The leftover women in the eyes of the leftover men in the city

The “leftover women” in the eyes of the “leftover men” in the city

“Left-female” is a better choice
I am a leftover man.
My concept of mating is different from the traditional male high and low female.
In my opinion, men have the ability not to compare with their girlfriends, but to compare with other people in the society, and compare with their past self.
If I sincerely want to be with a girl, her conditions are comparable to mine.
  There is a point of view in the society: girls now look good enough, they don’t have to be so talented and capable.
What is the difference between this view and “female innocence is virtue” in the feudal society in the past?
I am disgusted.
Based on my personal education experience, I deeply understand that every step in my academic journey is very difficult. Constantly seeking to learn makes people more humble and steadfast.
This makes me greatly appreciate talented girls.
I won’t choose those beautiful girls who don’t have the real talents. The “leftover girl” who has lost time in order to get better is a better choice.
  ”Girls are not as young as possible” Personal file: Mr. Zhou 30 years old Graduate student My life has not been wide, and it is not suitable to consider personal issues in business and work, so I have been single.
Although there are not many emotional experiences, I still want to say a few words about a popular mate selection standard for men now: they always want to find young girls, and the younger the better.
The movie is filled with the love of middle-aged male stars and young female stars. No one feels wrong. In real life, many men also arrogantly want to find a little girl.
  In fact, it is impractical for two people to be together. The age gap is too large. It is difficult to communicate between men and women at ten years old. Generation gaps cannot be avoided. Such love and marriage are difficult to harmonize.
Although women do not have much freedom in age choices, men do not have unlimited choices. I would not choose girls who are too young. It would be better if they were closer to themselves.
  You can’t just look at “face” Personal file: Mr. Chen 28 years old A leader of a decoration company In your article, there is a leftover woman who says that men choose their spouse only to look at age and face.
I am not such a person.
According to my current conditions, it is not difficult to find a young and beautiful one, but I will not be so superficial.
Girls, the most important thing is the heart.
For example, filial piety, kindness, and loyalty are the most beautiful things, and the ones that can stand the test of time. Young and beautiful can’t last more than five years. Everyone understands this, why do men still look at them?
  ”Please take the initiative” 出来 Personal file: Xu Yan 30 years old Sales manager of a real estate company 并非 It is no accident that the leftover women around us today.
The women who are more demanding about themselves, while working hard, learn to improve themselves and ignore personal encounters; they are also in a relatively superior position. In the process of searching for the other half, they will inevitably appear “high”fact.
“I own a house and a car, so I can’t find a bad one!
“Sighed a” left girl “next to me.
No wonder men feel distanced and discouraged.
  In fact, there are no “leftover women” who are singles. Although they have a glamorous appearance, they have the same heart as ordinary women, and they also look forward to love and be loved.
Since the development of society and its own factors make it necessary, today’s urban “leftover women” are even more to set their own mentality and adjust their spouse selection criteria in a timely manner; at the same time, they must appropriately change the wait of restraint and become passive.
Don’t put yourself off the shelf, stand up and boldly pursue your own happiness, then it won’t be so difficult to find the other half who takes care of yourself as a “saint”.
  “剩女”是个“宝”  个人档案:邮件未注明个人情况  我虽是而立之年却立得可怜,刚出校门时还无法立足于社会没有条件也不敢去恋爱,等能站立了条件也Allowed, when I looked back and found that the love had left me, I became an authentic “leftover man.”
However, there should be no women left, just that they were not discovered.
Most of the remaining women are older women. They are more mature and stable in psychology, more specific in their emotions, higher in inner cultivation, knowing coldness and warmth, and knowing the sweetness and bitterness of life. Such women should be a “treasure”!
  The phenomenon of “leftover women” and “leftover men” is not necessarily a negative phenomenon. They are older, mature, and more responsible, which is more conducive to family stability!
A family is not a one-person family, but a home shared by two people. A man is a beam that erects the house, a woman is a wall that can shelter from the wind and rain to give warmth, and a house that can stand from the wind and the rain is a real need.s home.

When a woman loves a man who doesn’t love you

When a woman loves a man who doesn’t love you

Dedicated to all those who have been loved but have lost their loved ones; to those who have never been loved; to those who choose to deceive themselves because they still love.

This is a mirror, face it bravely, give up bravely, and start again bravely.

