Stovepipe trick: how to run the calf will not become thicker

Stovepipe trick: how to run the calf will not become thicker

Running as the most effective and simple fitness program is highly regarded, but there are still many friends who have questions: Will running make my calves thicker?

Fitness expert Liu Wei pointed out: taking the right way to run can make the calf look better.

  I feel that the running calf will become thicker, mainly because of the following reasons: Some people feel that the calf is very tired when running, and they feel tight, and they think that the calf is “long and thick”. In fact, this is just an illusion; the second is that the method is wrong.The anaerobic exercise of high-intensity hypertension may cause the muscles of the calf to grow, causing the consequences of thick legs, while the aerobic exercise consumes sugar, traces, and amino acids in the body, which is only superfluous.

  How to judge whether your exercise is aerobic exercise?

Coach Liu introduced that when the heart rate is between (220-age × 85%) and (220-age × 65%), it belongs to aerobic exercise, and the heart rate exceeds (220-age × 65%), which belongs to anaerobic exercise, andDuring anaerobic metabolism, sugar is decomposed and decomposed into lactic acid by anaerobic glycolysis, causing muscle fatigue and soreness.

  The method of slimming to avoid thickening of the calf should be jogging under aerobic exercise, characterized by low intensity, rhythm and duration shift.

Pay attention to time and speed while running. Generally, aerobic exercise takes at least 30 minutes and can take up to 1-2 hours.

The speed should not be too fast, and the heart rate should be controlled within the heart rate of aerobic exercise, but it should not be too slow, otherwise it will not be able to exercise.