Cosmeceuticals, healthy fashion not to be missed


Cosmeceuticals, healthy fashion not to be missed

Looking at the world, Europeans and Americans are accustomed to buying functional skin care products and personal care products in pharmacies. Japanese chain pharmacies in Chinese medicine and cosmetics products and daily necessities account for 70% of their business.


hzh {display: none; }  目前在日本,有16000家被称作“药妆店”的店铺,将药品、化妆品、日用品放在一起经营,数量甚至还超过了专业的药店。According to media reports: In 2004, the input of Japanese drug cosmetics chain stores exceeded 4.

2 trillion yen (equivalent to 323 billion yuan), of which pharmaceutical sales accounted for less than 1/3.

  When a lot of problem skin people are sleeping and sleeping for their own skin, how can they make their skin look healthy, how their skin looks firmer, and their age is not betrayed by skin wrinkles and eye wrinklesAt the same time, this now seems to be a feverish cosmeceutical market.

  What is cosmeceutical?

  So, what exactly is cosmeceutical?

Some people say: The so-called cosmeceuticals refer to cosmetics sold in pharmacies.

  In fact, the concept of cosmeceuticals originally increased in Europe and America.

In the United States, experts point out that the so-called cosmeceutical is actually a marketing from EMKT.


cn’s exclusive vocabulary, the academic community believes that cosmetics that are considered by the FDA (United States Federal Food and Drug Administration) to be cosmetic ingredients containing medicinal ingredients are medicated cosmetics.

But Susan, a British senior expert in beauty and dermatology?

Dr. Mayo pointed out: “Made with cosmeceutical products is a life science innovation that challenges humanity to reverse aging.

The enduring charm of well-known international branded pharmaceutical products?


Its additive ingredients are usually retinoids, metal substances, vitamins and various plant preparations.

It seems that at present, the correct concept of cosmeceuticals in the world has not yet reached a consistent definition.

So, let us understand it here?


Cosmeceuticals are special cosmetics and personal care products for people with problem skin.

  Function of cosmeceuticals In recent years, “cosmeceuticals” has become a new term in the field of skin care and fashion. The concept of cosmeceuticals active in the public’s sight was once expressed with heat and charm.

For those who have trouble with the skin and love beauty, they seem to see the dawn of hope. They no longer need to go to the beauty salon to endure the pain of pulling skin.Doctor’s needle and tiring regular rehabilitation care.

  Suddenly a night of spring rain came, thousands of trees and pears blossomed.

When well-known professional terms such as comprehensive medicine, nutrition conditioning and skin care came into the public eye, many people imagined that the era of universal drug makeup could come soon, and they could completely liberate their problem skin.

  So, what exactly is the function of cosmeceuticals, so that many beauty lovers are enthusiastically competing?


  First, cosmeceutical products have functional activation effects.

Because cosmeceutical products generally contain high concentrations of vitamin C, fruit acid, and antioxidants, they have strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects.

  Initially, cosmeceutical products have an auxiliary medical role.

In Europe and the United States, many doctors will recommend dermatology patients to use cosmeceuticals as medical aids to prevent bacteria from controlling sebum secretion and inhibit skin ulcers.

  Furthermore, cosmeceutical products also have the effect of repair and maintenance.

Because people with poorly tolerated skin or patients with skin problems cannot use common skin care products on the market, so as not to cause irritation, and medically verified cosmetic products can bring mild skin care effects to these people.

  Finally, cosmeceutical products also have preliminary care effects.

After cosmetic surgery such as microdermabrasion, laser, etc., mild cosmetics can be used for follow-up care.

Cosmeceuticals can effectively protect fragile skin from irritation.

  According to foreign authoritative data, “Before Christmas in foreign countries, during the peak sales season of cosmetics, every $ 3 of skin care products spent, $ 1 was spent on a certain brand of cosmetics.”According to this, in addition to the envy of the quite mature drug cosmetics market abroad, analyzing this set of data also happens to show the huge potential of the drug cosmetics market from another aspect.

  Another kind of French cosmeceutical French drug store should actually be a cosmeceutical store. The shelves are packed with functional products such as slimming creams, tanning oils, anti-wrinkle lotions, etc.The product is a reliable ally for French girls to stay slim and smooth.

  Approaching French drugstores, all of the “aged” functional cosmetic products are coming, mainly because French people are very aware of the anti-aging care.

It is because of the drier climate that the westerners are older than the easterners, so anti-aging and anti-aging markets have become the hottest maintenance topics.

French pharmacy’s best-selling skincare category is almost all anti-aging, antioxidant functional products.

  According to a report by Hong Kong Beauty and Fashion Magazine: French people usually prefer to visit two types of drugstores, one is the cheapest drugstore in France, and the other is the most affordable drugstore in France.

GERMAINDESPRES, located at the intersection of RueBonaparte and RueDuFour, is the cheapest local drug store in France. The sales price of its in-store products is equivalent to about 45% -50% of the retail price in China.

  However, in the PAPASHOP drugstores everywhere on the streets of France, daily guests are welcomed in the store, and there is a continuous stream.

In addition, the number of PAPASHOP drugstores has formed a leading edge in confrontation, and its business strategy equivalent to the “Watsons” in the Chinese market has also helped it achieve the praise and reputation of the most affordable drugstore in the French market.

  To some extent, although the affordable drugstore PAPASHOP is sometimes sold for 1-3 euros more than the cheapest drugstore GERMAINDESPRES, due to the chain layout and scale effect of PAPASHOP stores, the FrenchSeems to be more favored for PAPASHOP.

  Many domestic women go to France to buy cosmeceutical products and generally have no consumer experience.

According to the author’s understanding: When buying cosmeceutical products in French cosmeceutical stores, promotions are rarely encountered, except for holiday discounts.

If customers want to get more benefits, they can only start with tax rebates. French drugstores usually only provide tax rebate services. If there is a publicity poster “Tax refunds can be posted” at the door, consumers can rest assured that they are “daring to consume.”

Because as long as the purchase amount on that day reaches 170 euros, tax refund can be carried out.