  When he doesn’t love you, whether he loved it in the past but forgets it later, or whether he never loved it.

When you cannot be the person in his heart, his heart will not remember you.

Although he knew you loved him deeply, he would rather pretend that he didn’t know.

  When he doesn’t love you, please don’t disturb him when you are unhappy or in trouble.

He is definitely not where you should be right now.

Maybe he will comfort you a little while answering your call, but that’s all.

Maybe you want something more and say, “Let’s meet.

“And he must be upset.

When he doesn’t love you, your love, your people, will become much cheaper.

You have the downside, it is human nature.

He would say, “OK, but I have something now.

Please call me later.

Or I can call you.

“And you must not take it seriously at this time, he just found a reason that is not very clear to fool you.

Please, don’t really wait, don’t lie to yourself.

  When he doesn’t love you, please don’t tell him your trivial matters, maybe at this moment, you just want to make you more familiar with each other.

However, he has no time or interest in understanding you, your life, your past, and your strengths and weaknesses.

Even if it is spoken.

He will soon forget, just like he forgets your birthday, your address, your phone.

Without love, you are destined to squeeze into his life.

Even if you want only a small corner.

Yoga meditation improves brain function and structure

Yoga meditation improves brain function and structure

God is not a useless, outdated term, but the ultimate object of our meditation!

  The human brain is still one of many big mysteries that cannot be completely solved in science. For a long time, researchers have missed that most people only use one tenth of their brain power.

In addition, the function of some parts of the brain is still unknown, and scientists hope to have a more thorough understanding of this important organ of the human body in order to improve the function and health of the human body.

Therefore, research on the human brain has always been one of the hottest and most important propositions in the biological and medical circles.

  Meditating can lead us into the kingdom of God, and it will also make our lives better and better in the world.

In addition to many spiritual benefits, we can also improve our health and wisdom through meditation every day.

Recent scientific research in the brain has confirmed these insights.

  For example, some studies have shown that meditation can alter brain waves and appear to trigger a true sense of happiness.

And recently Australian scientists have offered a deeper view of how meditation affects brain function.

Australian scientists have found that Buddhist monks are more likely to concentrate than ordinary members of their families. This is mainly because monks are more able to control their brain activities and replace external information, but in the past they thought it was beyond their control.

  Other findings also point out that you do not have to be a monk to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

For example, one study tested the reactions of people who did not meditate during various military activities. After testing different behaviors, they found that only through meditation can their performance be improved.

  The results of another study are even more shocking. Scientists have found that the average office worker can increase their cerebral cortex, the so-called gray matter of the brain, as long as they meditate for 40 minutes in a certain way every day.

The cerebral cortex is involved in the process of concentration and perceptual force, and these areas are often thinner and thinner with age, so scientists speculate that these findings may explain why meditation can extend life.

They also predicted that different methods of meditation correcting the structure and function of the brain will bring about different types of changes.

  The method of meditation is also the subject of another study. The scientists asked those subjects who did not usually meditate to try separately: 1. Simply relax 2. Meditate on sentences such as “I am happy” 3 during meditation and meditate during meditation”God is love”, and then test their tolerance for pain, and found that those who meditated and meditated on God brought the highest.

This result is not surprising for practitioners, but it is a far-reaching message for those who ignore the theory and believe only in sight.

  Some of these studies have been carried out at highly respected research institutions, such as the University of Wisconsin and Massachusetts General Hospital.

The earth continues to progress, and human consciousness is moving towards a higher awakening. We can expect that more similar studies will be carried out and even more amazing performance will be obtained.

Know you’re looking for trouble?

Know you’re looking for trouble?

① Pay attention to the negative side. Keep in mind how many times you have suffered the price of injustice, or how many times others have been unfriendly to you.

As long as you focus on those bad and disadvantaged things, you will use this negative thinking method to trouble yourself.

  ② The poorest people who make impossible dreams are those who are used to having unrealistic hopes.

If you want to be really discouraged, set your goals too high!

  ③ The stupid golden rule treats everyone else as worthless.

The key to applying this law is to first dislike yourself. Once you reduce your own value, you will find that others are just as shallow, so you dismiss them and become traitors.

  ④ Create barriers, never praise others, and do not use any words of encouragement; secondly, endlessly criticize, provoke, complain, and make a big deal.

This is a wonderful way to create barriers and find trouble.

