When a woman loves a man who doesn’t love you

When a woman loves a man who doesn’t love you

Dedicated to all those who have been loved but have lost their loved ones; to those who have never been loved; to those who choose to deceive themselves because they still love.

This is a mirror, face it bravely, give up bravely, and start again bravely.

  When he doesn’t love you, whether he loved it in the past but forgets it later, or whether he never loved it.

When you cannot be the person in his heart, his heart will not remember you.

Although he knew you loved him deeply, he would rather pretend that he didn’t know.

  When he doesn’t love you, please don’t disturb him when you are unhappy or in trouble.

He is definitely not where you should be right now.

Maybe he will comfort you a little while answering your call, but that’s all.

Maybe you want something more and say, “Let’s meet.

“And he must be upset.

When he doesn’t love you, your love, your people, will become much cheaper.

You have the downside, it is human nature.

He would say, “OK, but I have something now.

Please call me later.

Or I can call you.

“And you must not take it seriously at this time, he just found a reason that is not very clear to fool you.

Please, don’t really wait, don’t lie to yourself.

  When he doesn’t love you, please don’t tell him your trivial matters, maybe at this moment, you just want to make you more familiar with each other.

However, he has no time or interest in understanding you, your life, your past, and your strengths and weaknesses.

Even if it is spoken.

He will soon forget, just like he forgets your birthday, your address, your phone.

Without love, you are destined to squeeze into his life.

Even if you want only a small corner.