Five warning signs on the face remind you that the body is bright red

Five warning signs on the face remind you that the body is bright red

As the saying goes, “The disease is like a mountain.”

In fact, there is a process in the development of any disease. There are some physical auras before the sudden, but it does not cause us enough to know.

As health awareness increases, we should give enough knowledge of the bad signals emitted by the human body to avoid a major disaster.

The warning signal of the face is observed in the mirror when you wash your face to see if there is any abnormality in your face: 1. If you find your face flushed, it may be related to heart disease or high blood pressure; 2. If your face is yellow, it is accompanied by the body.Tiredness, it is likely to be jaundice hepatitis; 3, if the eye color changes, congestion, turbidity, color yellow, should go to the hospital to see a doctor immediately; 4, if the eyelids pale, suggesting that may have iron deficiency anemia; 5, such asA fuzzy gray ring appears in the cornea, indicating that the heart may have problems. If it is a 30-50 year old male, he should go to the hospital immediately.

The warning signal of the eyes is blooming, the corners of the eyes are dry, and the things are not clear.

This is a harbinger of liver failure.

If you press the button around the liver, you will feel bloated. In addition to timely medical treatment, you should also pay attention to eye hygiene and do not let your eyes get too tired.

If eye pain is frequent, in addition to eye fatigue, the elderly should be wary of glaucoma.

Ophthalmologists have found that the factors that are prone to eye fatigue are as follows: 1. Eyes are mainly caused by refractive errors, excessive eye, eye diseases, and abnormal eye development.

2, physical and life factors 40 years of age or older, the eyes began to age, but failed to match the reading glasses in time, it is prone to eye fatigue.

3, environmental factors work or learning places are insufficiently illuminated, reading and writing and working hours are long, the line of sight is not fixed.

Like reading and writing and working on a boat, it can cause eye strain.

Eyes working overloaded are prone to eye fatigue and cause myopia and other diseases.

The ear is always squeaking. This is a sign that the kidney function is gradually deteriorating. Sometimes it is accompanied by foot pain, low back pain, frequent urination and other symptoms. People who work overworked should pay special attention to the combination of work and rest and avoid excessive fatigue.Drink less, eat less stimulating food such as ginger and pepper.

The nose’s warning signal is not good at the nose, and often coughs, sometimes even breathing difficulties, which is a sign of a gradual decline in lung function.

Patients should first pay attention to diet, quit smoking or control the amount of smoking, and do not be with people who smoke regularly.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, strengthen physical exercise, and prevent the occurrence of pulmonary complications.

The warning signal on the mouth is numb and the body is getting thinner.

This indicates that the phosphate function is gradually deteriorating, mainly due to eating disorders, improper recovery, due to poor smashing, will affect the stomach, when the stomach suffers damage, the lips will obviously become dry.

At this time, in addition to adjusting the diet, we must also pay attention not to eat cold, greasy food.