  ⑤ The mothers who claimed to be martyrs were engaged in excessive housework, and then said to themselves, “No one really hurts me. To our family, I am just a servant.

“My father can also use the same method:” My skeleton is tired, no one takes me seriously, everyone is using me.

“Thinking so often will definitely cause you annoyance, and it will also make people around you annoying and make you feel worse.

  ⑥ “I knew it would be so” syndrome If you expect something bad to happen, most of it will be realized.

  扩大 Snowballing to expand the situation When the problem first appears, it can easily disappear.

Conversely, if the problem continues to expand like a snowball, the person who finally snowballs always follows a simple rule: “If you miss the opportunity to solve the problem, simply drag on.

“This will only make the problem worse, and it will certainly cause your anger and distress to be buried in your heart for months or even years.

  Take others ‘problems to yourself If you take others’ problems to yourself and blame yourself, and blame some people for the responsibility that you don’t like you, then it won’t be long before you become depressed.

Do not use boiling water for Chinese medicine

Do not use boiling water for Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is often one of the most trusted medicines, and decoctions are also the most widely used clinical forms.

Although it is inconvenient to carry, but has small side effects, it has good efficacy and is still used by people.

However, the traditional Chinese medicine has some strict requirements for the medicinal effect of the decoction. After the decoction can no longer be cooked, the medicinal effect of the Chinese medicinal materials will be gradually lost. Therefore, attention should be paid to the decoction method.

  In order to improve the efficacy of the decoction, the traditional Chinese medicine decoction method has always been particular about. For example, Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty said: “Even though the decoction of all things is special, the practice is as good as the decoction.Degree, the medicine is also useless. ”

Xu Lingtai, a medical scientist in the Qing Dynasty, also said, “The method of decocting medicine is the best to say deeply, that is the effectiveness and inefficiency of the medicine.

“In order to improve the efficacy of the decoction, the decoction of Chinese medicine must be proven.

Some people are accustomed to soaking medicinal materials with boiling water before frying Chinese medicine. They think that this not only shortens the cooking time, but also effectively decomposes and dissolves Chinese medicine. This is actually a lack of scientific understanding and Chinese medicine cannot be boiled in boiling water.

  The protein contained in traditional Chinese medicine will solidify due to sudden heating due to boiling water. The staggered cell walls will harden, and the outer layer will form a tight cell membrane, preventing the inner body from fully dissolving.

The polymer substances contained in traditional Chinese medicines tend to form colloids when they encounter boiling water, which is also not conducive to the exudation of active ingredients.

When the traditional Chinese medicine is cut and pulverized, the powder left on the surface is gelatinized due to sudden heating, which prevents the medicinal materials from being inserted into the channel, making it difficult for water to penetrate into it, and it is difficult for the ingredients to disperse after decomposition, which ultimately affects the decomposition of the ingredients.

Aromatic Chinese medicines, such as mint, perilla, bougainvillea, amomum, cardamom, etc., contain volatile oil and volatile substances, which are volatile when heated. Avoid boiled water and avoid boiling water.

  In general, cold water is usually used for soaking for about 30 minutes before decoction. However, some experiments suggest that the optimal water temperature for soaking before decoction is 40 ℃.
At 50 ° C, this condition not only makes the medicinal materials moist and fully expand, but also improves the frying rate of the active ingredients.

Treatment of bags under the eyes also look at traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture

Treatment of bags under the eyes also look at traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture

Acupuncture to remove bags under the eyes In addition to surgical medicine to remove bags under the eyes, acupuncture combined with traditional Chinese medicine and modern electronic science has a variety of effects on various bags under the eyes.

  Chinese medicine divides bags under the eyes into congenital and acquired.

Congenital is inherited. Acquired is due to long-term adverse stimulation of the eyelid skin, such as incorrect massage, tears, and eyeliner drawing, which eventually cause the eyelid skin to relax and shrink.

  The treatment method is: connect the power, acupuncture is accompanied by acupuncture points such as the sun, fish waist and Ashi points.

The electric current causes the eyelid muscles to contract and beat significantly, accelerates the local partial decomposition, and tightens the loose eyelids.

  Chinese medicine also believes that the formation of bags under the eyes is directly related to the spleen and stomach function of the human body, especially the spleen function, which directly affects muscle function and slight metabolism in the body.

