritionist recommends Associate Professor of Nutrition, Chongqing Medical University: From a nutritional point of view, after eating yoga for 1 hour, you should eat more sodium-rich alkaline foods to eliminate the accumulation of acidic substances in the body and achieve rapid elimination of fatigue.effect.

Specially recommended yoga beauty Western-style set (total calories: 943kcal): drink: light salted skim milk 250ml; staple food: salty square bag 2 supplements to restore physical strength; main dish: Indian-style Western chop steak; soup: Dragon King soup; salad:fruit salad.

  In addition to supplementing trace amounts, protein and calcium, it can also neutralize acidic metabolites in the body after exercise, helping to eliminate excess fat in the body.

4 masks to apply summer hydration


4 masks to apply summer hydration

In the summer, I am looking forward to being outdoors, and the skin is prone to sunburn. Using a special post-sun repair product is a first aid method.

After-sun repair creams often use gel or gel formulations. In the absence of a moment, you can also use the raw materials in the home to obtain the green self-care effect.

  Four homemade after-sun repair masks can help you meet your needs in summer.

  First, the raw material of watermelon mask: a piece of watermelon, honey amount.

  Method: Make a mask with watermelon juice and honey.

  To use: Apply directly on the face for about 25 minutes.

  Note: The skin often feels beating after sun exposure. At this time, the skin needs to be calmed down before further treatment can be given.

Watermelon mask can cool down the face and calm the skin.

    Second, after-sun repair liquid ingredients: aloe leaves, camomile flowers, vitamin E oil, peppermint oil each amount.

  Method: Use aloe vera juice and dried chamomile flowers at a ratio of 3: 1, add water and heat over low heat. The water cannot be boiled. After the chamomile flowers are scattered, turn off the heat and cool, then filter out the solid matter in the soupTake a spoonful of vitamin E oil and 3 drops of peppermint oil and mix well. Pour into a closed container and cover with cold. This will make a homemade sunscreen repair liquid.

  To use: Apply directly to uniform.

  Note: This method has a good effect on repairing the skin after sun exposure.

  Third, cheese and lavender mask ingredients: cheese amount, two drops of lavender essential oil.

  Method: Add two drops of lavender essential oil to the cheese and mix thoroughly.

  To use: Apply the mask directly to the face and wash off after 30 minutes.

  Note: This mask can effectively treat the roughness of sunburned skin.

Lavender essential oil itself has the effect of soothing, stabilizing and anti-inflammatory skin, and with cheese can promote smooth and delicate skin.

  Fourth, potato carrot mask raw materials: potato carrots each amount.

  Method: Wash the raw materials and mash them into juice.

  To use: Apply directly to skin for 20 minutes and wash off.

  Note: Both types of vegetables contain a large amount of vitamin A and vitamin B, which have a great repairing effect on the dryness of the skin, the roughness after sun exposure, and the sensitivity to keratinization.

Ladies don’t ignore bad skin care habits

Ladies don’t ignore bad skin care habits

Many beautiful girls have focused their attention on the choice and price of skin care products, but have ignored the misunderstanding that there are many beauty treatments in our lives that are devouring our skin health, so many buyers will say:”Why didn’t it work?

  Summarize the experience here today, so that more MMs can be truly healthy and beautiful!


hzh {display: none; }  首先,使用产品中的一些不良习惯:   使用时间过长,导致产品变质   一般造成这样的情况有几个原因.

First, it’s too expensive when bought, so I can’t bear it.

Many buyers have been contacted, and there are indeed many examples of this.

I felt that it took hundreds of hundreds of oceans and not many days, and I was very distressed, so I pulled the “front” too long; first, the trend was too serious.

I have a new product on TV today, I ca n’t help but try it. Tomorrow I hear something useful, so I ran to buy it.

His skin turned into an experimental field, and money was spent.

The pile was full of things that were used up little by little, and finally I couldn’t bear to lose them.

You can only wipe your feet, but this is not scientific.

Once I heard a MM said that she used those unused lotions to remove makeup and said it was useful.

Although I don’t know if it is scientific, I feel terrible.

After all, it’s your own face!

It’s better to be a special one!

Third, it is too fraternal.

At the same time like a lot of brands, each like, so wipe everything to the ends.

Still a word, be careful!

Fourth, I remember a song that said: There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women!

Many MMs are not able to stick to it, throw them aside after using it a few times, and think of when to use it again.

This has been delayed again and again, I do n’t know if it has expired!

Therefore, Amy must treat her skin very carefully and insist on it at the same time.

  Some people may say that pulling is guaranteed anyway for 3 years, it doesn’t matter.

