What kind of marriage do you belong to in the new era

What kind of marriage do you belong to in the new era

With the continuous improvement of women’s democracy, women are no longer just affiliated with men as in the old society.

Marriage research experts summarize modern marriage into five types, and see which category you belong to: the woodpecker type, they are intoxicated and envy others.

Pull hands, shoulders, kisses, and keep busy in public.

But in private, the two people’s confidence in love is not enough, and their respective confidence in themselves is not enough, but the borrowing relationship complements each other.

Such marriages are inconsistent, as long as one party has an independent sense of intervention, the marriage will be in crisis.

  Harmonious This is an ideal marriage pattern, but only 20% of couples are of the same type.

They love and forgive each other and share the burden. They can resolve some disputes over education of children and economic expenses through sincere exchanges.

  Independent men and women are independent. They believe that falling in love is not the same as guarding the whole day. They will be willing to spend time with their children and share the housework. When she is not happy, he can listen patiently.An Annunciation object.

However, the two have different hobbies, different circles of friends, and even couples will go on vacation separately. If a marriage is to last long, mutual trust is the key, but if there is no mutual care and work communication, a marriage crisis will occur.

  Explosive type is the typical bed fight between the bed and the couple.

The two were facing each other for a while, and hugged enthusiastically for a while, forgetting the discomfort just now.

Although experts believe that quarreling is too bad for marriage, it is better for the two to spread the problem than to hide it in their hearts. As long as they have fun outside the quarrel, the marriage can last.

  From an outsider’s perspective, manipulative is one that is essentially bossy and has to control everything, while the other is willing to be controlled.

In fact, it is a permanent marriage. One party can take care of it, and the other party is dedicated to other aspects.

Only when one person’s personality changes suddenly can the marriage be unstable.

Medicinal diet helps women prevent colds after menstruation


Medicinal diet helps women prevent colds after menstruation

The following dietary prescriptions should be taken before menstruation, which can help prevent colds after menstruation.

  ①Each gelatin pig lean meat soup can be used with 10 grams of gelatin, 10 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 3 onions, and 50 grams of lean pork.

When making it, first shred the gelatin, wash the pig lean meat and cut into small pieces, put onion white, codonopsis and wolfberry into the casserole and cook the soup at the same time.

When eating, season with salt.

Can I take 2 a week before menstruation?
3 times, especially suitable for women with heavy menstrual flow.

  ② Angelica red jujube soup is 10 grams each time (head or body should be used, tail should not be used), 6 red dates, 15 grams of Huang Jing, one fresh egg.

When making it, first wash the angelica, steam it soft with water, and cut into thin slices for later use.

Wash the red dates to remove the cores, and wash the yellow essence.

Then add Angelica sinensis, red dates and Huang Jing to the casserole and cook the soup.

After the soup is cooked, add fresh eggs (without shells) and cook for another 5 minutes.

Soup and eggs.

This prescription can be taken twice a week before menstruation, especially for those who are usually weak and prone to dizziness.

  ③ Ginger Angelica Ginger Lamb Soup 30 grams (head or body should be used), 15 grams of ginger, 15 grams of Astragalus and 250 grams of fresh lamb.

When preparing, first wash the angelica, steam it softly with water, and cut into thin slices.

Ginger is thinly sliced, fresh lamb is washed and cut into small pieces.

Put the above four things together in a stew pot, simmer for 1 and a half hours, then season the soup and meat.

Can eat more before menstruation, this side is especially suitable for women with anemia and low menstrual flow.

  If you have a cold after your menstruation is clean, you should treat it promptly without affecting your body.

Treatment of postmenstrual cold can be combined with food therapy.

  Available medicines: 12 grams of Bupleurum, 10 grams of Yuzhu, 9 grams of bellflower, 6 grams of mint (bottom), 9 grams of light fermented soybeans, 9 grams of scutellaria baicalensis, 9 grams of French pinellia, 3 slices of ginger, 3 green onions,, 6 grams of sugarcane, two red dates, 12 grams of Su Ye, 9 grams of white micro, 9 grams of Codonopsis, decoction orally.