From the actual anatomy of the meridian meridian points, the location of the bags under the eyes is exactly the transformation initiated by the Foot Yangming Stomach Meridian, thereby starting the Stomach Meridians to apply benign stimulation to the stomach meridians and improve spleen and stomach function.Practical significance.

  Acupuncture to remove bags under the eyes is a safe and stable prevention and treatment measure.

It is especially suitable for “pseudo-eye bags” of pure orbicularis type.

Twenty-five Tips for Spring Health

Twenty-five Tips for Spring Health

Do you know when you buy high-priced supplements, diet foods, or simply ask for health and body for your health and keepfit goals?

Western scholars are focusing on the natural therapies advocated in ancient oriental medicine. It has been proved that natural acupuncture, massage, hypnosis, meditation and other natural therapies for urban chronic diseases are far more effective than taking medicine.

Therefore, you don’t have to go far.

You can do many natural remedies on your own, eat a balanced diet, adjust your breathing, and take time to meditate . You just need to accumulate these good habits that are good for your health. As a persistent and caring person, you will find that the original water alsoIf it can become a river, small tricks will have big returns!

  Tip 1. Remember to gently inhale cold water into the nasal cavity for washing.

Big payoff-both irritating the nasal cavity and cleaning.

After such a daily exercise, the nasal cavity gradually gets used to the low temperature, and then the cold air invades, so it’s not strange to catch a cold.

  Trick 2: Every day, before you brush your teeth, imagine yourself in the painting.

Great reward, maybe you are sitting in a stylish outdoor cafe for coffee, and there is a handsome man beside you.

If you meditate for a few minutes, the levels of stress hormones in your body suddenly drop a lot.

  Trick 3, before going to work every day, trace this sentence in your mind for 5 minutes.

Big rewards, put into work with better enthusiasm.

  Trick 4: Don’t patronize the bad situation of refusing traffic, let’s breathe and relax.

Concentrate on the position of Dantian (lower abdomen), do 4: 7: 8 breathing method-first exhale, then inhale through the nose, silently count 4 times, hold the breath 7 times, and then exhale with your mouth, bring out the “snoring” sound, silent8 times.

Great returns, you will find that your impetuous mind is calm, if you lose sleep, you will definitely improve the symptoms of insomnia.

  Tip 5: When others read the newspaper, don’t miss the opportunity to do pelvic muscle exercise.

Focus the contraction on the vagina, urethra, and repeat the frequency of contraction and release.

You can rest assured that your actions will never be noticed.

Great gains. If you insist on doing such exercises for 5 minutes a day, the vaginal muscles will show a greater tightness, and you will feel a “tighten” feeling during sex, while preventing senile incontinence.

  Tip # 6, climb the stairs!

The big gain is 1 minute of stairs, you will burn 6 calories, until you only live on 4 floors, and you can consume at least 120 calories a week, which is 5520 calories in a year, which is equivalent to 1 kg less in a year.Aunt.

  Trick # 7, after taking a deep breath, use your fingertips to force the hair in the direction of the hair to cycle through the head.

Big returns, so that the mind has a sense of sobriety and better put into work.

  Trick 8, walk out of the office and bathe in the sun for 15 minutes.

Great returns can also enhance your absorption of calcium, and the vitamin D you need will be easily available.

  Tip # 9, apply a mint paste or chew gum.

Great reward, as long as you smell it for a few seconds, the nose will pass the stimulus of olfactory perception to the brain, and your spirit will suddenly be a boost.

Chewing gum also has the same effect. Both the sense of smell and taste will attract stimuli and be transformed into the brain, which will also bring you exciting effects.

  Tip 10, remember to shrug your shoulders as hard as possible, close your ears as much as possible, clamp your arms, and then relax. This action can be repeated 10 times.

Great returns, back strength, stimulate blood circulation to relax the neck and back, so as not to cause your back pain and back pain.

  Tip 11: Put on a banana.

Great rewards, may wish to eat a banana to add some energy.

Vitamin B6 can help the body produce dopamine, epinephrine, these exciting neurometabolic substances, and banana is a super-polar source of vitamin B6.

Eating snacks such as potato chips makes you more fatigued, and allows you to absorb at least 155 calories a day, which is equivalent to 11 grams.

  Tip 12: Use a dry mane brush or a loofah to gently rub the hands on the legs until the skin is pink.

