The pillow does not rebound for a long time, making you stiff?

The pillow does not rebound for a long time, making you stiff?

Density is the basic index of high-grade slow rebound materials, but this is also the easiest indicator. However, if high-grade slow rebound materials are high-density, but high-density is not necessarily high-grade materials.

Density, feel, and companionship are all related to this.

  One: Density and density are the basic indicators of high-grade slow rebound materials. Generally, the minimum density is 80 or more. However, this is also the easiest indicator. Even products with the same density will vary greatly. It is mainly the formula, process andDue to the difference in raw materials, the initial high-grade slow rebound material must be high-density, but only high-density is not necessarily a high-grade material; 2: rebound time Many consumers think that the longer the rebound time, the better.It’s a misunderstanding.

A better rebound time is about 3–5 seconds.

Too short to get a slow rebound effect; too long to stiffen the body (think if you turn around, it hasn’t rebounded in a long time); 3: manufacturing process There are two kinds of manufacturing processes for slow rebound: cutting andforming.

Cutting is a finished, slow rebound sponge that is bought and cut into the shape of a pillow; the molding is a series of parts such as foaming and vacuuming with a mold, which is much more complicated.

Density, feel, and giving are all related to this; 4: feel and temperature sensitive high-grade slow rebound sponge feels very comfortable, pinch up feels like the dough, the slow slow rebound is not a little cyanosis, otherwiseSomewhat stiff.

At the same time, this high-grade slow rebound also has good temperature sensing, which will become softer with increasing temperature. When the human body comes in contact with the slow rebound material, through the transfer of body temperature, the pillow will be softer and more flexible.Good package and supporting the human body; 5: Usually high-grade slow rebound will not deform for more than 5 years, but the cutting process is made or the quality is poor, usually only 1-2 years.