Can be re-fried.

  The medicated diet is optional: ① brown sugar tea: 30 grams of brown sugar, 6 grams of tea, 10 grams of nepeta, 10 grams of perilla leaves, and 3 slices of ginger are available.

When making, first add nepeta, perilla leaves, ginger, and tea to the casserole, and add 500 ml of water.

First boil with Wuhuo and then cook with gentle fire for 20 minutes, then add brown sugar and wait for the sugar to dissolve.

Drink twice daily.

  ② Windproof porridge: 15 grams of windproof, 3 green onions, 100 grams of rice.

When preparing, first add the windproof and raw green onions to the casserole to fry the juice, then remove the residue and take the juice for later use.

At the same time, the rice is washed and put into a casserole to cook porridge. When the porridge is cooked, add the medicinal sauce to cook the porridge.

Take while hot, twice a day, even 2?
3 days.

  ③ Onion and garlic drink: 250 grams of onion white and 250 grams of garlic are available each time.

When preparing, wash the onion and garlic, chop them, put them in a casserole, add 2000 ml of water, cook on medium heat for half an hour, wait for warm drying, and take 250 ml each time.

Served 3 times a day, even 2?
3 days.

Unwilling woman to be selfish

Unwilling woman to be selfish

At the extreme, single people are getting bigger and bigger in China.

The singleton phenomenon is more prominent in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other big cities, among which single women far exceed men.

Let’s uncover the selfishness of women not to marry: First, take career as the first priority. Everyone is willing to admit this, and they hope that their target can become a pillar of their careers. They can excel in work and career, but due to various factorsAt present, there are not many people with such a mate selection mentality, but there are still many people among the intellectuals.

  They look at their work achievements and career progress as the greatest happiness for adult students.

Use the other person’s entrepreneurial spirit and hard work spirit as an important key code on the mating balance, and pin the happiness of love in the struggle of career.

This love is eternal because of the eternity of the cause.

  Second, the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction Through the progress of social civilization, the improvement of people’s cultural quality, more and more people have this swollen mate selection mentality, they focus on each other’s ideological feelings, moral qualities, personality hobbies, etc., to pursue mutual spiritual communication and feelingsHarmony.

As long as you can be happy and satisfied mentally, it doesn’t matter if the other party’s financial conditions and physical conditions are not good.

This kind of spiritual love is noble. Many love stories passed on as beautiful talks belong to this scale’s psychological pursuit of love.

  Third, money-first mate selection is more common, especially in economically backward areas.

They put each other’s financial situation first, and their marriage is to get a comfort zone that can satisfy them to eat, wear, live, play, or to take advantage of survival.

This kind of marriage based on material and money is not reliable, because economic conditions can be changed. It often loses the attractiveness that unites the hearts of the two because the other party has lost the favorable material conditions, so they have to part ways.
  Fourth, the search for political support is a common practice in feudal society. They open their career paths through marriage or consolidate the nepotism in officialdom, the so-called political marriage.

Although this kind of mate selection is not common now, there are still many people who have pictures. They do not highlight the emotional and psychological compatibility of the two, let alone a conscience, and hide behind the marriage.The unspeakable motives of love are put first in love.

This love is also unreliable.

  Fifth, the psychology of pursuing appearance beauty holds a very important position among young people. Everyone wants their objects to be more beautiful and handsome. This is natural.Go astray.

The love that comes from each other’s beautiful appearance is short-lived.

With the passage of time, love also disappears through the aging of appearance.

As Goethe puts it: “The beautiful appearance can only please you for a while, and the inner beauty can last forever.

Sixth, when perfect people are required to choose objects, there are many pre-determined criteria, and those who do not meet one or two of them, even if they are in other respects, are not considered.

Although people with this kind of mate selection mentality are mostly young first lovers, they often become older youths.

  Seven, there are only a few people with this kind of mentality in games.