In fact, it is wrong to think so.

Three years said it was in a closed state.

If you have launched the product, it means that there is no longer a three-year period!

Moreover, environmental protection and safety are now promoted, and preservative-free products have a shorter shelf life.

Therefore, if you spend money, you should use it quickly. Don’t delay using it because of the distressed money, which will cause greater waste.

How to keep cosmetics fresh?

Please see my other post!

  Where does your skin care product exist?

Breaking the traditional way!

  In fact, the content setting of each product has a certain reason. If it is not enough, there must be no effect and many products need a few boxes to see the effect.

So be sure to insist!

Use today, not tomorrow, the effect is greatly reduced!

In addition, the activity of many functional ingredients will be greatly reduced or even disappeared due to exposure to air or pollution.

For example, the Beimei freeze-dried powder in my store.

One box is 10, but it is 5 water and 5 powder.When you use it, you need to mix two by two, that is, 5 to use!

But each one is even mixed and has a very small capacity. At this time, many MMs have said it, so can’t they run out after a click?

In fact, the activity of BFGF contained in it can only survive for 7 days in the air, so as long as the lid is opened, one must be used up 7 times.

Therefore, if the content is increased a lot, it is also irresponsible to everyone!

  Deteriorated products are still used as usual. I think this kind of friends still have a part.

Especially the ones that spent a lot of money are reluctant to use, so the overdue has not been used up.

But because of the distress, I opened one eye and closed it forcibly.

I don’t think I need to say more. Whether it is food or cosmetics, the most strict requirements on product shelf life (not shelf life), especially those products that do not contain preservatives.

Not to mention miscellaneous products, the brand’s cosmetics are strictly controlled on the packaging, so the cost of the brand’s things will naturally be higher.

So MM who likes to bargain, don’t just bargain, say what others are so cheap, if you are so expensive.

Yes, if the real and fake products are compared, of course, the price is different, and if you compare the counter and the online store, it is naturally different.

The cost is not what is expected in those jars!

  Use unclean hands to pick up cosmetics, and do n’t close the lid after opening the lid. I believe this is a mistake that most MMs will have!

Everyone has been applying cream or lotion with their fingers.

In fact, this is a hidden danger.

Because our hands have a lot of bacteria, even after washing our face or bathtub.

So paying attention to personal hygiene is a necessary detail.

Some friends will buy a product, which is shared by several people in the family.

It is even more prone to cross infection, causing allergies, etc.!

So now many products are equipped with small spoons, just to improve everyone’s bad habits.

  In fact, if you often go to the mall, you will notice that the ladies in the mall pick them up with cotton pads or small sticks before giving them a trial.

This is actually telling everyone how to use it correctly.

In this way, the first can prevent cross-infection, and the second can also reduce the contact time between the product and the air, and avoid excessive oxidation!

So if you pick it randomly when you use it, do n’t remember to close the lid after you use it, and then close the shell after you finish painting. Such long-term use will naturally reduce the freshness of the product!

  A detail will affect the level. If you want to have a good effect, you really should take every detail seriously!

  Many products now have some type of small stick as a gift, and some have also been improved in packaging, called plug-in.

The types are all maintenance details!

  First of all, it’s wrong!

hzh {display: none; }  1、洗完脸后不及时进行护理   很多MM肯定有这么一两次会出现这样的情况,刚洗完脸有人来找或者接了个超长电话,要不就是妈妈Hurry up and steal a bit!

Actually, this is all wrong.

Our face has a natural sebum film to protect the skin. The amount of sebum secretion must be completely washed out immediately after washing the face. A new sebum film will form in 1-2 hours. This is also very easy to feel dry and tight after washing your face.The cause of tension.

Therefore, skin that has lost the protection of the sebum film should use skin care products as soon as possible to form a protective layer and maintain the sebum secretion balance of the skin.

  Therefore, after washing your face?
Use skin care products within 5 minutes. At that time, it is the best state for absorption!

  2. I am afraid that my face is not clean. Some MMs that use dead skin products are particularly fond of cleaning, even Jieyin.

Repeatedly washing your face, and using a dead skin product before washing your face, it feels like this can clean up the pores and dirt!

Actually, this is a big mistake!

Our skin is very fragile, as long as daily cleaning is done.

Those products that are dead skinned will write that they are done 2-3 times a week.
Because while exfoliating or exfoliating, it also increases the burden on the skin. If you do this every day, your pores will become very large.
Therefore, it is recommended not to clean up too many types of MMs!

  3. The smearing method is wrong, and the skin of the person has a different structure and thickness in different parts.

Therefore, when applying different parts, use different methods correctly.

