[Can white wine and pears be eaten together]_Diet conditioning_Diet taboos

[Can white wine and pears be eaten together]_Diet conditioning_Diet taboos

Although there are many types of liquor, the liquor intensity in the northern region is relatively high, because northerners need to use liquor for heating in the cold winter, and it will not work if the alcohol content is low.

People often pour a glass of white wine to drink during meals. If it is a party, they have to make some side dishes to match. Can white wine and pears be eaten together?

Let me tell you what you can’t eat with white wine.

1. Liquor can’t be eaten with anything. Liquor can’t be consumed with beer. Beer is rich in carbon dioxide, which is easy to volatilize. If you drink it with liquor, it will lead to alcohol penetration, which will be harmful to liver, kidney and metabolism.

For the same reason, liquor should not be drunk with carbohydrate drinks.

2. Liquor cannot be consumed with coffee. Coffee contains a large amount of caffeine. Liquor contains a large amount of ethanol. Both caffeine and ethanol have an exciting effect of exchange. Drinking both together will produce a strong excitement effect, which will aggravate the human body.Stimulation, irritability and nervousness will also be aggravated.

3. Liquor can’t be eaten with persimmon. Precipitated acid in persimmon can react with certain components of gastric juice to form persimmon stone. Liquor and persimmon are eaten together, which is not conducive to the digestion of persimmon and may produce persimmon stone.

4. Liquor cannot be eaten with carrots. Carrots are rich in carotene. Eating liquor and carrots together may produce hepatoxin, which is not good for liver health.

5. Liquor cannot be smoked with smoked products such as smoked meat. During the smoking process, a variety of carcinogens may be produced. Excessive drinking of liquor will lead to an increase in lead levels in the body, and the combination of carcinogens and blood lead may induce cancer.

6. Liquor cannot be eaten with seafood and purine is diluted with seafood. Eating seafood while drinking liquor may cause gout and urinary stones, and seafood is a cold food. Eating with liquor may cause diarrhea.

7. Liquor cannot be eaten with durian together with sulfur compounds in durian, which is not conducive to the rapid decomposition of alcohol to exclude the body. Liquor and durian can be eaten together, which may increase the degree of drunkenness.

Second, the benefits of drinking liquor Liquor has a role in health care: 1, blood circulation, Tongluo, warming the stomach, driving cold 2, people with insomnia drink a small amount of liquor before going to bed, which is good for sleep 3, can stimulate gastric secretion and salivaQin, axial stomach strengthening effect 4, ventilation, scattered cold, relaxing muscles, promoting blood circulation5, proper absorption can delay aging, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, prevent cancer6, make the circulatory system excitement 7, soften blood vessels,Promoting blood circulation, promoting blood circulation, and good cardiovascular health8. For the elderly, drinking a little is good for the body, promoting blood circulation, especially in winter, can prevent arteriosclerosis