Online dating and stock selection

Online dating and stock selection

With the gradual popularization of computers and the increase in the number of citizens surfing the Internet, a kind of online dating is popular in today’s cities.

Although the charm of online dating is not small, but the number of people entering the palace of marriage through online dating is not large.

Online love is more about “seeing the light dying” stories, all of which are failure records.

  The reason why online dating is prone to failure is that you don’t understand each other.

How does the other person look?

How old is it?

How does it work?

What is the income situation and the family environment?

Wait, wait, you don’t know all of this, at most you just listen to the other side’s words.

In this way, both sides of the online dating idealized each other and imagined that they were perfect. They fell in love, loved each other, and loved each other in a series of sweet talks.

Does blind love like this look a bit “confused”?

How can such a “confused love” succeed?


Therefore, “seeing the light to die” is inevitable.

  In fact, many investors invest in the stock market like this online dating, and their choice of stocks is just a kind of “blurred love”.

When choosing a stock, you don’t know how big its circulation disk is or how its performance is. As for the historical trend of the stock, the top ten shareholders of the company, and the next development plan, etc., it is still unknown.

When they choose stocks, they only look at a technical indicator or a chart, and some don’t even look at the chart, but just buy the stock on the recommendation of some stock commentators.

It is too difficult to buy stocks like this without being locked up or reduced.

The final outcome can only be the same as that of online dating, with more failures and less successes, leaving a record of investment failures.

  For men and women in love, the key to success is that the two sides treat each other with sincerity and know each other. Only when your conditions are suitable for the other party and the other party can satisfy you can such a relationship gosuccess.

It’s similar. When an investor buys stocks, he should also have the necessary understanding of the stocks you want to buy. Only when this stock suits your investment style can you buy it.

Selecting stocks so clearly, I believe that your chances of investment success must be great.