How to tell if a facial cleanser is good or bad?

Teach you 6 good ways to identify


How to tell if a facial cleanser is good or bad?
Teach you 6 good ways to identify

Facial cleanser is a skin care product that must be used in our lives. It can remove garbage and residual chemicals from pores.

Most women are unwilling to choose a facial cleanser, and cannot judge the quality of a facial cleanser based on its high price.

  How to identify the quality of facial cleanser?

  1. See if there are impurities or impurities after washing your face. After washing your face with the cleanser many times, without first applying any skin care products, you should gently touch your face to see if you feel silky.

If the face is always dry, you can rub it in the dust with your hands. If you rub it out, it means there are impurities in the cleansing milk. Continuous use will block the pores.

  2. See if there is a glare after washing your face. During the washing process, you can try to open your eyes.

Very poor facial cleanser can cause tingling and burning sensation in the eyes. Try to throw away the facial cleanser directly.

Opening your eyes when washing your face with a good quality cleanser does not have a noticeable tingling sensation.

  3. A small amount of test absorption is required when washing the face. First, squeeze out a small amount of facial cleanser. Generally, the facial cleanser will have a light fragrance, and there will be no greasy feeling when applied on it.

If it is applied on the beach without using any water, it has obvious irritation, is dry and not mild enough, indicating that the quality is too poor.

  4. Use fire to burn. Squeeze an appropriate amount of facial cleanser in a small spoon and set on fire.

If there is oil splashing into the cleansing milk during the burning process, the quality of the cleansing milk is relatively poor.

The facial cleanser burns like milk, so you can use it with confidence.

  5. Use ph test paper to test. There is a ph test paper on the market that can directly test the quality of the cleansing milk.

Healthy skin pH should be 5.

Around 6 is slightly acidic, and a pH value above 7 is alkaline.

As long as the pH value of the facial cleanser is close to the face, the thickness of the facial cleanser is relatively mild.

If it exceeds the skin’s pH value, it means that the facial cleanser is less irritating.

  6, soak in salt water, pour the appropriate amount of salt into the cup and mix well with water, then squeeze the appropriate amount of facial cleanser to stir, and leave it for half an hour to observe the facial cleanser.The water turned white, indicating that the cleansing milk was of good quality.

If white drifting substance appears on the cleanser, the quality is relatively poor.

  Tips: Choose a suitable facial cleanser according to your skin type. For oily skin, do not use the facial cleanser too many times. Use it twice a day, otherwise it will cause water loss in the skin.

Dry skin can be washed with a facial cleanser at night, otherwise it will damage the surface tissue of the skin.