High uric acid is eaten, pain doctor: stay away from these 4 foods, gout will stay away from you

High uric acid is eaten, pain doctor: stay away from these 4 foods, gout will stay away from you

As people’s health awareness increases, too many people perform all aspects of physical examination every year, and uric acid is one of them.

The highest, uric acid reached 420μmol / L, even high uric acid.

After your physical examination, you can pay attention to your medical report. If the uric acid exceeds the standard, the doctor will consciously remind you to pay attention to your daily diet.

High uric acid is eaten, pain doctor: away from these 4 kinds of food, gout will be far away from you. In fact, high uric acid is a kind of metabolism caused by metabolism disorder caused by excessive uric acid in the body.Sexual disease.

Although only the purity of glucose comes from food, two-thirds of it is self-synthesis in the body, but because modern people’s diet is extremely unhealthy, diet control is extremely important!

1. People with high uric acid in high fecal foods are caused by excessive uric acid in the body, and these high-fat foods will prevent our body from discharging too much uric acid as waste.

If this continues, the uric acid in the body will become higher and higher.

2, animal visceral animal internal organs provide nutrition to the human body is mainly uric acid, if the human body’s uric acid is already high, but also eat these foods rich in uric acid, it is not a crime.

So if the uric acid is too high, it is best not to eat animal internal organs.

3, bone soup bone soup is also a luxury for people with high uric acid, especially broth like pork bones and beef bones.

These bone soups also contain a lot of uric acid, which is not suitable for people with high uric acid.

4, high sugar food too much sugar will be converted into sputum, as said before, sputum too high will prevent the discharge of uric acid, even more terrible, if some types of sugar, if too much, will directly promote the synthesis of uric acid in the human body, aboutThose who have high levels of uric acid in their body are simply worse.

High uric acid means gout, getting closer and closer to you!

Gouty arthritis: Hyperuricemia is the root cause of gout, blood uric acid is elevated, the onset of gout is repeated, and the age of onset is earlier.

Kidney disease and kidney failure: High uric acid can cause kidney damage. At the same time, after impaired renal function, blood uric acid excretion is reduced, and high uric acid is more important.

Urine acid kidney stones: According to statistics, in the previous kidney stones, 5.

1% is uric acid kidney stones.

Like other causes of kidney stones, urinary acid nephrolithiasis often manifests as low back pain and hematuria. If the ureter is blocked, it will cause fever, oliguria, no urine, hydronephrosis, and elevated serum creatinine.

Hypertension: Hyperuricemia can also cause high blood pressure. According to statistics, for every 60μmol increase in blood uric acid, the risk of hypertension increases by 15%.
twenty three%.

Diabetes: According to a foreign study, 25% of diabetes is caused by high uric acid.

In addition, elevated blood uric acid levels in diabetics are more likely to develop diabetic nephropathy.

Coronary heart disease: For every 60 μmol increase in blood uric acid levels, the mortality rate of women with coronary heart disease increases by 30%, and that of men increases by 17%.

Can cardiovascular disease be reduced by 13% by reducing uric acid?

Stroke: Hyperuricemia can promote the occurrence of cerebral infarction, increase the mortality rate of cerebral infarction and the recurrence rate of cerebral infarction.

It can be seen that the harm of high uric acid can avoid gouts. So although uric acid is too high, it is not a way to prevent and relieve.

For people with high uric acid, what else do you need to do in addition to eating or not eating the foods mentioned above?

People with high uric acid, do this 3 points, stable uric acid reduction!

1, to ensure adequate urine volume gout patients should pay special attention to add too much water.

If your water intake is insufficient, the amount of urine will decrease, and the concentration of uric acid dissolved in the urine will increase, making it easy to form urinary calculi in the urinary tract.

Normal people have a daily urine output of about 1 000?
2 000 ml, an average of about 1500 ml.

In general, we hope that patients with gout can achieve a daily urine output of more than 2 liters.

In this way, plus the water in our three meals a day, we can make our body achieve “import and export balance” in water.

2, more alkaline foods eat more alkaline foods, some vegetables, milk, fruit, rice noodles, etc., increase the body’s alkali reserves, help reduce uric acid.

You can also try the Chinese medicine diet Keping phthalocyanine powder to reduce uric acid effect is better.

Production method: Keping phthalocyanine, Hericium erinaceus, Chinese yam, millet, black sesame, pumpkin seeds, medlar and other foods and other homologous alkaline ingredients are polished.
Alkaline foods are simply “eat healthy” for patients with high uric acid. Alkaline foods can be combined with uric acid, and urinary toxins are reduced to reduce uric acid and relieve gout.

Keping phthalocyanine powder uses the broken wall technology to carefully grind the powder, not only can meal meal meal satiety, but also strengthen the body, improve the body immunity, can regulate the balance of body fluid syrup, metabolize excess uric acid, keep the body acidAlkali balance can not only reduce uric acid, but also improve gout. It can also comprehensively regulate the various organs of the body to achieve acid-base balance and improve physical fitness.

3, aerobic exercise is beneficial to gout patients, which is beyond doubt.
Exercise can reduce weight, keep the body healthy, and uric acid levels drop.

However, patients with gout still need to pay attention to sports forms, strength, time and other issues during exercise.

Exercise should choose aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, tai chi, swimming, dancing and so on.