I will post a special post to explain the correct method of each part in detail.

  In the human body, the eye skin is the thinnest and most vulnerable part, with many capillaries distributed.

So the eye problem is currently the hardest to solve and the longest battle!

In such a fragile area, we cannot apply hard or excessively pull.

This method is definitely not good for the skin.

Even with the most expensive eye cream, it is impossible to see good results.

So after buying eye cream, some buyers will say it is useless, but some buyers will say it is useful.

That’s the difference!

  The correct way to apply eye cream is to gently apply to the skin around the eyes with your fingertips.

Slowly, gently bounce around the eyes and massage in a certain direction.

Try not to pull the skin, and don’t give the skin too much pressure, so as not to pull too much, which will affect the normal blood circulation and cause the eye skin to relax and make more wrinkles.

  4, after washing your face, use a towel to dry the skin with a rough towel and rub it on the skin immediately after cleaning. It will also cause invisible scratches to the naked eye, letting bacteria invade it!

If you have acne and wipe your face with a towel, you can easily break the acne, so the bacteria in the acne will be hidden in the towel and spread the towel to other parts of the body, so that your acneWill continue to take out, it is difficult to eradicate.

  Therefore, towels should be kept clean and soft. Wash your face with running water as much as possible. After washing, gently press the face to absorb the water. You cannot rub and pull back and forth.

  5. In the morning, I wash my face with clear water and many lazy MMs, including me sometimes.

You do n’t need to do cleaning because you rush out or feel that you have cleaned enough at night.

In fact, this is all wrong.

  After a whole night’s metabolism, our skin will secrete sweat, oil, etc., and there is also a substitute for aging keratin produced by metabolism.

Even some MMs will have the habit of drooling!

In addition, our sheets and pillows cannot be changed every day.

So there must be dust and bacteria.

So in the morning, you must clean your skin carefully to keep it clean and clear.

  6. It is estimated that many MMs have a habit of removing lipstick with a paper towel. Wipe lipstick with a paper towel directly, in fact, will cause excessive irritation to the lips, causing damage to the capillaries of the skin under the lips. In the past, it will change the lip color.Severe can even trigger arthritis.

Although you can use lipstick and other things to improve the color, but if you pay attention to life, you should not pay attention to these details, right?

  Like makeup removers on other parts of the face, delicate lip skin also requires special makeup removers.

Now there are many products for lips makeup removal, and the results are good.

You must know that the mouth of bacteria is a big entrance. If you don’t clean it, you will feel terrible!



Cosmetics eat into the stomach ~~~~~~~~ 55555 In addition, there are some bad ones.

Towels and facial cleansers that we usually use repeatedly are used to accumulate too much bacteria.

Makeup tools are also used well or not cleaned, some hair, makeup, etc. are left inside.

These are all factors that cause damage to our skin.

So make a habit of cleaning personal items often!

Specifically how to clean, I believe there are many good tips!

What do yogis pay attention to for dinner?

What do yogis pay attention to for dinner?

Dinner, if eaten improperly, too full, too late, may harm human health.

It is recommended that yoga practitioners based on slimming body follow the following healthy vegetarian diet.

   Dinner is not too late. The view of yoga diet believes that yoga people are best not to eat 2 hours before bedtime, so dinner should not be eaten too late, otherwise it is easy to suffer from urethral stones.

  Too many people have dinner late because of work, and go to bed shortly after meals.

In the sleep state, blood pressure slows down, and urine excretion also decreases. In addition to being absorbed by the body, calcium in the diet must be excreted through the urethra.

  According to measurements, the peak of urination in the human body is usually 4 to 5 hours after eating. If the dinner is too late, it will be eaten at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening. The peak of urination will be after 0:00 in the morning.Urine is retained in the urethra and combines with uric acid to form calcium oxalate. When its concentration is high, crystals can precipitate and precipitate under normal body temperature, accumulate, and form stones.

Therefore, in addition to drinking more water, you should eat dinner as early as possible, so that the excretion peak after eating is advanced, and it is best to go to bed after urinating.

  Dinner should not be full. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that “the stomach is uncomfortable and restless.”

If you drink over dinner, it will inevitably cause an increase in the gastrointestinal burden. The information of the intense work is continuously transmitted to the brain, which makes people insomnia, more dreams, and over time, it is easy to cause diseases such as neurasthenia.

  If a middle-aged person becomes full with dinner for a long time and repeatedly stimulates a large amount of insulin secretion, it often causes an increase in insulin β-cell burden, weakens the elderly, and induces diabetes.

