Unwilling woman to be selfish

Unwilling woman to be selfish

At the extreme, single people are getting bigger and bigger in China.

The singleton phenomenon is more prominent in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other big cities, among which single women far exceed men.

Let’s uncover the selfishness of women not to marry: First, take career as the first priority. Everyone is willing to admit this, and they hope that their target can become a pillar of their careers. They can excel in work and career, but due to various factorsAt present, there are not many people with such a mate selection mentality, but there are still many people among the intellectuals.

  They look at their work achievements and career progress as the greatest happiness for adult students.

Use the other person’s entrepreneurial spirit and hard work spirit as an important key code on the mating balance, and pin the happiness of love in the struggle of career.

This love is eternal because of the eternity of the cause.

  Second, the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction Through the progress of social civilization, the improvement of people’s cultural quality, more and more people have this swollen mate selection mentality, they focus on each other’s ideological feelings, moral qualities, personality hobbies, etc., to pursue mutual spiritual communication and feelingsHarmony.

As long as you can be happy and satisfied mentally, it doesn’t matter if the other party’s financial conditions and physical conditions are not good.

This kind of spiritual love is noble. Many love stories passed on as beautiful talks belong to this scale’s psychological pursuit of love.

  Third, money-first mate selection is more common, especially in economically backward areas.

They put each other’s financial situation first, and their marriage is to get a comfort zone that can satisfy them to eat, wear, live, play, or to take advantage of survival.

This kind of marriage based on material and money is not reliable, because economic conditions can be changed. It often loses the attractiveness that unites the hearts of the two because the other party has lost the favorable material conditions, so they have to part ways.
  Fourth, the search for political support is a common practice in feudal society. They open their career paths through marriage or consolidate the nepotism in officialdom, the so-called political marriage.

Although this kind of mate selection is not common now, there are still many people who have pictures. They do not highlight the emotional and psychological compatibility of the two, let alone a conscience, and hide behind the marriage.The unspeakable motives of love are put first in love.

This love is also unreliable.

  Fifth, the psychology of pursuing appearance beauty holds a very important position among young people. Everyone wants their objects to be more beautiful and handsome. This is natural.Go astray.

The love that comes from each other’s beautiful appearance is short-lived.

With the passage of time, love also disappears through the aging of appearance.

As Goethe puts it: “The beautiful appearance can only please you for a while, and the inner beauty can last forever.

Sixth, when perfect people are required to choose objects, there are many pre-determined criteria, and those who do not meet one or two of them, even if they are in other respects, are not considered.

Although people with this kind of mate selection mentality are mostly young first lovers, they often become older youths.

  Seven, there are only a few people with this kind of mentality in games.

In the name of love, they play with other people’s feelings. They look for flowers and ask willows. Their outlook on life and love are rotten. As a result, they can’t bear true love in their entire life.

  In short, there are many kinds of spouse selections for men and women, and each person can have different spouse selections for others.

The above are just a few basic spouse selections.

There is a saying: those who benefit from intercourse, those who disperse when they are best, those who intercourse with sex, those who are poor from sacrifice, and those who intersect with the heart can achieve eternity.