How to prevent skin allergies in the spring season

How to prevent skin allergies in the spring season

First of all, pay attention to sun protection: Many people think that only some sunscreens should be used in summer. In fact, although the spring sun is not as hot as summer, it can’t be taken lightly, although it is early spring, don’t forget to go out and wipe the sunscreen.You can choose some sunscreen products with a small sun protection factor and low irritation to avoid sun damage to the skin.

Usually clean: When you wash your face, master the water temperature, wash your face with warm water, remember that the water temperature is too high or use cold water directly, because the skin is in a sensitive state, no matter hot or cold water, it will produce bad stimulation and increase the burden on the skin., causing overwhelming, decreased resistance, causing skin irritation.

The third attention to moisturizing: dry in the spring, in the early spring, it is best to use some pure moisturizing plant-like spray, often hydrating the face, the skin is healthy, it is not so easy to be sensitive.

Dry skin is more sensitive and can cause allergies.

The fourth choice of appropriate skin care products: how sensitive skin, in the use of cosmetics must be careful, try to avoid the use of hormones and chemical elements of skin care products, so as not to cause irritation to the skin, and lead to skin sensitive symptoms, try to use lessCosmetics, to avoid irritating the skin, if you want to use, you must also use mild, no stimulation to the skin.