In the name of love, they play with other people’s feelings. They look for flowers and ask willows. Their outlook on life and love are rotten. As a result, they can’t bear true love in their entire life.

  In short, there are many kinds of spouse selections for men and women, and each person can have different spouse selections for others.

The above are just a few basic spouse selections.

There is a saying: those who benefit from intercourse, those who disperse when they are best, those who intercourse with sex, those who are poor from sacrifice, and those who intersect with the heart can achieve eternity.

The most beautiful women

The most beautiful women

Chinese traditional Chinese medicine believes that only the blood foot can make the skin rosy and delicate; only the flesh can cause the skin to be moisturized and elastic.

Therefore, women also need tonics, and they need to supplement them.

  During menstrual periods, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation and other periods, women will completely consume blood and lose blood, and the secretion of hormones will be affected. Coupled with the “shock” of emotional, psychological and other factors, it will inevitably cause “blood loss.””.

Chinese traditional Chinese medicine believes that only the blood foot can make the skin rosy and delicate; only the flesh can cause the skin to be moisturized and elastic.

Therefore, women also need tonics, and they need to supplement them.
Here are a few medicated diets that are suitable for ladies to nourish the body for ladies’ reference.

  Efficacy of Erhuang Chicken: Regulate menstruation, benefit spleen and blood, nourish liver and kidney, and relieve fatigue.

  Practice: Take 15 grams of Huangjing, 10 grams of Dihuang, 3 grams of Asparagus, 200 grams of chicken, rice wine, salt, and MSG.

First wash and slice the three flavor medicines and wrap them in a gauze bag.

Cut the chicken into small pieces.

Then add the medicine and chicken into the pot, add 1000 ml of water, cook with gentle heat for 2 hours, remove the medicine bag, add the seasoning, cook for 20 minutes, add MSG to eat.

  Angelica sinensis chicken effect: nourish liver and kidney, nourish blood and regulate menstruation.

  Method: Take 60 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 30 grams of Chinese angelica, 50 grams of white wine, 1 black-bone chicken, ginger, salt, MSG each amount.

First lycium barbarum, sliced Angelica sinensis and mixed with gauze bags, soaked with half of white wine 6?
8 hours; slaughter and wash the chicken, mix with the other half of the white wine and salt, and apply to the inside and outside of the chicken.

Separate the medicine bag and ginger in the belly of the chicken, put it in a container, steam it for 1 hour in the basket and use the simmer for 1 hour. Stop the fire and remove the medicine bag and ginger. Cut the chicken into plates and add MSG to the soup.Serve on chicken pieces.

  Ejiao white broth effect: nourishing blood and activating blood, nourishing yin and lungs.

  Method: Take 6 grams of gelatin, 100 grams of lean pork, 6 grams of angelica, season with salt.

The angelica was washed and cut into short sections, and the gauze bags were combined; Ejiao was separately steamed with water.

Then add the pork into the pot with the medicine bag of Angelica sinensis, add 500 ml of water, and cook for 1 hour, then remove the medicine bag, add gelatin, simmer with low heat, and season with low salt to serve.

  Rose trotter effect: regulating qi and passing menstruation, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

  Method: Take 15 grams of roses, 30 grams of hawthorn, 1 trotter, 30 grams of rice wine, ginger, brown sugar, salt.

Wash and cut trotters into 6?
7 pieces, then add all the flavors into the pot, add 1000 ml of water, cook over low heat for 2 hours, remove the drug residue, add salt for another 5 minutes, season with sugar, and then eat.
  The effect of roasting mutton: benefit qi and blood, and blood.

  Method: Take angelica, 15 grams of raw land, 10 grams of dried ginger, 200 grams of mutton, rice wine, salt, sugar, and soy sauce.

The medicine is implanted in a gauze bag, the lamb is washed and cut into small pieces, dried ginger slices, and then put into the pot, add moderate water and cook for 1 hour with gentle heat, discard the medicine bag, add soy sauce, rice wine, salt, and cook with gentle heatCrispy, eat with sugar and juice.

