Yoga meditation improves brain function and structure

Yoga meditation improves brain function and structure

God is not a useless, outdated term, but the ultimate object of our meditation!

  The human brain is still one of many big mysteries that cannot be completely solved in science. For a long time, researchers have missed that most people only use one tenth of their brain power.

In addition, the function of some parts of the brain is still unknown, and scientists hope to have a more thorough understanding of this important organ of the human body in order to improve the function and health of the human body.

Therefore, research on the human brain has always been one of the hottest and most important propositions in the biological and medical circles.

  Meditating can lead us into the kingdom of God, and it will also make our lives better and better in the world.

In addition to many spiritual benefits, we can also improve our health and wisdom through meditation every day.

Recent scientific research in the brain has confirmed these insights.

  For example, some studies have shown that meditation can alter brain waves and appear to trigger a true sense of happiness.

And recently Australian scientists have offered a deeper view of how meditation affects brain function.

Australian scientists have found that Buddhist monks are more likely to concentrate than ordinary members of their families. This is mainly because monks are more able to control their brain activities and replace external information, but in the past they thought it was beyond their control.

  Other findings also point out that you do not have to be a monk to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

For example, one study tested the reactions of people who did not meditate during various military activities. After testing different behaviors, they found that only through meditation can their performance be improved.

  The results of another study are even more shocking. Scientists have found that the average office worker can increase their cerebral cortex, the so-called gray matter of the brain, as long as they meditate for 40 minutes in a certain way every day.

The cerebral cortex is involved in the process of concentration and perceptual force, and these areas are often thinner and thinner with age, so scientists speculate that these findings may explain why meditation can extend life.

They also predicted that different methods of meditation correcting the structure and function of the brain will bring about different types of changes.

  The method of meditation is also the subject of another study. The scientists asked those subjects who did not usually meditate to try separately: 1. Simply relax 2. Meditate on sentences such as “I am happy” 3 during meditation and meditate during meditation”God is love”, and then test their tolerance for pain, and found that those who meditated and meditated on God brought the highest.

This result is not surprising for practitioners, but it is a far-reaching message for those who ignore the theory and believe only in sight.

  Some of these studies have been carried out at highly respected research institutions, such as the University of Wisconsin and Massachusetts General Hospital.

The earth continues to progress, and human consciousness is moving towards a higher awakening. We can expect that more similar studies will be carried out and even more amazing performance will be obtained.