Eating improperly at dinner can cause a variety of chronic diseases

Eating improperly at dinner can cause a variety of chronic diseases

Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and hepatobiliary diseases have been on the rise in the past 10 years, which is inextricably linked to improper eating at dinner.

Too many families have the highest sum of dinner, chicken, duck, fish, meat, and eggs on the table. These are high-protein, high-yield, high-energy foods.

This kind of dinner with breakfast and Chinese food, one-sided pursuit of higher high-grade, high-protein food habits, coupled with insufficient exercise, will inevitably bury a “time bomb” for future health.

  It is best to eat at around 6 pm, dinner is really good, and eating healthy is not difficult.

  First of all, dinner is less scented, and the specific amount of eating depends on each person’s physical condition and individual needs, so that he feels hungry.

Don’t eat enough for dinner, and you can’t support it.

The time for dinner is best arranged around 6pm, try not to exceed 8pm.

After 8 o’clock, it is best not to eat anything, except for drinking water.

Also, do not go to bed for four hours after dinner, so that the food you eat for the night is fully digested.

  First of all, dinner should choose foods that contain fiber and carbonization.

There should be more than two kinds of vegetables at dinner, such as cold spinach, which adds both vitamins and fiber.

The amount of pasta can be reduced and appropriate to eat coarse grains.

You can eat some fish in small quantities.

  Try not to eat some food for dinner. Try not to eat fruits, desserts, fried foods, and try not to drink alcohol at night.

Too many people have the habit of drinking at dinner. This habit is not good for health. Excessive alcohol will metabolize metabolism at night, and the stomach will not get rest due to alcohol stimulation, resulting in poor sleep.

It is necessary to pay special attention to not eating high-calcium foods during dinner. Some shrimp skins and small bone fish must not be eaten to avoid urinary stones.

  Special note: people who use too much brain for dinner should eat supplemental choline and enhance memory.

Here to recommend a dinner nutrition recipe for mental workers: 100 grams of steamed squid or plain tofu, 200 grams of cold celery or spinach, a cornmeal noodle, a small bowl of seaweed soup, do not add shrimp, or a bowl of purple rice porridge.

  ”Breakfast is enough to eat, Chinese food is good, and dinner is eaten less.” It is regarded as the plasma of fitness by many people.

However, this “eat less for dinner” should be based on the specific circumstances, it is not appropriate to generalize.