  The effect of Ejiao glutinous rice porridge: it can nourish blood and stop bleeding, nourish yin and nourish deficiency, and nourish lungs and conceive, it is especially suitable for pregnant women.

  Method: Take 20 grams of gelatin, 100 grams of glutinous rice, and brown sugar.

First mash the gelatin, put it in the pot and stir fry until yellow, then grind it into fine powder, and then cook the glutinous rice porridge. When it is cooked to nine maturity, add gelatin powder and brown sugar, stir while cooking, wait untilGelatinize with porridge to eat.

  Siwu fungus soup effect: nourishing blood, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, regular clothes can make the face rosy and delicate skin.

  Method: Take 6 grams of angelica, 9 grams of cooked ground, 6 grams of white peony, 3 grams of chuanxiong, 5 jujubes, 15 grams of black fungus (dry), 30 grams of brown sugar

First wash and slice the medicines and wrap the gauze bag; remove the impurities after the black fungus water, then add 1000 ml of water into the pot, cook with gentle heat for 1 hour, season with brown sugar after removing the medicine bag, and drink after boiling.

Xiaoman recommends three techniques for preventing yang damage and emotional irritability

Xiaoman recommends three techniques for preventing yang damage and emotional irritability

May 20 this year is Xiaoman’s solar term, marking that most places will enter the hot summer.

Due to high temperature, rain and other reasons, this solar term will easily damage the body’s yang, increase the humidity in the body, and make your mood more irritable.

Experts suggest not to hinder the practice of the three fitness exercises, which can fully and effectively alleviate the symptoms of discomfort.

  Sweat is more greedy, cold and easy to hurt the Yang Yangyang. After pressing Zusanli into “Xiaoman”, it keeps rising, the weather is getting hot, the heat is hot, and the excretion of sweat will also accelerate.”Qi Yang is also”, so the body’s yang will be damaged as a result.

In addition, people are greedy and cold in hot weather, and some air conditioners and cold drinks are vulnerable to cold and dampness and hurt the sun.

  Wang Liang, an expert in sports and health care at the rehabilitation department of the Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, introduced that the traditional Chinese medicine book “Lingshu” records: “Insufficient Yang Qi and more than Yin Qi, then the cold middle bowel sings and abdominal pain . tuned in Zusanli.

“Summer Yang is maintained in the summer, and Buzhong Yiqi is more suitable for rubbing Zusanli.

The acupuncture point is 3 inches below the eyes of the external knee, 1 horizontal finger from the anterior condyle of the upper and lower bones, and the anterior tibial muscle.

When taking the acupuncture point, measure 4 horizontal fingers downward from the outer knee eye, between the fibula and tibia, and 1 horizontal finger from the upper side of the bone.

  The commonly used method is to rub the Zusanli with your thumb: use your thumb to press on the Zusanli acupoint, press it vertically, press down, and rub it.

The other four fingers make a fist or spread out to play a supporting role in synergy.

Let the stimulation fully reach the deep layer of the muscle tissue, and produce the sensations of acid, numbness, swelling, pain and channeling. After a few seconds, gradually relax, and then repeat the operation several times.

  Xiaoman’s rain and practice Xiongxijianpi, spleen, dampness and dampness. In the Jiangnan area, Xiaoman has another meaning besides “full crops”, “Xiaoman Xiaoman, Jiangmanheman.

“Indicating that at this time, there will be more rain.

In Xiaoman season, due to the increase of rainfall and the rise of air, various skin diseases such as athlete’s foot, eczema, sweat spots, wet skin diseases, and athlete’s foot are easy to occur.

Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of these skin diseases is related to the sweltering weather and local, especially wet weight as the main pathogenic factor.

So, how can we get rid of dampness?

  Associate Professor Li Jing from the Department of Sports and Health Sciences of the Nanjing Institute of Physical Education said that TCM can be achieved by strengthening the spleen.The abdomen is full, the diet is not good, the rotten acid is swallowed and so on.

The better spleen exercise is the bear show in Wu Qin Xi.

