Xiaoman recommends three techniques for preventing yang damage and emotional irritability

Xiaoman recommends three techniques for preventing yang damage and emotional irritability

May 20 this year is Xiaoman’s solar term, marking that most places will enter the hot summer.

Due to high temperature, rain and other reasons, this solar term will easily damage the body’s yang, increase the humidity in the body, and make your mood more irritable.

Experts suggest not to hinder the practice of the three fitness exercises, which can fully and effectively alleviate the symptoms of discomfort.

  Sweat is more greedy, cold and easy to hurt the Yang Yangyang. After pressing Zusanli into “Xiaoman”, it keeps rising, the weather is getting hot, the heat is hot, and the excretion of sweat will also accelerate.”Qi Yang is also”, so the body’s yang will be damaged as a result.

In addition, people are greedy and cold in hot weather, and some air conditioners and cold drinks are vulnerable to cold and dampness and hurt the sun.

  Wang Liang, an expert in sports and health care at the rehabilitation department of the Nanjing Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, introduced that the traditional Chinese medicine book “Lingshu” records: “Insufficient Yang Qi and more than Yin Qi, then the cold middle bowel sings and abdominal pain . tuned in Zusanli.

“Summer Yang is maintained in the summer, and Buzhong Yiqi is more suitable for rubbing Zusanli.

The acupuncture point is 3 inches below the eyes of the external knee, 1 horizontal finger from the anterior condyle of the upper and lower bones, and the anterior tibial muscle.

When taking the acupuncture point, measure 4 horizontal fingers downward from the outer knee eye, between the fibula and tibia, and 1 horizontal finger from the upper side of the bone.

  The commonly used method is to rub the Zusanli with your thumb: use your thumb to press on the Zusanli acupoint, press it vertically, press down, and rub it.

The other four fingers make a fist or spread out to play a supporting role in synergy.

Let the stimulation fully reach the deep layer of the muscle tissue, and produce the sensations of acid, numbness, swelling, pain and channeling. After a few seconds, gradually relax, and then repeat the operation several times.

  Xiaoman’s rain and practice Xiongxijianpi, spleen, dampness and dampness. In the Jiangnan area, Xiaoman has another meaning besides “full crops”, “Xiaoman Xiaoman, Jiangmanheman.

“Indicating that at this time, there will be more rain.

In Xiaoman season, due to the increase of rainfall and the rise of air, various skin diseases such as athlete’s foot, eczema, sweat spots, wet skin diseases, and athlete’s foot are easy to occur.

Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of these skin diseases is related to the sweltering weather and local, especially wet weight as the main pathogenic factor.

So, how can we get rid of dampness?

  Associate Professor Li Jing from the Department of Sports and Health Sciences of the Nanjing Institute of Physical Education said that TCM can be achieved by strengthening the spleen.The abdomen is full, the diet is not good, the rotten acid is swallowed and so on.

The better spleen exercise is the bear show in Wu Qin Xi.

  The main moves are as follows: Lie on your back, separate your calves with your hands, lift your head, and roll your body to the left (for hygiene, it is best to lay a blanket on a clean floor or on the floor of your home), then roll to the right and roll left and right.7 times.

Then bend your knees and squat on the ground, press your hands beside the ground, shake your upper body, 7 times left and right.

When practicing a bear show, be as thick and steady as a bear.

The bear looks bulky, walks softly, and is actually calm and light.

  When the weather is hot and upset, when practicing the “Zong Gong” Xiaoman solar term, due to the increase in temperature, even with the help of air conditioning, it is unavoidable to experience the “ice and fire two days” indoors. At this time, people’s emotions will change accordingly, and they are prone to upsetThe phenomenon.

Wang Changsong, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Health and Rehabilitation Professional Committee of the Nanjing Natural Medical Association, deputy director of traditional Chinese medicine doctors recommends everyone to practice “sit exercises” to get rid of trouble.

A well-known health expert in the Ming Dynasty, Gao Yong, wrote “Zhang Man’s April Gong” in his “Zun Sheng Ba Jian”. The specific method is as follows: 3 am every day?
At 7 o’clock, he was sitting, holding his palms upwards and holding them down, pressing his palms downwards and pressing hard, three to five times each, then his teeth moved 36 times, his breath was adjusted, and the fluid was swallowed into Dantian nine times.

This method can cure lung stagnation caused by the accumulation of evil poison in the lungs, chest fullness, palpitation, red face, red nose, yellow eyes, upset and pain, palm fever and so on.

Interested friends may wish to try.