At the same time, when dinner is full, some proteins cannot be digested and absorbed. Under the action of asynchronous bacteria, toxic substances will be produced. In addition, intestinal peristalsis will slow down during sleep, which relatively prolongs the residence time of these substances in the body, which may promote colorectal cancer.occur.

  Dinner should be eaten. Medical research has found that people who eat meat regularly for dinner have three to four times higher blood lipids than people who eat vegetarian food.

  People with high blood lipids and high blood pressure, if they eat ravioli often for dinner, it is equivalent to pouring oil on the fire.

Dinner often ingests too much instantaneousness, which can easily lead to increased plasma, while excessive plasma accumulates on the walls of blood vessels, which can cause arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease over time.

  Dinner is not sweet, and sweets should not be eaten often after dinner.

This is because of glucose, metabolic activity of the liver, individual tissues, and muscles. Modern biomedical research has confirmed that there are different changes at different stages of the day.

  Dinner is not too sweet. In principle, the activity of material metabolism is changed by repeated changes in the intensity of sunlight; the physical aspect is strongly affected by the state of rest or activity.

White sugar is digested and decomposed into fructose and glucose, which are converted into energy and traces after being absorbed by the human body. Since exercise can inhibit the inhibition of secretion, it also inhibits the conversion of white sugar into pups.

Therefore, exercise immediately after supplementing with sugar can inhibit the growth of neutral trace concentrations in blood.

Resting immediately after ingesting sugar, the result is the opposite, which can make you fat over time.

Women eat more black beans to replenish blood

Women eat more black beans to replenish blood

Studies suggest that black beans have high protein and low conversion characteristics.

The protein content of black beans is as high as 36% -40%, which is equivalent to 2 times that of meat, 3 times that of eggs, and 12 times that of milk; black beans contain 18 amino acids, especially 8 amino acids essential for humans.

    Black beans also contain 19 kinds of oleic acid, whose unsaturated fatty acid content is 80%, and the absorption rate is over 95%. In addition to meeting the needs of the body for aunts, it also has a role in lowering blood cholesterol.

    Black beans basically don’t give up cholesterol. They only contain phytosterols, but phytosterols are not absorbed and used by the human body, and they also have the effect of inhibiting the absorption of the human body and reducing the cholesterol content in the blood.

Therefore, regular consumption of black beans can soften blood vessels, moisturize the skin, and delay aging.

It is especially beneficial for patients with hypertension and hypertension.

    The content of trace elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, and fluorine in black beans is very high, and these trace elements are very important to delay human aging and reduce blood viscosity.

The content of crude fiber in black beans is as high as 4%, and regular consumption of black beans can provide crude fiber in food, promote digestion, and prevent constipation.

    Many female friends have anemia, and blood-supply food is generally warm, so many people are afraid to eat it.

Now it’s winter, and you can safely replenish blood.

   The content of trace elements such as zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium, and fluorine in black beans is very high, and these trace elements are very important to delay human aging and reduce blood viscosity.

The content of crude fiber in black beans is as high as 4%, and regular consumption of black beans can provide crude fiber in food, promote digestion, and prevent constipation.

    Many female friends have anemia, and blood-supply food is generally warm, so many people are afraid to eat it.
Now it’s winter, and you can safely replenish blood.

Let women enjoy orgasm to stimulate genital skills

Let women enjoy orgasm to stimulate genital skills

Labia massage.

hzh {display: none; }  将完全润滑后的手掌置于y唇之上,手指朝臀部,向肚脐方向揉动,双手轮流.
Now use your fingers to explore the inner and outer y lips.

Gently pull one side, then the other side.

Gently rub her outer y lip with her fingers and thumb, then the inner y lip.

  1,2,3 insert the middle finger of the index finger into her y road, and put the thumb up against the y pedicle. Now you can use your imagination to do all kinds of thrusting, twisting movements, and you can even shake the whole palm to stimulate her.

  If you are sensitive to the point where your woman is eager to be wiped and caressed, then move around it and try not to touch this point (unless occasionally encountered once or twice).

In this way, she will try to reach the climax as much as possible, and once the final climax comes, it will be a climax several times stronger than usual.

  There are two ways in which a pussy massage woman can shoot y: the stimulation through the G-point and the stimulation through the y-ti.

Many women’s y tidal performances are more acute and G-point high * tides are deeper.

Women’s stimuli usually need to be temporarily reduced to accumulate, accompanied by multiple orgasms.

To get the climax of the series, it is necessary to introduce the stimulation of time and intensity.

  From this, I gently insert a finger deep into her y house, and when she is ready, insert another one.

Put your thumb against her anus, but don’t insert it, otherwise move your finger in the y room and press the place with your thumb.