  The main moves are as follows: Lie on your back, separate your calves with your hands, lift your head, and roll your body to the left (for hygiene, it is best to lay a blanket on a clean floor or on the floor of your home), then roll to the right and roll left and right.7 times.

Then bend your knees and squat on the ground, press your hands beside the ground, shake your upper body, 7 times left and right.

When practicing a bear show, be as thick and steady as a bear.

The bear looks bulky, walks softly, and is actually calm and light.

  When the weather is hot and upset, when practicing the “Zong Gong” Xiaoman solar term, due to the increase in temperature, even with the help of air conditioning, it is unavoidable to experience the “ice and fire two days” indoors. At this time, people’s emotions will change accordingly, and they are prone to upsetThe phenomenon.

Wang Changsong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Health and Rehabilitation Professional Committee of the Nanjing Natural Medical Association, deputy director of traditional Chinese medicine doctors recommends everyone to practice “sit exercises” to get rid of trouble.

A well-known health expert in the Ming Dynasty, Gao Yong, wrote “Zhang Man’s April Gong” in his “Zun Sheng Ba Jian”. The specific method is as follows: 3 am every day?
At 7 o’clock, he was sitting, holding his palms upwards and holding them down, pressing his palms downwards and pressing hard, three to five times each, then his teeth moved 36 times, his breath was adjusted, and the fluid was swallowed into Dantian nine times.

This method can cure lung stagnation caused by the accumulation of evil poison in the lungs, chest fullness, palpitation, red face, red nose, yellow eyes, upset and pain, palm fever and so on.

Interested friends may wish to try.

The man went to the hospital less than four days after drinking the lard and fattening plan

The man went to the hospital less than four days after drinking the lard and fattening plan

Nutrition experts remind: If you want to increase fat, it is best to go to the hospital for examination, symptomatic treatment, choose a scientific and healthy method of fattening, this will be effective.

  A few days ago, the reporter saw a special patient, Mr. Wu, at the Provincial People’s Hospital. Mr. Wu was lying in bed and infusion, and his mother took care of him.

Mr. Wu said that because the father-in-law suspected that he was too thin in the future, he decided to implement the plan to drink lard and fattening. Even after three days of drinking, the diarrhea was not limited and he could only go to the hospital for treatment.

  According to Mr. Wu’s mother, this year’s son is 32 years old and is 1.72 meters tall and weighs only 90 kilograms.

In the matter of lifelong events, his son repeatedly hit the wall, many women saw his “weak wind” shape felt insecure, and retired.

Therefore, his son was distressed. He also tried to gain weight, but it did not work much.

  At the beginning of this year, Mr. Wu talked about a love relationship with a woman named Chen after being introduced.

After the flight got along, the two men discussed how to get married.

Last week, he went to the door to “visit” the future parents.

The next day, my girlfriend came to tell him that her father was very dissatisfied with Mr. Wu’s appearance. “So thin, is there any disease?

After hearing this, Mr. Wu immediately promised: “I will use the speed of acceleration to gain weight!

“Mr. Wu thought a lot about the fattening plan and felt that it could not be effective in the short term.

When he was eating at night on March 20, he saw the lard in his house, thinking: “This oil is so good that it will definitely increase fat.” He drank almost 1 kg of lard that day.

In the days that followed, he would endure a greasy drink of a large bowl of lard before every meal.

After getting up the next morning, Mr. Wu suddenly felt a stomachache and vomited and diarrhea.

After running some toilets, Mr. Wu, who couldn’t stand the abdominal pain, came to the hospital.

  The doctor introduced that drinking too much lard is the cause of Mr. Wu’s abdominal pain.

Lard is an animal feces, and long-term consumption of large amounts may be harmful to human blood lipids and cardiovascular diseases.

Online dating and stock selection

Online dating and stock selection

With the gradual popularization of computers and the increase in the number of citizens surfing the Internet, a kind of online dating is popular in today’s cities.

Although the charm of online dating is not small, but the number of people entering the palace of marriage through online dating is not large.