The big return makes the superficial skin replacement, accelerates blood circulation, stimulates your nerves and activates your thinking.

  Trick 13 and wash it off.

Great returns, too much bacteria stained, and lemon has a shrinking effect and antibacterial effect, is an excellent cleanser, it is rich in vitamin B3, which helps prevent bacterial growth and eliminate acne.  Tip 14: By the way, hold the warm water with the palm of your hand, gently splash it on the closed eyes, and do it 20 times; then repeat the above operation 20 times with cold water.

Big rewards, eyes must be tired, which does not hinder improving your eye circulation.

  Small plan 16, back pain is not enough, quickly fill a paper cup with water, freeze in the refrigerator, and then cut about 3-4 inches along the mouth of the cup, wipe back and forth for 10 minutes on the pain.

Great reward.

  Little trick 17, loose a strip for 1 hour, go to bed 1 hour earlier than you are used to!

Great benefits to prevent influenza and headache-like neurological diseases.

  Trick 18, insist on flossing your teeth.

Great return of 85%.

  Trick 19, each shower lasted about 30 seconds, the last time was cold water.

Big rewards, so you don’t get involved in conversion at night to sleep hard.

Trick 20, wrap it in a clean sand cloth, put it on your eyes, flatten your legs, and rest for 15 minutes.

Great reward.

  Trick 21.

Great returns and a comfortable lazy waist are perfect for those who are going to bed, because it is loose and can help you relax your nervous nerves.

  Tip 22: Put your index finger, middle finger, and ring finger together under the navel, take a deep breath, and press the belly lightly at the same time-this is the main area to restore vitality and excitement. This action can be repeated 15 times.

Great returns, many countries in the world use the unique diabetes in the forest to regulate human functions and treat diseases.

The forest is an oxygen processing plant. Each hectare of forest can absorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide and produce 0.

37 tons of oxygen.

Forest is a natural vacuum cleaner. It has a good absorption and filtering effect on dust and dust. It is very useful for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as pharyngitis, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

  Trick 23, give you a suggestion, go fishing!

Great returns, not only allow you to consume 100-200 calories per hour, but also make fish the best nutrition for your healthy diet. Even the fish that replaces your aunt can be lean.

  Trick 24, go to the beach or mountain top to see the sunrise on holidays.

The big return does not prevent you from seeing the sunrise. When you see the rising sun, you will have a feeling of regaining new life, and you will have fresh vitality.

  Trick 25.

Big gains, including carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, and red peppers, are more affordable than buying food in the store, and gardening can help you consume 150-250 calories an hour.

Too thin for the elderly is bad for your health

Too thin for the elderly is bad for your health

From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, most people who are too thin are associated with virtual fire, and their diet should be based on nourishing yin and clearing heat. In addition to eating more meat, eggs, and milk that contain animal proteins, you can add a small amountFood and sweet food, eat more soy products, fruits and vegetables, etc. Some cool foods such as black fungus, mushrooms, peanuts, sesame, walnuts and rabbits, duck meat, etc., can also choose appropriate food.

  Underweight or overweight people die the same.

In contrast, people who are slightly fatter (10-15% above the standard weight) have the longest life and the lowest mortality.

Why is a fat person as fatal as a fat person?

  First of all, lean people are able to adapt to the environment.

An old man has diarrhea in autumn and winter every year, and 100 medicines are ineffective, which is very nerve-wracking.

Later, a doctor asked him to put a cotton pad on his lower abdomen, and his illness was miraculously well.

It turned out that his body was too thin, there was no adult protection under the skin, cold wind hit, and coldness penetrated the bones and bones, causing internal dysfunction.

Under the administration of a hundred medicines, the symptoms are not treated at the root cause, so repeated treatments fail.

In addition to being a storehouse of energy, adults also have a certain protective effect on the body. This is why the thin people are afraid of cold.

  Essentially, lean people have less resistance.

It turns out that when the drought and disease strike, the thin and the weak are the first victims.

  Third, in addition to genetic factors and nutritional factors, there are many disease factors such as malignant tumors, chronic urinary tract diseases, indigestion, liver or kidney diseases, parasitic diseases, and tuberculosis.
We should be more vigilant for sudden or progressive weight loss of unknown cause.

