What kind of marriage do you belong to in the new era

What kind of marriage do you belong to in the new era

With the continuous improvement of women’s democracy, women are no longer just affiliated with men as in the old society.

Marriage research experts summarize modern marriage into five types, and see which category you belong to: the woodpecker type, they are intoxicated and envy others.

Pull hands, shoulders, kisses, and keep busy in public.

But in private, the two people’s confidence in love is not enough, and their respective confidence in themselves is not enough, but the borrowing relationship complements each other.

Such marriages are inconsistent, as long as one party has an independent sense of intervention, the marriage will be in crisis.

  Harmonious This is an ideal marriage pattern, but only 20% of couples are of the same type.

They love and forgive each other and share the burden. They can resolve some disputes over education of children and economic expenses through sincere exchanges.

  Independent men and women are independent. They believe that falling in love is not the same as guarding the whole day. They will be willing to spend time with their children and share the housework. When she is not happy, he can listen patiently.An Annunciation object.

However, the two have different hobbies, different circles of friends, and even couples will go on vacation separately. If a marriage is to last long, mutual trust is the key, but if there is no mutual care and work communication, a marriage crisis will occur.

  Explosive type is the typical bed fight between the bed and the couple.

The two were facing each other for a while, and hugged enthusiastically for a while, forgetting the discomfort just now.

Although experts believe that quarreling is too bad for marriage, it is better for the two to spread the problem than to hide it in their hearts. As long as they have fun outside the quarrel, the marriage can last.

  From an outsider’s perspective, manipulative is one that is essentially bossy and has to control everything, while the other is willing to be controlled.

In fact, it is a permanent marriage. One party can take care of it, and the other party is dedicated to other aspects.

Only when one person’s personality changes suddenly can the marriage be unstable.