Top 10 beauty skin care misunderstandings to help you relieve your troubles

Top 10 beauty skin care misunderstandings to help you relieve your troubles


Do n’t stop after you start using skin care products.

  In fact, skin care products will become tired after long-term use and will be mellow.

Choose a rest day that doesn’t go out and replace skin care products, you will find that as long as you have enough sleep, even if you do not use skin care products, the skin condition is not as bad as you think.

Take this opportunity to exercise your skin, do not make your skin dependent on skin care products.

And when you use the original skin care products again, they return to the obvious effect of the original use.


Fruit salads or juices are always low, so eat more.

  Many ladies like to eat fruit salad and think it is low in conversion and delicious. In fact, the salad dressing contains extremely high content. According to data, one tablespoon of egg yolk salad dressing contains 110 kcal of calcium carbonate, 12 grams aunt, which is better than the same amount of chocolateStill high.

  Freshly squeezed fruit juices contain extremely high fructose. Although sweet and delicious, fructose can easily lead to obesity, diabetes, etc., and too much interferes with health.


The more expensive the beauty products, the better.

  No, the choice of skin care products is not based on whether it is expensive or not, but you should choose what your skin likes and feel comfortable.

Skin care products are not the right ones. Only the expensive, expensive skin care products have their own advantages in terms of ingredients and technology, but it does not mean that it is suitable for all skins.


The longer you wash your hair, the cleaner it will be.

  Shampoo is not a nutrient for your hair, it is only responsible for cleaning.

The shampoo staying on the hair should be avoided for more than five minutes, because the alkaline shampoo staying on the scalp for too long will hurt the scalp and exfoliate the scalp.

If you feel that it is not clean enough, you can wash away the old shampoo first, and then rub a small amount of shampoo.


Imported / high-grade perm does not hurt hair.

  No matter how good the perm is, it will hurt the hair, but the damage is relatively low.

Because perming is to change the structure of the hair to achieve the effect of changing the shape of the hair.

Only by breaking the hair strands can the new structure be rebuilt.

The structure of the hair scales of the damaged hair after the perm has been damaged, and the hair becomes dry and dry.

Therefore, don’t trust the statement of “injection potion, never hurt hair”.


The busier you are at work and the less you sleep, the easier it will be to lose weight.

  On the contrary, busy work and lack of sleep lead to increased fatigue and prone to fatigue, and then increase appetite. They will eat more than usual when working at leisure to supplement the energy required for the body to work.With proper exercise, the body can easily form a temporary accumulation, becoming busier and fatter.


Vitamin tablets and nutrition tablets can replace natural foods.

  Big mistake, have you ever seen someone who can only survive without eating?

The answer is impossible.

Taking vitamins or nutritional drugs will not give you perfect skin. It can only be used as a supplement. Vitamin tablets can indeed help to strengthen your body when you cannot achieve a balanced diet.Immediate positive results.


The more sunscreen products you use, the better, and you don’t need to apply it all day long.

  Although high-level sunscreen products provide sun protection, the isolation effect is more ideal.

However, sunscreens are not suitable for every occasion. For the skin, the lower the sunscreen, the less the burden. If you are mostly indoors, spf25 is enough. Why use a higher sunscreen product for you?More burden on your skin?
Even if you use a high degree of sunscreen, the time will be repeated at the same time due to sweat, oil from the face, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to replenish sunscreen every three hours, regardless of the degree of low or high.

The lip balm is just for winter.

  In fact, lip care is the same as skin care.

Lip skin is particularly susceptible to damage. In the hot summer, direct sunlight can easily bruise the skin of the lips and become thin, brittle, weak, and dry.

And one step into the winter is more likely to be cold and peeling.

Because you can’t ignore the maintenance of your lips even in summer, it is best to choose a lip balm with sun protection.


Put raw eggs, lemon slices, etc. directly on the endothelium, which is natural.

  Either natural or good.

Citric acid is a kind of fruit acid, which can indeed be used to sort out the cortex.

However, if you apply it to your face, the whitening effect is minimal, especially lemon has a photosensitivity effect. If you apply lemon and then bask in the sun, it will darken the skin, and stains will crawl out, the effect is counterproductive.

Applying raw eggs, etc., is a health problem, because raw eggs may contain parasites or bacteria, which may cause skin inflammation.