Women’s smoking is more harmful to health than men?

Women’s smoking is more harmful to health than men?

Experts from the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention believe that compared with male smokers, female smoking is more harmful to health.

  It will not only harm the smoker’s own health, cause skin aging, increase the risk of lung disease, but also endanger health again.

  Lin Jiangtao, director of the Respiratory Department of the Beijing China-Japan Friendship Hospital who came to Jinan to quit smoking recently, said that nicotine will promote the release of dopamine in the brain, bringing a sense of calm and joy.

  The mechanism by which smokers rely on tobacco is very similar to drug use.

Long-term drug intervention is required during treatment.

Once you stop smoking, smokers develop restlessness or anxiety, anxiety, or depression.

It is also because of long-term addiction that smokers become dependent on tobacco, and boots are harmful to health.

  Sun Tong, director of the Health Education Institute of the Shandong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, believes that the exception of smoking for women will bring about the same health hazards as men, thereby increasing the incidence of hypertension and respiratory system.

Smoking will cause the skin to deteriorate earlier and affect beauty.

  This is because smoking damages the capillaries, hinders the blood circulation of the skin, prevents the skin from getting enough oxygen supply, and causes women’s skin to appear wrinkles earlier.

Preliminary experts predict that the incidence of diabetes among women will also increase every year in the next few years.

  Sun Tong said that it is more important for young female smokers to notice that smoking will increase the harm to fertility, increase the rate of infertility, and even cause high blood pressure and miscarriage and cause mental retardation of children.

This is because the chemical components in tobacco are transmitted to vanadium through the blood vessels.

  In addition, smoking will cause breast milk reduction in breastfeeding women and increase the incidence of breast and ovarian cancer.

Compared to non-smokers, the richness of women smokers is much higher.