Crude rice rice nutrition should not be long

Crude rice rice nutrition should not be long

Nowadays, rough rice is one of the most “retro” terms in the pursuit of nutritional value and even health.

It turns out that people with poor living conditions eat coarse rice. Now, after people’s health awareness is raised, more and more people realize that the nutritional value of micron meters is much higher than that of polished rice.It has become a staple food for every meal of every family.

However, eating a little rice is not a simple matter to eat. Yang Qinbing, deputy director of the Nutrition Department of the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, told reporters that there is still a lot to be paid to fully absorb the nutritional value caused by the reduction of rice.

  There is no correction definition for coarse rice. As the name suggests, the “fine” of fine rice is the same as the rough “fine”. It refers to rice without deep processing. Now, most consumers think that it is pure white rice, and the rest of the rice isFine rice, although there is no scientific basis for this statement, but there is nothing wrong with it.

Yang Qinbing told reporters that before, no, any organization changed it to the correct definition of micron meters. Therefore, in the absence of standards, micron meters could not be generalized. It should be noted that in the cooking time, too coarse micrometers are needed.After a period of cooking time, or cooking in a pressure cooker, so as not to affect the taste or cause bad stimulation or damage to the digestive tract.

  Cooking rice to avoid over-panning many families in order to soften the slender rice cooked.

In the process of making coarse rice, it is often necessary to soak the micron rice for about 8 hours, and some families even soak for 12 hours in continuous micron meters. In such a long soaking process, the vitamins and minerals are included in the same process.There will be a large part dissolved in the soaked rice soup, and some families know that the alkaline rice has not been deeply processed because of the understanding of the production process of the deep rice. Therefore, it is very delicate and hard when panning, which will lead to nutrition.Partial loss.
Yang Qinbing told reporters that the vitamin B1 contained in the crude rice will lose 30%-60% during the panning and soaking process, the vitamin B2 will lose 20%-25%, and the mineral will lose about 75%.

Therefore, Yang Qinbing reminds readers that when making flour rice, it is necessary to carefully select the coarse rice before entering the water, and first remove the impurities such as rice husk that have not been removed, and then carry out the cooking after simple washing, preferably not soaking.This will ensure that the nutrients are relatively not lost.

  The nutrients contained in the coarse rice are much higher than the polished rice, especially for the over-population, constipation and diabetes. Therefore, proper consumption of some rice is not only nutritious but also good for health, but it must be cooked.Pay attention to maintaining nutrition during the process.

Some families do not know how to match the proportion of micron rice and polished rice when making thick rice. Yang Qinbing said that it only needs to adjust the proportion of individual taste. It can also put a few red dates in the cooking process, which is better.