Online love is more about “seeing the light dying” stories, all of which are failure records.

  The reason why online dating is prone to failure is that you don’t understand each other.

How does the other person look?

How old is it?

How does it work?

What is the income situation and the family environment?

Wait, wait, you don’t know all of this, at most you just listen to the other side’s words.

In this way, both sides of the online dating idealized each other and imagined that they were perfect. They fell in love, loved each other, and loved each other in a series of sweet talks.

Does blind love like this look a bit “confused”?

How can such a “confused love” succeed?


Therefore, “seeing the light to die” is inevitable.

  In fact, many investors invest in the stock market like this online dating, and their choice of stocks is just a kind of “blurred love”.

When choosing a stock, you don’t know how big its circulation disk is or how its performance is. As for the historical trend of the stock, the top ten shareholders of the company, and the next development plan, etc., it is still unknown.

When they choose stocks, they only look at a technical indicator or a chart, and some don’t even look at the chart, but just buy the stock on the recommendation of some stock commentators.

It is too difficult to buy stocks like this without being locked up or reduced.

The final outcome can only be the same as that of online dating, with more failures and less successes, leaving a record of investment failures.

  For men and women in love, the key to success is that the two sides treat each other with sincerity and know each other. Only when your conditions are suitable for the other party and the other party can satisfy you can such a relationship gosuccess.

It’s similar. When an investor buys stocks, he should also have the necessary understanding of the stocks you want to buy. Only when this stock suits your investment style can you buy it.

Selecting stocks so clearly, I believe that your chances of investment success must be great.

Children’s yoga can boost immunity

Children’s yoga can boost immunity

Practical Yoga for Children in India is specifically for children aged 3-16.

The age range is divided into: 3-6 years old, 7-12 years old, 13-16 years old.

According to the children’s skeletal development and intelligence level of each age group, different degrees of yoga posture training are performed.

In fact, in many kindergartens in India, schools have established yoga classes and set up specialized yoga classrooms. Children’s yoga is as irreplaceable as our physical education class.

Perform yoga exercises according to the age of the students.

Nowadays, in India, some elementary and middle schools in Europe and the United States have also started to promote yoga to exercise students’ bodies.

However, the practice of yoga for children requires a targeted choice of yoga postures. Many adults’ yoga moves may not be suitable for children.

Children’s yoga activities are best designed to meet their physical development needs.

  Correcting bad postures and developing attention “Yoga itself is very personal. We don’t force children to have any special standards for their movements. It is enough for a few years old to master a direction and make up for themselves.Chen Qi explained that nowadays children are under a lot of pressure to study, and there is a phenomenon of humpback and stiffness at a young age.

One of the great benefits of practicing children’s yoga is that children have a strong curiosity and imitation. Some imitating various posture exercises in nature can improve children’s interest in training.

Some spine fractures can correct the child’s bad posture and promote bone growth.

At the same time, it can reduce cervical and back fatigue caused by long-term desk study.

She said it was a healthy activity for children.

Breathing deeply, yoga can help improve recovery and tracheal sensitivities. It can also strengthen the personal immune system and relieve mental tension. The benefits are numerous.

Practicing yoga since childhood can keep the body in a good state earlier, which is more effective than doing adulthood.

  At the same time, children’s attention can be improved.

Lively and active is the nature of children, but too lively and hyperactive, coupled with a lot of external temptations directly draw children’s attention, will affect children’s concentration, and thus affect the quality of learning.

The purpose of children’s yoga is to let children play happily and learn seriously, not to deprive children of their nature.

Through targeted concentration ability training, children can actively resist external interference, gradually master the method of rapid concentration of energy, and have the ability to control their thoughts and behaviors.

The pillow does not rebound for a long time, making you stiff?

The pillow does not rebound for a long time, making you stiff?

Density is the basic index of high-grade slow rebound materials, but this is also the easiest indicator. However, if high-grade slow rebound materials are high-density, but high-density is not necessarily high-grade materials.

Density, feel, and companionship are all related to this.

