Recognize the five prejudices to make weight loss simple and easy

Recognize the five prejudices to make weight loss simple and easy

If you want to effectively lose weight and become a beautiful woman, you must have the right weight loss knowledge.

Lack of proper weight loss knowledge often leads you into a weight loss trap. Weight loss bias often prevents you from effectively losing weight.

Here are the tips to help you recognize the five weight loss prejudices and teach you how to effectively lose weight and make you a beautiful woman.

  Losing weight is not an easy task. If you accidentally fall into the weight loss trap, you will lose more than you gain.

So before we lose weight, we must recognize the five prejudices about weight loss.

  Prejudice: There will be a “rebound” phenomenon when the movement stops. The fact that the “bounce” is the culprit is that the aunt who is consumed by the unscientific diet is mainly composed of two parts. The previous accumulation of redundant aunts and training are repeated at the same time.Hoarding.

The so-called rebound is to stop the training, still do not pay attention to the scientific allocation of their own diet, replace the excess food, causing the extra conversion to re-transform into misfortune, the result of hoarding in the body, weight loss increased again.

Therefore, the rebound phenomenon is caused by an unscientific diet!

  Prejudice: Weight training will make girls become strong. Fact: Weight training allows beautiful girls and slacks to say goodbye weight training can directionalally improve body posture, such as making the body firm, preventing slight sagging, improving the officeThe “humpback” phenomenon increases muscles and so on.

For adult women, the internal secretory glands are mainly secreted by estrogen, while the estrogens cannot support very strong muscles, and the small amount of the same weight is five times the muscle.

Therefore, as long as the training method is right, the girl can reset the short-term accident and tighten the body without worrying that she is strong!

  Prejudice: Doing aerobic exercise can change the shape of the facts: comprehensive training can shape the “devil body”. If you only carry out aerobic exercise, such as running, cycling and other continuous sports, plus eating less, you may lose weight, but the resultIt is only possible to change the body shape from a rejected pear to a smaller pear.

Weight training can not greatly increase the metabolic rate, but also can change the body shape, make the shoulders wider, so the waist looks finer.

You can practice your waist and abdomen with a clear outline and tight legs, so that you can become more powerful and confident.

  Then, the best choice for changing the shape is to combine aerobic exercise and weightlifting to achieve better results.

  Prejudice: Eat less, reduce quickly. Facts: Excessive dieting hurts the body and re-“S” shape becomes “sandwich”. People who eat on a diet are not enough to supply their own consumption. They have to squeeze their bodies.The nutrients, over time, will feel tired, weak and irritable.

At the same time, the immune system will suffer from paralysis, and all kinds of metabolism and glandular secretion will be no longer strong due to malnutrition. For women, insufficient secretion of estrogen means dry hair, lack of elasticity, no luster, and sagging skin.The body lacks a curve – it becomes a “shirt”!

  Prejudice: No thirst, no water. Fact: The body needs water at all times. The human body contains about 60% of water, and water is an important means of transportation for all kinds of nutrients. If you drink less water, you will feel fatigue and weakness.

Initial energy metabolism requires the participation of water.

Drinking water also helps control your diet.

How water can’t be used for the health of the body!

  Please recognize the five prejudices before losing weight to make weight loss easier!