Studying new people who are obese are susceptible to eye diseases

Studying new people who are obese are susceptible to eye diseases

People who already have high blood pressure are prone to high blood pressure, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.

Now scientists have discovered that obesity can also cause eye diseases, and severe cases can lead to blindness.

  Throughout the 20 surveys on ophthalmic diseases worldwide, there is enough scientific evidence to support this view: Obesity is closely related to various major common eye diseases, and this disease is likely to cause blindness in the human eye.

  Israeli ophthalmologists say that no one has ever thought about excessive disease and eye disease.

This new discovery has made many outsiders and even physicians a big one.

This research is still a new field. Although there are many studies related to this topic, there is still no comprehensive and systematic research report.

  In addition, the researchers found that ophthalmic diseases are gradually worsening in obese patients.

The researchers say that the relationship between obesity and eye diseases is obvious.

Glaucoma, diabetes, etc. can affect people’s vascular system, and overweight often causes lung disease.

The health of the blood vessels around the eye is affected and the vision of the eye is deteriorated.

  However, the relationship between cataract and obesity remains a mystery, because cataracts are caused by infection of the human eye, not caused by damage to the blood vessels of the eye.

But some doctors predict that it may be because obesity patients are more likely to get gout, and boots induce cataracts.

  The purpose of this study is to raise people’s vigilance and remind people that obese people are more likely to get eye diseases.

Obesity is not only closely related to cancer and high blood pressure, but also has a lot to do with eye diseases.

Although many ophthalmologists know this fact, they are not common sense that everyone knows.

  Researchers at the University of California say that experiments have been conducted on mice and that sorghum diets are prone to diabetes.

They also discovered an enzyme necessary for the synthesis of insulin, whose activity is inhibited by excessive intake of high-fat foods.

During the experiment, the researchers found that the activity of the enzyme was inhibited, and when the blood glucose level was too high, the trace could not produce enough insulin.

It is now common for type 2 diabetes to be caused by a deficiency in Gnt-4a.

  Therefore, I hope that this research can arouse people’s alertness, starting from improving daily eating habits, eating healthy fruits and vegetables and whole grains, eating high-fat foods, paying attention to strengthening sports, starting from daily life, and health.The lifestyle can guarantee a healthy body.