  One: Density and density are the basic indicators of high-grade slow rebound materials. Generally, the minimum density is 80 or more. However, this is also the easiest indicator. Even products with the same density will vary greatly. It is mainly the formula, process andDue to the difference in raw materials, the initial high-grade slow rebound material must be high-density, but only high-density is not necessarily a high-grade material; 2: rebound time Many consumers think that the longer the rebound time, the better.It’s a misunderstanding.

A better rebound time is about 3–5 seconds.

Too short to get a slow rebound effect; too long to stiffen the body (think if you turn around, it hasn’t rebounded in a long time); 3: manufacturing process There are two kinds of manufacturing processes for slow rebound: cutting andforming.

Cutting is a finished, slow rebound sponge that is bought and cut into the shape of a pillow; the molding is a series of parts such as foaming and vacuuming with a mold, which is much more complicated.

Density, feel, and giving are all related to this; 4: feel and temperature sensitive high-grade slow rebound sponge feels very comfortable, pinch up feels like the dough, the slow slow rebound is not a little cyanosis, otherwiseSomewhat stiff.

At the same time, this high-grade slow rebound also has good temperature sensing, which will become softer with increasing temperature. When the human body comes in contact with the slow rebound material, through the transfer of body temperature, the pillow will be softer and more flexible.Good package and supporting the human body; 5: Usually high-grade slow rebound will not deform for more than 5 years, but the cutting process is made or the quality is poor, usually only 1-2 years.

How to tell if a facial cleanser is good or bad?

Teach you 6 good ways to identify


How to tell if a facial cleanser is good or bad?
Teach you 6 good ways to identify

Facial cleanser is a skin care product that must be used in our lives. It can remove garbage and residual chemicals from pores.

Most women are unwilling to choose a facial cleanser, and cannot judge the quality of a facial cleanser based on its high price.

  How to identify the quality of facial cleanser?

  1. See if there are impurities or impurities after washing your face. After washing your face with the cleanser many times, without first applying any skin care products, you should gently touch your face to see if you feel silky.

If the face is always dry, you can rub it in the dust with your hands. If you rub it out, it means there are impurities in the cleansing milk. Continuous use will block the pores.

  2. See if there is a glare after washing your face. During the washing process, you can try to open your eyes.

Very poor facial cleanser can cause tingling and burning sensation in the eyes. Try to throw away the facial cleanser directly.

Opening your eyes when washing your face with a good quality cleanser does not have a noticeable tingling sensation.

  3. A small amount of test absorption is required when washing the face. First, squeeze out a small amount of facial cleanser. Generally, the facial cleanser will have a light fragrance, and there will be no greasy feeling when applied on it.

If it is applied on the beach without using any water, it has obvious irritation, is dry and not mild enough, indicating that the quality is too poor.

  4. Use fire to burn. Squeeze an appropriate amount of facial cleanser in a small spoon and set on fire.

If there is oil splashing into the cleansing milk during the burning process, the quality of the cleansing milk is relatively poor.

The facial cleanser burns like milk, so you can use it with confidence.

  5. Use ph test paper to test. There is a ph test paper on the market that can directly test the quality of the cleansing milk.

Healthy skin pH should be 5.

Around 6 is slightly acidic, and a pH value above 7 is alkaline.

As long as the pH value of the facial cleanser is close to the face, the thickness of the facial cleanser is relatively mild.

If it exceeds the skin’s pH value, it means that the facial cleanser is less irritating.

  6, soak in salt water, pour the appropriate amount of salt into the cup and mix well with water, then squeeze the appropriate amount of facial cleanser to stir, and leave it for half an hour to observe the facial cleanser.The water turned white, indicating that the cleansing milk was of good quality.

If white drifting substance appears on the cleanser, the quality is relatively poor.

  Tips: Choose a suitable facial cleanser according to your skin type. For oily skin, do not use the facial cleanser too many times. Use it twice a day, otherwise it will cause water loss in the skin.

Dry skin can be washed with a facial cleanser at night, otherwise it will damage the surface tissue of the skin.