  Count to ten and put your palm on top of her hill – the y hair grows, the finger is gently inserted into the y lip, and the thumb is placed over her thigh.

The action gently presses the hand on her hill and moves in a loop.

Don’t touch your skin too much with your hands, but move on the y hair and repeat this action ten times.

Now tap her y lip ten times with her finger, at a rate of once per second.

Be careful to light, not to shoot mosquitoes, or to hurt your woman.

Now put the hand back on her hill and take a break.

Then repeat the front ring motion and tap motion.

  The mysterious cervix woman’s cervix is usually on the back of her y-way. It feels a bit like a thin, thin tissue, sometimes with a small crack in the center, like a chin.

Carefully stimulate the surrounding area of the cervix, so she will be very useful, I hope you often do, but there are exceptions.

  Picking up your hijab is a special organ. It is more sensitive than any part of the man’s y stem. You can’t care much about it with a capillary hand.

Gently push and pull the cover that covers the y pedicle, and the friction caused by the y lip can reduce the pain caused by excessive roughness and bring comfort.

  Inside and outside, a hand is placed over her abdomen, and when the other hand moves in her vaginal passage, the hand exerts pressure in all directions outside.

  Studying well has a good way to make a woman happy. When she is licking, your hand is placed on her hand, then swapping the position, and her hand is placed on your hand to guide you.

  The edge pleasure has a way to massage the _ regenerative massage with the index finger and thumb to pinch her fully lubricated y lip, squeeze it slightly, then gradually extend the pull, let the y lip slowly slip off the finger, the finger is away from her bodyOne inch of the place to stop, repeat this work, I believe she will like it.

  Ovary Stimulation Ask your woman to correct the ovaries with her help, usually they are deep in the y road, closest to the left or right.

Some women like the massage in this area, some overcome the pain, and the sensitivity varies with the menstrual cycle.

  Don’t ask Moore to caress her thighs and y hair with gentle movements at first, don’t go further until your pelvis arches upwards, teasing, stroking until her y lips open to summon your fingers.

  Come and insert the index finger into the y road very slowly, stand still, and then start to slide back and forth.

Add your middle finger if needed.

  The New Moon’s joy inserts your thumb into her y-way, bends your palm over the crescent moon, and points the fingertip over her pubic bone.

The rotation stimulates her G point (located above the y road), the y pedicle and the outer G point (bladder area).

  叮咚 Forced to withstand her G point, like the jingle bell, press, release, and repeat.

  Two fingers of the two-way column massage up and down in the y road, pressing eight times in each direction.

  y ti tweeted to wipe her y pedicle with a very light movement.  Also pinch and pull gently to pinch, pull the y pedicle.

  Fast and hard women often want to be thrust fast, deep, and energetic. When you use your fingers, don’t forget that it is important to let her relax, don’t make the body nervous and stiff.。  The door of Bliss uses a finger to make a slight scratch on the y crossing, and she is hungry for thirst.

Women are strong because of ecstasy

Women are strong because of ecstasy

With the progress of the times, people in the city have found that more and more women suddenly have more courage than men at some moments and dare to give and give.

Women are becoming more and more male-like, while men are becoming more careful, emotionally fragile, and even indecisive.

This is psychologically called “bisexual temperament”.

Everyone’s psychology includes both male and female characteristics, but the role of social culture makes individuals suppress psychological and gender characteristics opposite to their own gender.

Now that social conditions have reduced this depression, more and more people are showing some psychological characteristics of the opposite sex.

  It’s not difficult to find that many young women dare to invest in love and are sincere.

This is also related to the material abundance of society nowadays, and people’s understanding of love is no longer as much a material consideration as before.

More and more “three high” women (high academic qualifications, high positions, high incomes), in the pursuit of love, confident, bold and willing to give up, have come out of the traditional negative, passive, waiting traditional female roles.

They dare to love and hate, in contrast, eclipsing many men.

  Faced with fierce competition, men in the city are more sensitive than before, but their psychological qualities have not been sufficiently trained in a good material living environment, which is manifested in their emotions, and they dare not give up the feelings they desire, causing indecision.

  In the work, the white-collar women’s fierce popularity is impressive, while men suffer from losses due to their backbone in the family.

This can be the restraint of male role as a social role positioning official.

Traditionally, women represent love, warmth, weakness, obedience and sacrifice, while men represent strength, responsibility, competition, indifference and domination.

This positioning makes men restrained and suppressed, and they do not care too much about success or failure in doing things. Therefore, when they act, they lose a lot of pleasure and hatred, and often lack self-interest and dedication.