[Does eating taro round get fat]_ gain weight _ influence

[Does eating taro round get fat]_ gain weight _ influence

Taro is a very popular snack. The main ingredients of taro are taro and starch and glutinous rice. Many girls like to eat taro, and even use taro to replace the staple food. They think that the raw material of taro is taro, andTaro contains a lot of fiber and has the effect of losing weight, so many girls think that taro also has the effect of losing weight, so can eating taro lose weight?

Does eating taro round get fat?

The amount of taro round is very high. The conversion of taro round is 135kcal / 100g, and the grass is about 50kcal / 100g. For reference, the conversion of cooked rice is 113kcal / 100g (100g is as much as a small bowl).

From the perspective of transition alone, it is far away and not as good as biscuits and potato chips (about 500kcal / 100g, 100g is the specification of most normal packaging bags for biscuits and potato chips on the market, feel it).

Will eating taro round be fat? If there is no sugar in the dessert, it will not be fat, but the sugar content in the dessert is generally high, so it is recommended to eat less. If it is just taro round and fairy grass, as stated above, it is not high at allThe abdominal sensation is also stronger.

However, this type of food on the market generally adds a lot of sugar and even other sweet additives, and the conversion of these sugars cannot be underestimated.

How to make taro rounds to eat 1. The most important thing to make taro rounds is to use cassava flour instead of other types of starch!

Other starches will not be Q-bouncing and chewy, which will completely affect the taste.

2. If you want to add sweetness, be sure to add it when the sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and taro are mashed. This will not affect the molding and taste. If you forget to add it, do not add 3 in the next step. YellowTaro rounds are best made with yellow heart sweet potatoes, made with pumpkins, but pumpkins are too soft and steamed, and too much water, you need to add a lot of cassava flour to form a ball. The more cassava flour is added, the flavor of the original ingredients will beIt will fade!

4. In addition to the most classic three-colored taro balls, you can develop more colors and flavors by yourself, such as adding matcha powder and red yeast rice powder to cassava flour balls, and adding hot milk or brown sugar water, justVery suitable for Christmas.