[Ding Ding always erection in the middle of the night, want to love her!

[“Ding Ding” always erection in the middle of the night, want to love her!

The two people met from each other to each other until they entered the palace of marriage. This is a huge fate. Everyone is eager to have a marriage of white-headedness and old age. Marriage means blossoms and buds that need to be put on.In order to bloom beautiful flowers.

. First, I often say “I love you” to my wife, and “I know” that a woman needs her husband to constantly give her an “verbal guarantee of love”.

“I love you” is never too much for women, because being loved and recognized is the most basic need for women in marriage.

Husbands can actually spend a bit of ingenuity to make this sentence sound more interesting and creative.

For example, when you wake up in the morning, hug her first and say it in her ear.

Occasionally in the daytime, she called her by accident and said these three words to ensure that his wife would be full of surprise after being shocked.

Or write a small card and stick it in the kitchen or on the mirror so she can be touched again when she inadvertently sees it.

“I know” is another useful phrase for my wife.

The wife often has bitter water, but the husband does not like to listen, only thinks that it is a big thing of sesame and mung beans.

But as long as the husband listens quietly and adds a sentence of “I know” or “reasonable”, the wife can be very pleased.