Home-cooked food that diabetics can’t eat, soar when they eat blood sugar!

Home-cooked food that diabetics can’t eat, soar when they eat blood sugar!

Any type of diabetes, any sugar friend, needs a diet for diabetes at any time!

This point shows the essence of the correct diet of sugar friends?
Today, I will tell you that those home-cooked foods have become your blood sugar soaring, and people with diabetes must pay attention.

1, boiled fish boiled fish is actually oil-boiled fish in Sichuan, boiled type of home cooking too much, what boiled meat pieces, boiled fish, and many people like to eat boiled spicy and strong taste.

Take the boiled fish, do you know that the fish is only simmered in hot water, then served with a side dish such as bean sprouts, and then poured with hot oil, the fish fillet is completely snorkeling in the oil, and then pouredThe hot oil on the roll, the fish fillet is completely “snorkeling” in the oil, and the big oil food is not suitable for diabetics.

2, fish-flavored pork, a dish of fish-flavored pork, 30 grams of sugar fish-flavored pork is also a famous dish in Sichuan.

The fish-flavored pork has a sweet, sour and spicy taste. It is delicious with rice. Later, if the dish is to be successful, the key is to have more oil, more sugar and more salt.

Sugar friends should eat less of this dish.

3, sweet and sour food sweet and sour food comparable to the sweet drink sugar has the effect of fresh, flavor, color, etc., can also transform the taste layered, but some restaurants in order to improve the sense of filling and selling, when cookingA lot of sugar may be added, and some are even more than sweet drinks.

Therefore, diabetics with sweet and sour taste should eat less.

4, fritters, oil cake fritters, oil cakes are high-content food fritters and oil cakes are high-conversion, high-carbohydrate foods, the process will add a lot of oil.

Not suitable for diabetics.

5, sugar-free cakes, sugar-free cakes, too much starch. There are many sugar-free cakes on the market. Among them, sugar-free means no sugar, but many merchants choose to use sugar instead of sucrose, and the cake contains a lot of starch, which will beThe body is converted to glucose sugar, so the cause of diabetes is less.

6, food containing glutinous rice glutinous rice oil is very hard, high in weight, and more processed into scorpions or porridge.

Like a scorpion, it will always be accompanied by jujube, bean paste and other accessories, these foods will make sugar sugar blood sugar rise rapidly.

Glutinous rice is a food with a high glycemic index, so people with diabetes should eat less.

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In daily life, there are many foods that can lower the effect of blood sugar. Today, I have summarized the following types and hope to be helpful to people with diabetes.

Let friends who are diabetic and diabetic eat delicious and healthy!

1, tomato tomato is very suitable for diabetic patients.

Tomato oxide iron, vitamin C, E, etc., can help diabetics to control blood sugar, but also improve high-density lipoprotein.

2, spinach spinach may lutein, can prevent eye complications of diabetes.

Spinach also contains a large amount of supplemental fiber, an important source of B vitamins, iron, calcium and vitamin C, and is also very suitable for diabetes.

3, asparagus, asparagus contains coumarin and other ingredients have the effect of lowering blood sugar, regular consumption of asparagus, can improve the condition of diabetes.

4, mushroom mushrooms are rich in nutrients, among which possible potassium can also help control blood pressure, supplement fiber can help diabetics prevent cardiovascular complications.

5, beans, beans and lentils and other beans, with low content, low content, high fiber, high protein characteristics, which contain rich fiber can delay the rate of glucose into the blood, prevent the rise of blood sugar.

Also, konjac, black fungus, deep-sea fish, olive oil, vinegar, etc. These foods are very suitable for diabetics, help to restore blood and restore health, I hope today’s content can help everyone.

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