Winter nourishing vegetables make women nourish and dry

Winter nourishing vegetables make women nourish and dry

Guide: Winter is getting stronger, and the body conditioning project of anti-drying and moisturizing has also begun. Let delicious foods become the protagonist of nourishment. Not only does it get the pleasure of taste, but also allows the body to gain energy and easily pass the seasons.

  Chrysanthemum purple potato anchovies taste: crispy and sweet, the mixed taste of purple potato and shrimp is even more flavorful.

Purple potato with obvious selenium and anthocyanin is a healthy ingredient recommended by health professionals. The delicious purple potato velvet is stuffed with delicious nine-node shrimp. After cooking, it is exquisite and handsome, cute, and it can fight cancer, Nourishing yin and nourishing kidney.

  Ingredients: purple sweet potato, nine-section shrimp, shredded milk.

  Practices: 1. Roast the purple potatoes, and take the purple potato puree to make mashed potatoes; 2. Remove the head and shells of the nine-section shrimp flying water, and leave the tail;Keep the tail of the shrimp and add milk; 4. Fry in 50% oil and cook thoroughly.

  Wild Mushroom Sea King Gourd Cup Taste: The fragrance of pumpkin is very popular, adding seafood and mushrooms, it is soft and pleasant.

  Efficacy: The mountain and sea flavor are smelted together, and the taste is strong but not cloudy. It has the effect of detoxifying and lowering blood sugar.

  Ingredients: American small pumpkin, old man’s head mushroom, porcini mushroom, chicken agaric mushroom, cloud ear, fresh abalone, Australian belt.

  Method: 1. Cut 1/3 of the gourd and steam it for later use; 2. Cook the fresh abalone and Australian scallops for later use; 3. Fry the wild colony into the pan, add the abalone sauce, oyster sauce, and fresh abalone,Ao belt, stir-fry and cook; 4, put the cooked ingredients in the gourd cup and drizzle with abalone sauce.

  Steamed Chicken Matsutake Cordyceps Flower Stewed Chicken Taste: Fresh and delicious. The freshness of Matsutake Cordyceps flower covers the chicken’s fishy smell, but brings out the sweetness.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and strengthening the body, enhancing resistance.

  Ingredients: Tricholoma matsutake, Cordyceps flower, Chinese wolfberry, ham, native chicken.

  Method: 1. Put the chicken in the water; 2. Put all the ingredients in the steamer cup; 3. Stack the gas cooker for six layers and cover it, put it on the steamer and steam for 4 hours.

  Cordyceps Flower Soup Dipper Fish Dip: The taste of the fish is smooth and tender. It is cooked with Cordyceps flower and thick chicken soup.

  Efficacy: Dolly fish has high protein content and low trace content, and supplements collagen. It is often eaten to keep the skin young and firm. It is an excellent beauty and beauty dish.

  Ingredients: Cordyceps flower, Yunnan melon, fresh Huaishan, thick chicken soup, polycarp, wolfberry.

  Practice: 1.

1. Remove the meat from the treasure chest, cut into fish balls, and marinate with raw meal, protein, and refined salt; 2.

Cut Yunnan melon and fresh Huaishan into thick strips for future use; 3.

Cordyceps flowers, fresh Huaishan, Yunnan melon are cooked in thick chicken broth, and finally drop the fish balls, soak in the soup for a while, and sprinkle with Chinese wolfberry.

  Southland Coconut Grain Rice Taste: Strong Southland flavor, coconut aroma overflows, rice is soft and hard.

  Efficacy: Whole grains can provide the body with rich B-vitamins and alternative fibers, help remove metabolic waste from the body, and make the stomach and stomach smoother.

  Ingredients: Coconut King, Thai Basmati Rice, Purple Rice, Purple Potato, Corn, Red Beans, Vegetable Grains, Eggs.

  Practice: 1.

Steam the Thai fragrant rice, purple rice, and red beans under water; 2.

Purple potato cut into small grains for later use, Coconut King saw open the lid for later use; 3.

Stir the eggs and grains to taste; 4.

Put the fried rice in the coconut palm and bake it in the oven for about 5 minutes.