  Therefore, it is normal for people to become middle-aged and elderly due to changes in their metabolism, interrupted activity, reduced consumption of small amounts, and a little fatness.

Open-minded, open-minded, reduced housework burden and reduced social responsibility, “heart fat body fat” appears, as long as it is not excessively obese, it is not a bad thing.

But with a big belly, abdominal fat is definitely not good.

On the contrary, if people are too thin after middle-aged and elderly, we must find out why.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lean people often have virtual fires, so their diet should be based on nourishing yin and clearing heat. In addition to eating meat, eggs, and milk containing animal protein, you can appropriately add a small amount of food and sweet foods, and eat more soy products.Some fruits and vegetables, such as black fungus, mushrooms, peanuts, sesame, walnuts, rabbits, duck, etc., can also be eaten appropriately.

In order to stimulate appetite, we should also pay attention to casting processing methods, eat less fried food and aromatic spicy food, and increase the number of meals appropriately.

Kidney and kidney nourishment in summer

Kidney and kidney nourishment in summer

Summer kidney and kidney nourishment skills Because summer is a season with many viruses and complicated climate, it is very easy to cause and difficult to control, so it is necessary to pay special attention to summer kidney.

In summer, the weather is hot and hot, and physical strength is consumed very quickly; the seasonal characteristics of short days and nights, the chaos of summer life rules, and the excessive consumption of fresh and cold drinks, etc., will definitely make men’s vitality greatly injured.

As a result, food is tasteless, sleepless at night, colds and colds at every turn, frequent weakness, frequent urination, and sweating and sweating are more common. Men in the process of bitterness, their bodies are thin, their faces are haggard, and their illnesses and pains abound.

So how to nourish the kidney in summer?

Today old Chinese medicine teaches you a few common health regimens: pay attention to avoiding summer heat, cold weather, hot summer weather, low air pressure, and people’s resistance will also decline, which can lead to colds. If the cold is streptococcal infection, it may cause acute nephritis.

Therefore, do not be greedy and cold. Use the air conditioner to control the temperature. Generally, it should be around 26 ℃.

Soothing feet and kidneys is not only effective in winter, but also in summer.

Soaking your feet with warm water before going to bed will help promote blood circulation in your body.

At the same time, the nerves that have been strained for a day during the day and the kidneys that have been tired for a day can be completely relaxed and fully soothed by soaking the feet, and people will feel comfortable.

After soaking your feet, it is recommended that you do not perform other activities, and fall asleep every few minutes. The kidney effect is better.

Thoroughly put some forsythia, honeysuckle, isatis root, chrysanthemum soak feet, you can press down the heat to clear the heat.

The temperature of a reasonable balance of mind and exercise increases, and some people also have a strong temper. Stress is too high, which can lead to increased blood pressure, and high blood pressure can cause high blood pressure damage.

Maintaining an optimistic mood and an open mind can improve immune function.

Active and persistent aerobic exercise can not only improve cardiovascular function, but also help to eliminate free radicals in the body and protect the kidneys.

Drinking less beer and drinking more water can dilute the urine and allow the urine to be expelled quickly, thereby protecting the kidneys.

Most men don’t know this correctly and don’t think drinking water is important.

Some people think that drinking water is better than drinking beer, but many people do n’t know that drinking a lot of beer will cause uric acid deposition and rupture of renal tubules, causing hypertension damage, especially in patients with hypertension.

Drinking water should generally be maintained at about 1500 ml per day, and sweating in summer should be increased as appropriate.

Chinese medicine and western medicine used for kidney injury should be used with caution. Other diseases such as susceptibility to infection in the summer and other diseases should be used when taking the medicine.drug.

Aristolochia, Tianxian Teng, Guan Mutong, Qingmuxiang, Guangfangji, etc. in Chinese medicine also have certain renal toxicity. The “culprit” is the contained aristolochic acid, which should also be paid special attention.

With a reasonable diet, choose a good diet method to nourish the kidney, which will not hurt the body and nourish the kidney. This type of Atractylodes wolfberry yam porridge can strengthen the spleen and kidney.

Summer is wet, it should be damaged spleen and stomach, Atractylodes spleen and dampness, warm stomach and digestion; Yam can regulate the human immune system; wolfberry has the function of nourishing liver and kidney. Combining these three materials to make porridge can make healthyThe role of spleen and kidney, strengthening muscles.